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Additional Information

Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating ۴٫۷۳ / ۵ ( ۶۹۸۲ votes )
Update (۵ days ago)




Action RPG with a rich storyline.
• Create a powerful character with various stat combinations.
• Fight against monsters in a variety of challenging dungeons.
• Enjoy the story.
• Enjoy the deep multiplayer as you try to become an Elden Lord together.
• Magical World – The Lands Between: Tarnished is a fantasy action role-playing game with a rich story and a magical world. Enjoy the beautiful illustrations and a breathtaking soundtrack.
• Breathtaking Graphics – The various places and characters are depicted in a variety of ways that are each detailed and colored in a brilliant way.
• Rich Voiceovers – Discover the characters, their background stories, and the various characters as you listen to the voice actors.
• The Magic of Fantasy – Soar to places that have never been seen.
• Delightful Story – It is the latest action RPG from Aeria Games and ChuChu. The latest chapter in the story of a young alchemist’s wanderings in a fantasy world of mystery, a world filled with great dangers and mysteries.
• Free to Play with Various Content and Features – There are multiple characters and equipment that you can create. You can practice various types of skill battles. In addition, there are several ways to enjoy the game.
• A Variety of Content – Challenge yourself as you take on dungeons and fight epic monsters while facing the intriguing story through the various characters.
• An Interesting Multiplayer Experience – You can connect with other players and battle with them while enjoying the story with them. You can access various content. From the main story to the hero learning quests, there are many content, and more will be added in the future.
ChuChu Games is an award-winning game studio, and game developer, publisher, and distributor with development studios based in Korea and Germany. We are currently ranked #7th in the U.S. mobile games industry based on overall revenues and are growing quickly in other countries. We developed Super Hero mobile game “World of Heroes” which won the ‘Mobile Game of the Year’ award at G-EARS, and was listed as one of the most popular games on both Android and iOS. We recently launched ‘World of Empires’, a fantasy strategy game that can be played in English, and we are now working on more titles.
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Additional Information

Name Elden Ring
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating ۴٫۷۳ / ۵ ( ۶۹۸۲ votes )
Update (۵ days ago)


Features Key:

  • Creating Your Own Character
    • Upload custom visuals for your character
    • Create your own fantasy adventure
  • Unique Online Play
    • Multiplayer, where you can directly connect with other players and travel together
    • Invite friends so that they can become members of your party
    • Claim locations and protect them through skillful questing
    • Communicate with your allies using the Adventure Notes, Voice, or Line
  • Diverse Game World
    • The Determined Lands Between inhabited by Elden Lords and the warriors and monsters that they enioy
    • Rich composition of scenery, in addition to a range of creation scenes, including a freezing landscape as well as other areas such as a sunny meadow, a rocky pinnacle, a foggy harbor, and a large active village
  • Tomahawk
    • A skillful defender using a war axe
    • Allows you to strike at enemies from a distance with great accuracy
  • Fury
    • Increases your vitality
    • Allows you to attack enemies even when damaged
  • Taste of Blood
    • Strong attacks by draining your vitality
    • This attack is used to deal large amounts of damage
  • Legend of Light
    • Increases your magic power
    • Increases your steal rate from defeated monsters
    • Increases the number of items that you obtain
  • A Story in Fragments
    • A multilayered fantasy story with a rich story
    • With the story composed of various fragments, exploration helps you develop the character and understand the world
  • Rich Communication with Graphics
    • Communicate with your allies
    • Chat with friends using Line
    • Openable Adventure Notes
    The Online Blade & Blade Online title incorporates


    Elden Ring With Registration Code [Win/Mac] (2022)

    ۱٫​Detailed information

    ۲٫​Customizable avatar

    ۳٫​Asynchronous online gameplay that gives you a chance to feel like you are together in the game

    ۴٫​Unique fantasy setting with grand cinematic effects

    ۵٫​Photon-based combat system that can be placed in your own style

    ۶٫​The magic of customization

    ۷٫​Feel the presence of others in online play through voice chat and UI

    ۸٫​Shattered story in fragments and a rich background

    ۹٫​Challenging battles, epic scale


    October 24, 2019


    ELDEN RINGgame.com/elden-ring/


    Devolver Digital, LLC


    Simplicity, suspense, and a surreal element add up to an intriguing plot that fans of Fantasy RPG and Action RPG should not miss. When a player opens the game up, the story begins in a foreign land called “The Lands Between,” which lies between the End of the World and the End of Time. The player begins the game as a lowly “tarnished” NPC. To revive, the player must perform the “grace.” According to the game description, this grace has mystical effects, as it is a “living thing.” It was passed on by the Elden Band, the legendary heroes of the End of the World, and its effects linger in the “Tarnished” NPC. Players of all ages can enjoy this action RPG fantasy in a unique and easy-to-play package. The title will be available on the worldwide digital platform on October 24, 2019.


    • Hypnosis-Based Combat and New Technology

    • “Lag free” motion controls, allowing the player to perform an unlimited number of actions while always in command.

    • “High-end” graphics and unparalleled visual fidelity.

    • A surreal element to the setting of the game. The story takes place between the End of the World and the End of Time and depicts the march of time with a dark, mysterious feeling. To be a protagonist, the player must create a weak NPC, a tarnished NPC, by finding and saving the “grace.”

    • A


    Elden Ring Crack Download

    – The Story of Tarnished Knights

    – Character Customization

    – Online Asynchronous Play

    (Game Play Features Of ELDEN RING included below)

    ◆ Story :

    The Lands Between is a vast world where a group of people called the Tarnished Knights fought on the field of battle. Even with their vast strength, an unknown threat stood at their side, the Beast of Darkness.

    The conflict was ended with the discovery of an ancient Elden Throne and the arrival of a maid from the land of the gods, by the name of Vanir, through the ancient Elden Gate. She summoned her sword, the Elden Queen, and raised the Elden, she called, in an attempt to protect the people of the Lands Between.

    ◆ Character Customization :

    Elden Knights have the power to transform into a giant, shining, and dark swordsman. They can equip a wide variety of weapons and armor to wear and equip. They can also upgrade their stats through a variety of methods such as leveling up and equipping a weapon with the power of the Elden Ring.

    ◆ Online Asynchronous Play:

    In the game, an online element can be selected. This online element is not directly connected to others in the game. The online element allows you to have a sense of the presence of others. In addition, when you are in an online element, the drop rate of events and items is increased.

    (System Requirements of ELDEN RING included below)

    ◆System requirements:

    – OS : WINDOWS XP or above, MAC OSX 10.6 or above

    – RAM: 1 GB or more

    – System : Intel Core 2 Duo or above ( 2.4 GHz or faster ) / AMD Athlon 64 x2 or above ( 3 GHz or faster )

    – Hard disk : 4 GB or more

    – Resolution : 1280 x 720 or more

    *If you wish to play this game, we recommend that you adjust the graphic settings to the minimum, and that you use as much free space as possible on your hard disk.

    *If you encounter problems while playing, please contact the customer service department and we will provide you with support as soon as possible.

    *If you have not received your digital item and have already activated the game, please contact us.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    LANBUK 1st Arch

    LANBUK 2nd Arch
    Left and Back/Right and Front

    If you have not yet purchased, please purchase LANBU from KADOKAWA. Purchase a download copy here.

    Copyright 2017 SQUARE ENIX



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    How to play ELDEN RING

    • Run the application.

    • Press ‘W’ to open the world map.

    • When finished, press ‘O’ to close the world map.

    • Press ‘E’ to place the current character in the world map.

    • Press ‘H’ to view the character screen.

    • Press ‘R’ to go to a random boss (when chosen, you must wait an appropriate time before placing this character in the world map).

    • Press ‘Q’ to finish the battle.

    • Press ‘E’ to view the character screen.

    • Press ‘I’ to enter the inventory screen.

    • Press ‘O’ to equip one item and press ‘V’ to view the equipped item.

    • Press ‘M’ to view the map.

    • Press ‘C’ to view the character stats.

    • Press ‘R’ to turn on the FTS (footsteps).

    • Press ‘L’ to lock the character.

    • Press ‘D’ to switch to the camera view mode.

    • Press ‘G’ to open the dungeon screen.

    • Press ‘H’ to view the character screen.

    • Press ‘J’ to close the dungeon screen.

    • Press ‘N’ to open the map in this area.

    • Press ‘M’ to view the map.

    • Press ‘I’ to view the trade screen.

    • Press ‘K’ to view the map of the city.

    • Press ‘Z’ to view the world map.

    • Press ‘F’ to open the battle screen.

    • Press ‘J’ to view the equipped item.

    • Press ‘L’ to view the character screen.

    • Press ‘F’ to close the battle screen.

    • Press ‘D’ to view the dungeon screen.

    • Press ‘M’ to view the map.

    • Press ‘H’ to view


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download & Install
  • Run
  • Enjoy
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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
    Processor: 1.4 GHz or higher
    Memory: 512 MB RAM
    Graphics: PowerVR SGX544 GPU
    DirectX: Version 9.0c
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Additional Requirements:
    BlueStacks 4.2 (for Android 6.0 Marshmallow)
    ۱٫ Download the Android emulator from BlueStacks, and install it.



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