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Download > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


The Elden Ring is a fantasy RPG for Windows PC, Android, iOS, and a social RPG for Steam.

The setting is the Lands Between, where the Elden Lords have planted the seeds for all the nations, and the Arena is the training grounds for new generations of Elden Lords.

The Land of Tarnished has been created by the Elden Lords, and is a desolate land where people are reduced to animal instincts.

The King, who was once an Elden Lord, has been assassinated by a traitor, his successor is a new hero, and the citizens are starting to understand what happened to their country.

The World Between has been reborn from the ashes, and has finally undergone the Renaissance era. With the help of the new heroes, the Lords have been scattered and the land has been rebuilt, but at the same time, dangerous enemies like monsters are roaming the lands.

And then, the Otherworlds appears…

It appears to be a prototype that the Elden Lords used back when they were creating the world and revealing them one after the other.

A world of legends and myth, of suffering and sacrifices in an era before knowledge.

The style may be unique, but the events are not. The humans are on the brink of extinction, and their savior is an Elder Mage who was born in this era…

Join a new mythology…



WRITER: Fukase (Descriptions, Script, Script assistance)



GFX: Rune & Tania


DIGITAL: Shintetsu

CASTING: Shintetsu

NPC CGs: Willard

Cinematic: Shintetsu

ANIMATION: Ore, Matsuda

EDiting: Ore

PROD: Shintetsu


NPC CG: Willard

Cinematic: Ore


MUSIC: Norihiko Hibino

SOUND: Shintetsu


COPYRIGHT: Shintetsu


CASTING: Asayama


Download > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Features Key:

  • Strategic Easy to Hard System Evolution
  • High Level of Difficulty Matching
  • Ample Resource Management
  • Craft Skill Value Increase
  • Realistic Sound
  • Fantastic Combat and Adventure
  • Character Design:

    You can design your character character by choosing your gender, race, class, mount, and weapons.

    Your class is determined by your weapons, while your race is determined by your mount. With 12 classes, you can build up your character using the most efficient combination.
    With our class design, warriors are strongest at killing, while rogues are the best duelists. Ranged DPS types are the best at attacking monsters, while tanks protect the party and are best at defending against enemy attacks.

    There is no upper limit to the number of classes. You can mix and match class orders and customize your character by selecting weapons from our arsenal.

    With nine races, you can create an original and multi-purpose character.
    · The Dark Elves are the most agile race, while the Frost Elves are the most rigid.
    · Each race has their own unique weapons.
    · The Norse Faction allows you to use a holy weapon called The Rod.

    Their special “Ride” skill allows you to physically interact with your mount.
    · You can also choose to be aggressive, clever, or strong.

    Smooth Playsystem:

    Tarnished will be played in the same smooth and natural style as classic games such as Diablo, Dragon Quest, and Final Fantasy.
    By equipping armor, you will get various stat bonuses, effect modifiers, and buffs that can be applied to your character.
    You can also learn and improve craft skills and items.

    All skills must be learned, so you will need to chose how much you want to raise your skills. Additionally, the game has no PvE, no random matches, and no two players battle against each other.

    With the plot, monsters, seasonal town festivals, and daily quests, you can enjoy numerous contents according to the season. You can enjoy it all and overcome all difficulties in the most


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    “Gothic fantasy…comes to life.”


    “It’s a great game, for a free game. But, there’s also way more I want to say, and I hope it will be in my review.”


    “Gothic fantasy…comes to life.”


    “It’s a great game, for a free game. But, there’s also way more I want to say, and I hope it will be in my review.”


    “A truly stunning debut”


    “The real strength of this game is not its ability to tell a great story through its characters and its world, but in the design of the gameplay. The combat is fluid and intuitive, there’s no unnecessary button mashing or frustrating system, and it makes you want to take your time and enjoy doing it. Additionally, it fits in perfectly with the way a rhythm game should be, and does a great job of making sure you actually feel like you’re playing it instead of just watching it on a screen.”



    “It’s best played as an offline experience. If you have a console, I’d recommend grabbing the PS4 version.”

    RPG Site-

    “It’s best played as an offline experience. If you have a console, I’d recommend grabbing the PS4 version.”

    RPG Site-

    “It’s beautifully animated and gorgeous to look at. The music is stellar…an experience that transcends genre and free game status, and seems a truly breathtaking, unforgettable experience to behold.”

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    “Despite its limitations, I believe that at its core, Elden Ring Crack Mac is a tribute to the grand works of game and storytelling that came before it. In the few hours I’ve spent with the game, it brings to mind the mysteries and experiences of the beginning of the RPG genre.”

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    • Character Customization:
    >> Gradual, attractive body development through the use of TARNISHING HERBS.
    >> Strong Heart Growth through consistent use of CHAMPION BREATHING METHOD.
    >> Recovery in an emergency through the use of DEATH BREATH METHOD.
    Greetings to all Summoners, we are pleased to announce the Tarnished introductory period. Within this period, we will adjust to the conditions of Summoner’s feedback for several items and skill adjustments.
    Please kindly follow the below plan and let’s take the opportunity to consolidate the understanding and feedback to create a fun and engaging gameplay experience.
    ۱٫ Since this is the introductory period for Tarnished, we are working on many adjustments to ensure the quality of the item drop and performance. However, as the condition of updates are not finalized yet, some items may not appear.
    ۲٫ The condition of Tarnished will be reviewed regularly and we will provide more information.
    ۳٫ The planned maintenance period is from 3:00 to 4:00 PM, PST. During the maintenance period, the update will take effect.
    ۴٫ If you encounter bugs with item drop, please check the following areas and report any bugs as soon as possible.
    – Summoners Guild Season 2
    – Adornment Collector

    ۱٫ Adjusted the development of the Tarnishing rate. Please check the following conditions below.
    ۱٫ Successful Use of Tarnishing Herbs. The Tarnishing rate will be increased.
    ۲٫ FAILED Use of Tarnishing Herbs. You will not be able to Tarnish.
    ۳٫ Not having the growth of Skill’s Tarnishing Rate. The Tarnishing rate will be increased based on the Current Level.
    ۴٫ Not having the growth of the Haunting skill. The Tarnishing rate will be increased based on the Current Level.
    ۵٫ FAILED usage of Champion Breathing Method. You will not be able to Tarnish.
    ۶٫ FAILED usage of Death Breath Method. You will not be able to Tarnish.

    Please collect the Tarnishing Herb that is changing from the G.PEQUENO · Restores the HP of minions.

    –Characters created after the update–

    Summoners will be able to equip the following after the update.

    ۱٫ Tarnished Weapons
    ۲٫ Tarnished Arm


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Full-fledged characters from 1 to 110!
    Each character has all four play styles of warrior, archer, mage and priest,
    and they have all-new art and special skills.

    Commune with other players to develop your character!
    Our open forums offer useful information for new players.


    Any problem?
    We are always here to answer your questions!

    Game informations,
    Game files»,
    Online manual»,
    Score table»,


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    ۱٫Download the game and extract the file.
    ۲٫Start the setup.exe.
    ۳٫After the installation is finished, run the game.
    ۴٫Start the game, and check the “Repair and Activate” option.
    ۵٫Now the game is activated.
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