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◆ A Beginning in the Legend.
The protagonist of the game is the Little Wizard Who Wishes for a Transformation, Tarnished, who was chosen by the God of Magic, Zaioc, as the incarnation to avert the impending doom of the world.
With the appearance of Zaioc’s benevolent sign, he realized the power of magic and decided to save the world.
◆ The Wandering Adventure.
Upon opening, the game welcomes you with two choices: the World Tree or the World Tree Ruins.
Players can choose a different path depending on the player’s preferences: whether the player believes in magic or not, or whether they want a grand story or a simple, fun RPG.
In addition, the world of the “little wizard” is a place full of magical power, where people’s feelings and personalities are reflected in the various surroundings, and the narrative is broken up into various chapters.
◆ Making an Epic Drama out of the Several Chapters.
In “The Roots of a Legend”, a story of a human Tarnished, accompanied by his pet black cat, made his way to the “heart of magic”. Then, in “The Weakness of Magic”, he and his companions ran into the Phantom Beast Ushka. The story goes on to, “The Dark Vision” and “The Son of Earth”, and many more.
◆ An Emotional Turn
The characters have their own thoughts, and their actions continue to be guided by their feelings. If you get into a situation where you’re unable to tell what your character is thinking or feeling, feel free to switch out your characters; you can experiment freely using the game’s development tools.
◆ An Instinctive Feel of the Game
The game has a solid foundation, but has many new features. From the scenario to the facial expressions, the game’s development philosophy is to intuitively feel like a game that had been created with the prospect of being played in the future.

Elden Ring: Infinity is launching on August 29, 2017 for the PlayStation®۴ (sold separately). This is a definitive edition of the game with enhanced features and optimized performance as a timed-exclusives that will be available at retail stores in Japan, the U.S., and Europe.

This timed-exclusives will include various items such as


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Virtual world: Open world, with huge fanfare

    With the “virtual world” system, you can freely travel through vast fields, gigantic dungeons, and riverside towns. In addition, other players are also able to freely travel around the game.

  • Graphical characterization: Experience original game world

    Draw a new world through creative graphics.

    Customize your character from head to toe with more than 650 detailed character parts to let each character have its own identity.

  • High management skill: Enrich system for creating an unforgettable journey in the Fantasy world

    Need a place for soldiers to rest? A place to bank? A training place or an area to conduct business? A new strategy system will be applied to each situation with a new title added in game.

  • Broad casted events with fluid changes: An explosive story from beginning to end

    An interactive story that gives you a rich experience through prominent titles and a variety of events.

    Eliminate the boring wait time in subsequent events.

    Fight against enemies and make unexpected alliance with allies

  • Three element-based magic : Invoke various battles against enemies

    Attack, move, and defend while utilizing the most appropriate element. Every element has its own strengths and demerits.

    React to the changes in the surrounding environment with an element of one’s own and summon the power of the elements of others and fight.

  • Double-card system: Fight to survive in the battlefield, and develop two strong class cards which are (Tox+7, Holy+7).

  • Class cards and class levels: Develop two class cards with class levels instead of name and statistics.

    The balance of game will be lost without class cards.

    The battle with a suitable class level can overcome overwhelming enemies.

  • Battle mode: Play a battle game to eliminate the opponents

    Escape from the enemy or eliminate them to keep the safe, or play a thrilling PvP battle.

  • Decisive PvP battle:Fight against the most formidable opponents.

  • Class leveling : Develop, dive deep into class cards and deepen the class level
  • Class cards growing system : Equip new class cards to refine and


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    “It’s a great game, I just wish it was localized.”

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    Windows XP or newer
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    Elden Ring With License Key For PC [April-2022]

    With your own personal buddy and the support of your comrades in the party, you will be able to enjoy the game.

    In addition to on-foot battles, you will also have access to the ability to control the party members that you take on through a cooperative game called “Adventure”.

    “Adventure” is a game where you create your own events in the game world.

    Even if you do not know which of the various elements to select in the game, you will be able to enjoy the many systems that will be included with the game by letting the game detect them through both on-foot battles and “Adventure”.

    With a variety of maps and large-scale dungeons, you will be able to enjoy a vast and endless adventure through the Lands Between.


    “Tarnished Prince”

    You can choose to become a powerful “buddy” at the beginning of the game.

    ۱٫ “Buddy”

    “Tarnished Prince”

    “Hero’s Story”

    ۲٫ “Adventure”


    “Hero’s Story”


    ۳٫ Initial Outfit

    “Tarnished Prince”


    “Hero’s Story”

    At first, the game will include the “Elden Ring”, the first game in the Knights of the Six Prophets series in Fantasy Action RPG. In this game, you will have a chance to change the course of history.

    In addition, you can also enjoy the content that is normally included with the “Tarnished Prince” pre-order bundle in “Tarnished Prince”. You can freely expand your game experience through the purchase of this pre-order bundle.

    We will be giving away equipment based on the “Tarnished Prince” pre-order bundle to all the users who participated in the voting.

    New Features added with the launch of “Tarnished Prince” in February

    Fantasy Action RPG has become even more welcoming to new players, using the new character class system to give players a choice of attack styles.

    In addition


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Start your journey on Elden Ring!

    Wed, 14 Jun 2016 23:30:00 +0900

    Life: Continue into the Future. A recording of a certain Palli and a male monkey’s conversation about the elder one’s advice
    Speaking from the male monkey, I would like to ask if you have any problems facing ourselves? Say, the university we visited together in the past was me thinking the same one at the present with a different Vigra. When I listened to the elder one’s advice, one thing about a certain Palli became obvious to me. So I offer myself here and ask if there is any similar problem that came to your mind? When I asked about the elder one’s advice, it seems that the elder one’s advice cannot realize itself until we got together with seeing the Palli, myself. When we noticed the elder one’s advice, I was given the opportunity to listen to it again. He explained that it was you, Palli, who told the elder one that the mind was your savior. Palli, you were the one who gave me the best advice ever. And now you have reached the future where other worlds are waiting for you. This is the elder’s advice for the elder. Ok, let’s continue just as before in the future, and I feel that I will be able to be able to share that happy optimism to Palli.
    Life: Fail in the Future. The narrative about a certain Palli’s advice. ”Don’t be surprised…”
    Once again, Palli, I listened to your advice and I failed. After confirming that I understand it, I thought that I will not be able to bring together with you even for a moment. I made a big mistake and made the Palli, myself, fail. And this time


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    Mirror for download:

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    Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay:

    Direct link:

    Elden Ring Link:



    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Mac OS X
    Nintendo Switch
    Xbox One
    The more players a game has, the better the experience can be for everyone. Your ability to stream, play and chat with other players, is determined by the hardware you are running your game on. Here are the minimum recommended system requirements for Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War:
    Windows XP with Service Pack 3
    Windows Vista
    Windows 7 with Service Pack 1
    Windows 8/8



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