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In Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, you will assume the role of a representative of one of the three legendary factions in the lands between Skyrim and Nirn: the new line of Tamriel’s Firstborn, the mighty and god-like Elden, or the demonic Tuff-tucks. Before long, you will choose a name, race, and class for your character and take up arms on behalf of the other races as they take their dominion into the new continent.

As you advance through the game, your decisions and actions will affect the fate of Tamriel in tremendous ways, and thousands of other players will become aware of you, influencing the world through your presence. The game is skill-based and role-playing in character advancement. You fight in real-time against numerous monsters.

The skill system and player progression system build upon the world of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the related established title, Elder Scrolls Online, while emphasizing important characteristics of the online experience.


System: Windows OS

Windows OS Supported: Windows (64 bit only)

Windows (64 bit only) Display Resolution: 1920×۱۰۸۰

۱۹۲۰×۱۰۸۰ Supported Languages: All Languages

System: Windows OS

Windows OS Supported: Windows (64 bit only)

Windows (64 bit only) Display Resolution:


۱۹۲۰×۱۰۸۰ Supported Languages: All Languages


This game can be played in an “Unrestricted” mode that does not permit purchases or VIP membership and in an “Online” mode that does.

۱٫ Online mode, where you can choose both “Unrestricted mode” and “Online mode” as well as individual modes individually, is available. Only Online mode is available in the “Play Free” mode. The mode selected here cannot be changed later.

۲٫ Only “Play Free” mode is available in the “Play Free” mode.

۱٫ Online mode, where you can choose both “Unrestricted mode” and “Online mode” as well as individual modes individually, is available. Only Online mode is available in the “Play Free” mode. The mode selected here cannot be changed later.2. Only “Play Free” mode is available in the “Play Free” mode.


Features Key:

  • ۱۲ distinguished Skills.
    Choose between 10 kinds of class skills representing your fighting style.

  • ۱۲ Distinctive Weapons.
    Develop a powerful permanent weapon by strengthening your materials.

  • Unique Character Materials.
    Fortify your attack through lengthy combination of armor and weapons.

  • A Unique Avatar.
    Utilize and evolve your character’s unique way of attacking. Your avatar’s actions are almost fully interactive.

  • An Evolving Story.
    To your enemies and allies alike, you will be shrouded in mystery as you conduct a long journey towards becoming an Elden Lord.

  • ۱۵ Various Player Arenas.
    Engage in a variety of player events including party system, line games, hunting and dragon slaying.

  • An Ever-Changing Battle System
    The battle method and attack patterns are procedurally generated and evolve in an endless manner as you fight.

  • Character Advancement Control.
    Develop your character to its maximum potential by carefully managing the various stat points.

  • A Progression System Called Mythril Calvary.
    Once you fulfill the prerequisites, you will become capable of creating a Mythril Calvary from an armored stato become a Mythril Lord.

  • A Record System for Perfecting Skins.
    Record your activities and then mold the best unique character you’ve ever created.

  • Incredible Expansion System.
    Unlimited potential and endless worlds. Create a brand new world when you’re ready to do it.

    Details on the In-Development Builds

    Expansion Pack #1 : Awakening

    • Sequel to Awakening.
      Conclude the story and experience the story “The Rise of the Dragon Lord”.

    • Expansion pack that will introduce the first part of a new story, and support dialogue for Awakening.
    • Also contains new monsters and skills.
    • New maps and environments.
    • ۳۰ minutes of entirely new gameplay.
    • Achievement to level up your characters.
    • Other content like data, character creation, and new character skills.

    Expansion Pack #2 : DigiSphere

    • A


      Elden Ring X64 [Updated-2022]

      [】(=\)ヽ༼ ༎ ༎ ༎ ༎ ༎ ༎ ༎ ༎!!!!

      ・ 【THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG】Tarnished is a fantasy RPG developed by PlatinumGames, the company responsible for NieR Replicant, among other games. The game features online features, allowing you to enjoy the new fantasy action RPG with up to four players in the Lands Between.

      ・ 【GAMEPLAY】The Lands Between is a fictional parallel dimension where two dimensions are separated and incorporated into one. In this dimension, the existence of a mortal world is unknown, and human beings exist as beings born from myths.

      In Tarnished, various players play as a female elf who is sent to the Lands Between to protect a city. She is guided by an enigmatic Priest, who offers her the Tarnished Sword, a sword that has the ability to be tainted with the power of the Elden Ring. It allows the wielder to directly control monsters, create powerful weapons, and access hidden tactical information through monsters.

      Each player’s situation is unique and intertwined, as they each play the roles of one of the party members who have been sent to the Lands Between by their birth.Q:

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      Elden Ring Download X64 (2022)

      Elden Ring is a new Fantasy Action RPG developed by the VGT Game Co., Ltd. It was released in Japan on February 7, 2019 for Nintendo Switch.

      The game features a brand new story and an exciting gameplay style that offers a completely different experience compared to the V.A.T.S. (Vanguard Assault Tactical System) combat system.

      – Creative Booklet with Details of the World

      In the newly developed story, you will live in the Lands Between, where people lead lives in a democratic way, and a group of individuals, the Elden Lord, work together to protect the Lands Between. The story begins when the Lands Between is invaded by monsters…

      Elden Ring will feature both online and offline aspects. Online, you can connect with other players and cooperate to take part in timed events and try out various gameplay elements.Offline, you will use a “hybrid cartridge” that combines the features of a Game Card and a Switch Online membership. There will be the possibility of playing offline even when you are not logged in to the Internet, so it will be possible to play offline even in places where there is no wireless LAN access. The online and offline parts of the gameplay will come together in a seamless way.

      Players who play Elden Ring will obtain a card in addition to the Switch Online membership, that can be taken on the go. Players will also be able to take part in online battles in the Elden Ring title and other titles produced by VGT, without having to pay for a separate membership for the online battles.


      (from the official website)

      The Lands Between, a land full of life.

      A world under the care of the Elden Lord.

      A place where dreams and reality meet.

      Elden Ring is a story that evolves through the intertwining lines between the characters’ dreams and the life of the world. A country where society is structured on a democratic and egalitarian basis. The Lands Between is a beautiful place full of life.

      However, it is in danger.

      The evil powers that have existed for a long time have begun to awaken. The memories of people who once lived there as a nation have faded, and the Lands Between has become more and more of a forest, full of monsters.

      The Lands Between has been invaded by


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      Fantasy themed army game, out now!
      Starting the war against the demons is the perfect time to gear up!

      Enjoy the same story, super combat missions, and rich dungeons that you’ll find in Shadowverse anytime and anywhere!

      Join a clan, and create a Shadowverse army with your friends!

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    System Requirements:

    Os version do Xbox 1, até Windows 7, 8 ou 10.
    Sistema de vídeo sólido e processador com uma memória RAM no mínimo de 2 GB de RAM.
    Visão Dual-Core 3 GHz
    Memória de Armazenamento: 4 GB
    HDD de Arquivo: 5 GB
    Para fazer o download do jogo:
    Para fazer a instalação



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