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* A Sword- and Shadow-RPG developed by a Japanese company
* A genre-defining game for a next generation console that is branching and open
* A game with a storyline similar to the Mana series, where the dark fantasy and Elden Ring Full Crack are merged
* A story about the romantic world of a hero, full of the warmth and romance of a Norse religion
* Players can build their own custom character and forge their own path of destiny

* Main Features are as follows:

– A vast world and emergent game-play
* Worlds that change with your play style, such as open fields, indoor areas, and large open spaces.
* A world that changes over time, but remains the same, not influenced by player history.
* A large area that changes depending on the presence of enemies, where you can enjoy different battles depending on your play style.
* An open, free world with no certain borders, and enemies at the border that appear with every step.

– Lore
* An all-new world that sets the gameplay apart from other fantasy RPGs.
* A multilayered story, with a variety of characters and themes that result in an exciting drama.

– Customization
* The most widely varied character development and customization for any RPG.
* A multitude of costumes and special effects
* Multiple weapons, armors, and magic.
* A class, job, and EXP system that provides limitless freedom of play.

– Game System
* An RPG with the power of an action game, where a game-changing encounter lets you appreciate a character’s skill, and an encounter that leads to a strategic battle lets you appreciate the elements of turn-based strategy.

– Beautiful Graphics
* An epic story in a world that changes according to your play style.
* A simulation-driven battle system, and the visual side of action RPGs.
* High-resolution graphics that are fine-tuned for a next generation console.

An interesting action-RPG where the developers refashioned the Final Fantasy 3 and 4 music from their world view and combined it with the touch and sound of a modern action-RPG.
A finely woven tale where all sound, combat, and camera movements are in harmony.
A game where charm abounds


Features Key:

  • Numerical Square Ratio Engine
  • Unlimited PvP Battle System
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  • Privacy Protection
  • Test Preview’s available here.