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• The Elden Ring Game is a trademark of CAPCOM CO., LTD.
• The Elden Ring Game is owned by CAPCOM CO., LTD.
• The Elden Ring Game is Copyright (C) 2015 by CAPCOM CO., LTD.
• The Elden Ring Game is Licensed under the kind of “Player’s Guide to Online Collections” (POGO) system.
• This product is a part of the “Player’s Guide to Online Collections (POGO)” system.
• Each party member belongs to the party they started in (For example, even if you start the game as a party with friends, you will still be able to communicate with your party members who are already in the party)

We hope you enjoy your experience with the Elden Ring Game!

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A vast open world with a variety of different environments
  • A unique Node/Edge system
  • A diverse amount of challenges that require strategic planning in order to overcome
  • Game quests with storylines that take over the player’s life
  • A formula system that allows players to freely level up, learn new skills, and adjust the character’s appearance, such as changing their class
  • A variety of exciting characters with different skins
  • A variety of powerful characters with unique skills
  • A standalone action RPG that seamlessly connects with the other NieR games
  • Features of NieR Replicant: Hollow Fragments:

    • Story : The protagonist crashes on a mysterious island. The player explores the island, and unravels the story while killing enemies and defeating bosses.
    • Glitch battles : Defeating certain enemies will cause the enemies to drop items, with varying effects. The player can use items to trap enemies and bosses for a Battle Glitch that adds the extra layer to the game.
    • Racing boating : The player can use capsules to travel through underwater tunnels to divert them from the flow of the water.
    • Heroic battle : Groups of enemies assemble in a manner suggesting a scene from an animation, and battle the hero.
    • Gameplay is designed to avoid frustrating the players.

    Supported Versions:

    • Windows

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    In addition to the chest, which takes the place of your inventory and provides you with the costumes and weapons, you can also equip the following:
    -Equipment Increases the strength of your character, such as muscle, magic, and defense.
    -A Large Dungeon Explore an enormous dungeon that is well-balanced and filled with challenges.
    -A Flying Machine in One of the Upcoming Game Modes You can ride a flying machine around the vast world in the game!
    -Numerous Skills and Enchantments Learn the skills and spells that you cannot be equipped with, and enhance them to your liking.
    -Create a Dynamic Dungeon Design a dungeon of your choosing and manage it carefully to increase the enjoyment of the game.
    -Vast World Levels with Character Statuses Each level has an appropriate level. Stats, such as magic, defense, and attack power, vary depending on each level.
    -Three Classes each have unique stats and growth rates The three classes, Warrior, Mage, and Archer, have unique growth rates and three class characteristics.
    -Bandits, Monsters, and Powerful Monsters Encountered during the game Conditions of the world and in dungeons are set up to allow for balanced gameplay.
    • Dynamic Online Multiplayer
    Play with up to three other players at the same time through multiple types of online play. In addition to other players, you can talk with the NPC friends.
    • Asynchronous Online Multiplayer
    Each player can play the game at their own pace. Since the players do not need to be online at the same time, the game can be played in convenient timeframes.
    • Cloud Save
    All of your data is saved in the cloud. When you turn off the game, it will automatically save the data you need to continue your gameplay.
    • Peer-to-Peer Matchmaking
    In addition to using the registration process, the character you are currently playing can be matched with other online players.
    Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    In addition to the chest, which takes the place of your inventory and provides you with the costumes and weapons, you can also equip the


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    – Features of the ELDEN RING game:
    • Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    ① The game will take place in the Lands Between, where the Lands Between meets the Lands Beyond and the Otherlands. The Lands Between is vast, but its inhabitants are poor and without power. It is a land of destruction, a place where humans live in a swamp-like environment and cannot exist as normal humans.
    ② The inhabitants of the Lands Between have been infected with a disease that makes them dark and frail. A magical tool has been found that can cure this disease, but the user must defeat an evil spirit in order to use it.
    ③ In order to fulfill the hope of the people of the Lands Between, the remaining living humans must work together to defeat the darkness, and the Old Gods, which dwell in the Lands Beyond and the Otherlands, and become the Elden Lords. The system is a fantasy-based theme game where the players must join with the spirits of the Lands Between and work together.
    ④ Players form a party and fight a variety of enemies by equipping character classes, using magic, and strengthening their attribute. The party journey through a world that changes every time you play, so what you encounter next time may be something entirely new.
    ① Character Classes: A player can freely create and build their own character. The player can customize the appearance of their character using a wide variety of armor, weapons, and magic. An improved variation on previously considered character class concepts, where monsters’ characteristics are separated into strength, defense, magic, and intelligence, will allow players to easily control the balance of their characters.
    ② Magic: The gameplay relies on magic. The magic received from the Otherlands and the Lands Beyond can be used to absorb magic that supports other stats and skills and bring out a different level of magic. This provides the player with a variety of different options.
    ③ Awakening: Also known as “Elden Phase,” the attribute “Awakening” is added every time a character levels up. Awakening is a special attribute that can be learned by absorbing magic in the Otherlands. The Awakening attribute can be used to create powerful “Awakened Magic” to strengthen defense.


    What’s new:

    The developers are Agony Engine, a Japanese console games maker established in 2004 by former Sony staff that has worked on games such as the Multimedia Fusion series of visual novels.
    The title was announced this fall; more information will be made available on www.promise2012.com.

    Nothin' but a Good Time

    Nothin’ but a Good Time

    Official descriptions:

    <span class="quote


    Free Elden Ring [Updated]

    This is how you can download the game.

    ۱- Click below and download the setup (if you are using Windows)

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    ۷- You will be asked to confirm the payment, once confirmed payment page will open, then click on “Restart”.

    ۸- Your game is successfully installed, to play game first click on “Redeem code” button.

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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download the program from the link below
  • Install it
  • Unpack the Zippyshare file “GZRSWrinkleExpansion_GZRSWrinkleEA_v1_0.zip” to the installation folder
  • Run the provided program
  • Extract the “GearSet.eula” file
  • Do not run the program
  • You’re done.
  • Compatible with:

    • DOS, Win 9x/Me/NT/XP/Vista(32bit)
    • OS X
    • Linux.

    What’s New In This Update?

    • Improvements to the support system for the DLC
    • The Shredder has been moved to the “New Xard” category
    • The Xard now becomes capable of fighting by itself if charged by the player
    • Adjusted the Xard’s appearance
    • Delete enabled “All Items” and “All Missions” options
    • Added the new Thrusting items “Swanswing Bomber” and “Folding Gun”
    • Added a certain effect when the player gets hit by a Great Weapon: double randomness

    What’s New in v1.0.05?

    • The DLC Bard of Courage scene where you play as Alucabra and fight against Burru

    New Items

    • New group of Equipment corresponding to the Dark Lord’s New Saber
    • New “Gunslinger” type of Weapon: The Flickasaur
    • New weapons: the “Vicious Melody” and the “Sleeping Giant

    System Requirements:

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