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A fantasy action RPG built for those who want to create their own fantasy adventure. Defeat powerful enemies, and discover a vast world teeming with an abundance of historical and legendary artifacts hidden deep in dungeons.


A fantasy action RPG set in the Lands Between, a mysterious realm in the mountains south of Skyrim. Instill yourself with the power of the Dragonborn and slay the great serpents of the Wastelands to rise to become an Elder Dragonlord in this epic fantasy adventure.


۴٫۵ GHz of CPU
Intel Pentium D (Allowed)

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, AMD Radeon HD 7970

۱۱٫۶-inch HD display or greater display

۴٫۵ GHz of CPU
۳۲-bit OS
What Are The Requirements for the Star Ocean: Anamnesis Collector’s Edition?
* Regarding the viewing angle, you need to observe the image from the position of about 45 degrees to the front.
* The picture may darken or deteriorate depending on the distance from the screen.
* The image may be different when viewed from a different distance.
* About 50% of the visual effect will disappear when the video is played on a low-resolution screen.

About the Star Ocean: Anamnesis
* Aimed at expanding the Star Ocean universe and introducing the great triad of the Star Ocean series, featuring a completely original story and action based on the Tales of series, as well as original video games and new material appearing in the Tales of series.
* Provides new characters, new costumes, and a completely new storyline that can be enjoyed with your friends and completed with hundreds of hours of content.
* Also includes a sumptuous special edition in the form of the Star Ocean: Anamnesis Collector’s Edition.

©۲۰۱۴ Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. Star Ocean is a registered trademark or trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

* Please be aware of the fact that Star Ocean: Anamnesis uses Star Ocean 3 and Star Ocean: Second Evolution as video game content. This includes the story, basic characteristics of the overall gameplay, scenes depicting full-body nudity and various forms of violence, etc.



Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A vast world full of mystery, excitement and action
  • Customize your Tarnished Armor according to your character’s play style and the situation
  • A multilayered epic drama in which your character’s thoughts intersect
  • Allow players of all ages to enjoy a fun experience that even small children can enjoy
  • Enjoy a unique online experience that creates a sense of community

    “Long ago, there was a land of dreams. Amidst the endless expanse of this pleasant land, there was a single crystal, and atop it stood a magnificent tower, the Elden Ring. However, for reasons unknown, a wicked hunter laid an ambush and destroyed the tower. The poor girl who was the last to depart and the hunter who betrayed a trust were consigned to this dreadful land. In this land, as the power of dreams fades away, cursed Tarnished Armor appears and takes revenge on all who live in the Lands Between… but is there no way for such strength to be conquered?”

    GAMPLAY (6/5)


    ONLINE (6/6)