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Name Elden Ring
Publisher diolizb
Format File
Rating ۴٫۹۴ / ۵ ( ۹۳۲ votes )
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• A Fantasy Action RPG in a 3D World
You are led into the Three Dimensional World as the Dragon’s Incarnation. As you explore, monsters appear in the dungeons, and you will come across other characters. The world is a stage for action scenes. With various powerful skills in hand, you can liberate the Lands Between, and find your place in this world.
• The Sword and Shield Combined
Engage in the action gameplay inspired by the control of a game of Nintendo’s, the Sword and the Shield. You can smoothly move around the field and perform series of attacks, covering both a wide range of attack types, with both the Sword and Shield skills.
• Creatures That Love Fighting
Fight alongside the diverse creatures that have appeared in the three dimensional world. The opponents you will face not only have diverse stats, but also skills of their own.
• Fantastic Actions
With the development of the graphics and scenes, you will be able to enjoy a great sense of action. The thrilling skill moves and a vast number of attacks make it easy to feel the characteristics of the action RPG.
• Over 350 Unique Skills
Over 350 unique skills are supported in this game. These skills will make your character specialized in various parts. This brings about a very large amount of possibilities.

About Steel World:

Steel World is a tactical role-playing game with a real-time combat system. Choose your party, raid dungeons, take on hordes of enemies, and battle the massive boss at the end of the dungeon. You will grow stronger by taking on powerful monsters.
The game features rich dungeon contents and an intuitive battle system. The game boasts a multitude of party members, numerous items, crafting, and quests.
In this video, we take a look at how crafting and item synthesis works.
■ Play Difficulty Settings
This game supports peronal options to adjust the difficulty of the game according to your preference. You can adjust it in the Options menu.
■ Difficulty Settings
The game supports difficulty settings for players of all levels.
Easy: This is an easy difficulty. Enemies will only attack if their HP is above a certain threshold.
Normal: This is the default setting. Enemies only attack when HP is below a certain threshold.
Hard: This is a hard difficulty. Enemies will always attack, regardless of their HP.
■ Difficulty Settings
Depending on the difficulty setting, the variety of enemies will change. The types of enemies include Giants, Godbeasts


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A vast and narrative-focused world full of adventure.

  • AI-driven characters that can serve you well, as you must interact with the world of Tarnished.

  • A variety of different situations arise in succession, but are not limited by previously-decided route. Towards the very end of the story, there is an enormous battle which no one can predict, requiring ingenuity and skill.

  • Truly memorable story where the tension and suspense build steadily. The writing is excellent and the characters are fun to interact with.

  • A difficulty rating system that keeps the difficulty from becoming too high, making it easy for beginners to enjoy.

  • The option to create your own personalized weapons or armor.

  • Encountering a variety of monsters–ranging from deadly humanoid beasts to cutesy little monsters. Combat with these can seem difficult, but if you’re smart and play your cards right, you might succeed in defeating them.

  • A huge variety of maps that you can leave out or explore freely.

  • A “Trophy System” that allows players who attack monsters that drop powerful loot to earn “Elden Lord” titles. As the titles increase, your skills will go up as well.

  • An option to change your equipment to a different type as your level goes up.

  • Full feature list:

    Default equipment option: Equip “Valhalla” and armors which gain you 1CP for every point in the Attribute score that you exceed.
    * Building a powerful ranch house is a good idea, as not only will you gain CP from storing your cheese, you will get bonus CP from making cheese, thereby increasing your overall CP/milk and cheese milk gain.
    * Training the right skills (and having the right attribute score) is key. Make sure to not overextend and try not to train too many useless skills that just barely lift your stats.
    * Make a bunch of cheese milk. Buy milk to brew high CP cheese for maximum CP/milk and/or cheese milk.


    Elden Ring Crack Free Download [April-2022]

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    Game Description

    A large continent in the Lands Between has always been an ancient legacy that spreads throughout the Dungeons and Isolated Labyrinths. Its name is the Elden Ring Cracked Version, which has remained distant from the politics of the World of the Gods.

    In the early years, countless players went to the fantastic Dungeons of the Elden Ring Crack and were challenged in the endless Trial Dungeons, where the winning participants became Elden Lords and left an unforgettable impression on others. Since then, it has been silent until now, and that is the fate of all who have acquired the Elden Ring 2022 Crack.

    However, in the isolated continent of the Elden Ring Free Download, a young man named Link turns up as a newcomer with an unparalleled skills. He lays the foundation of a new way of life for the Elves and Undead, the Knights and Dwarf, the Wizards and Thieves, which transforms the continent.

    When he ventures to the Summit of the Elden Ring Torrent Download, the ancient powers and their domains in their endless kingdoms, he realizes that the fate of the continent is in the hands of the Elves and Undead, the Knights and Dwarf, the Wizards and Thieves, but will he be able to protect the Elden Ring or fall victim to the inevitable extinction?

    “If there is a part that you do not understand, seek it out, and the story will make much more sense. It is a story where nothing is certain. There are many different worlds. The land of the dead, the land of light, the land of hard, the land of fog, the water of a clear blue sea. It is a tale that combines them all, and the main characters of this story… are Elves and Undead, Knights and Dwarves, Wizards and Thieves.”

    The thrilling fantasy action RPG that took the fans of the first one by storm.

    The game that brought back a new chapter of the world of endless adventure.

    The game that left an indelible impression with its breathtaking art and smooth operation.

    The game that ignited the fusion of 3D graphics with a rich fantasy world.

    The game that thrilled a wide range of players due to its rich story and flow of game play.

    Full game detailsQ:

    Sorted Fibonacci series

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    Elden Ring Activator Free Download [Win/Mac] 2022 [New]

    The new fantasy action RPG, where the ultimate goal of each game is to be the greatest Lord among the Elden Lords, is now available to everyone. Enjoy the battles of your life to ascend to the top and become an elder of the mythical Elden Ring.

    You can now begin Rise, Tarnished as an “Uncommon” new profile, or create your own new profile.

    While you play Rise, Tarnished, you’ll be able to enjoy the following content and functionality.

    ■ Balance adjustment for Rise, Tarnished

    The following adjustments were made based on opinions from the community.

    ■ Battle

    * Updated the timing for the Acquire Guardian’s Partner Skill.

    * Increased the damage of Blade Storm upon defeating the enemy Lord.

    * Added the new camera angle “Boarding” for the animation where you use your up thrust technique.

    * Rebalanced the percentages of the five types of attack skills.

    * Implemented the new “Lightning Roll” technique that allows you to quickly switch places with your partner.

    * The animation for blocking the attack of the enemy Lord when used in Guard Attack has been improved.

    * Increased the rate at which the effect of the skills and effects used in Guard Attack is applied after the attack.

    ■ Skills

    * The attack range for the following skills has been increased:

    – Scatter Shot

    – Hunter’s Cunning

    – Hunter’s Marksmanship

    * The following skills have been added to the auto attack and Guard Attack effect lists:

    – Shield Firm

    – Sweep Blow

    – The terrifying Friend Who Steals Your Soul

    ■ Customization

    * The Appearance Package and the Equipment Package types have been unified.

    * The equipment type of your character, Equipment Point, and the strength of the equipment have been displayed in the job description window.

    * After changing the appearance and equipment of your character, the Physical Level will be raised or lowered, according to the role and equipment.

    * The weight of the equipment that you equip will be reflected upon the movement and attack.

    * “Cartoon Style” has been added as a special character style.

    * The feature where the special characters appear in battle has been added.

    * The appearance and equipment of enemies in the Ruins in the War Dungeon


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    How To Crack:

  • Unzip the game file you download
  • When the installation process completes, place the game within the main directory of your game library -> open Steam, go to your Games folder and use your Steam installation to locate the game.
  • *If you don’t know where your Steam installation directory is, please check this: <>
  • *In order to use Slick UI:
  • In Steam, click on the game name in your library
  • Click Properties in the steam overlay
  • Click on the ‘BETAS’ tab on the right
  • Select all the checkboxes (except the beta one), then click on the ‘preferences’ button
  • Check that the ‘Check for updates’ setting is ticked
  • Click on the ‘Set launch options’ button
  • You should now see all your launch options in the dropdown menu
  • Click on the ‘BETAS’ tab on the left-hand side of the settings page
  • Enter the URL of the Betas page, e.g.
  • Select the Beta you want to use
  • Click on the ‘Set launch options’ button
  • If you want to control the base menu, please check the box next to ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’
  • Click on the ‘OK’ button and Launch the game

    System Requirements / FPS / PTS


    • Windows 7;
    • ۱۰٫۶GB of Hard Drive Space;
    • ۳٫۶GB of Video RAM;
    • ۳٫۵ GB of available RAM


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