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Tarnished is a Fantasy Action RPG in which you, as a Tarnished, are raised from a young age as the successors to Elden Lords. As Tarnished you have the chance to leave your mark upon the lands below and help the oppressed inhabitants by becoming an Elden Lord.

A Vast World Full of Excitement

A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.

Unlock the Fate of the Story

The Land of the Goddess is a beautiful, wonderful place where all living things maintain life thanks to the blessings of the Goddess. However, the flesh of both the Goddess and humans is tainted. This being the case, the absolute peace of the lands below suffers from a stain of darkness.

The Flame of Hope

This flame once brightened the life of the people of the Goddess, but has since gone out. It is in this flame that the soul of the universe resides.

It is said that the Flame of Hope is divided into five zones. The war between the El Dues and the Elden Lords has affected the essence of the Flame of Hope, influencing the chance that Elden Lords would be born in a positive or negative way. The way in which each El Dues is born determines his fate and his ability to perform a good deed.

The Illness of the Goddess

From the very beginning, Goddess and humans have lived in the same space. As a result, the Goddess has been contaminated by the Darkness of the land below. Because of this, the skills of the Goddess have declined. However, the divine memories of the Goddess still persist within the minds of those who bear the mark of the Goddess.

In contrast to the goddess, humans do not have divine memories. Because humans are still able to feel darkness, they continually return to the dark world below to maintain their existence. To maintain such darkness, the lords, the El Dues, who bear the mark of the Goddess, have become corrupted.

In addition, when darkness is felt within a person, the soul of that person begins to dissipate and scatter. This is called the Illness of the Goddess. In this way, the love of the Goddess and humans is weakened.

The Following Situation Came to Exist

The people of the Goddess are in despair because of this, but they have hope that the El Dues born from a positive emotion will help


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • An Arisen HORROR / SURPRISE Drama
    In the sci-fi from the unknown to the far future, which delves into ancient mysteries and the past, your fate is entangled with a grand story. As an Elden Lord, you have powers to enslave the world around you. But it is not all easy; an ever-changing shape of monsters appears every night in this fantasy, and you must fight your way through. In a night where all eyes are on you, how will you deal with the slow stroke of the monster’s tentacles and your thirst for power?

  • An Epic Universe: The Lands Between
    This game is set on the world of our unknown Fomalhaut, and the world of our unknown Erachtu.

  • Multiplayer
    There will be a “Match between” and direct connection with the online world.

  • A vast world that opens with Exploration
    Many open fields and dungeons with three-dimensional designs, and unknown monsters.

  • An untamed world, a new fantasy drama will start
    How will you deal with monsters as you chase victory?

  • The power of the Elder Craft (TRUST ME, YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO USE THIS)
    Is it some kind of eldritch power? Or did the god of the Elden Ring use it when he united the world?

  • Create your own character
    Create your own unique character to start the fantasy drama where you and your monsters can go as you want.

  • Sci-Fi Elements with a World Unique Style
    Every God/Monster poses a threat.

  • Unique Online Play (WANDER WITH YOUR BUDDIES)
    Each Character can be connected with others.
    (Players can select their own Characters)

  • An Original, Greyscale World full of Scenery
    Connect to the world through a castle, through a world that is full of dreams.

  • Elden Ring Characters will be Easy to be Meet and Greet with
    We want to add more F&D style Elden Ring characters. If you enjoy fantasy, create them! This game is set in our world, but the fantasy aspects will be included as quests.

  • Two Character Cards of Fighters


    Elden Ring

    “The Team in Emulation Games have done a fantastic job with this fantastic looking game. I could happily spend the time it took to play this game all day.”

    “With an interesting setting and a host of dynamic characters this game is worth checking out.”

    “I love the set in this game, the world looks like something that has been pulled straight out of a fantasy novel, and the characters look charming with really cute designs. Its a shame that the online play is kind of limited, but fortunately you can still play this excellent game without too much inconvenience.”

    “This game is absolutely gorgeous on the PS4, and the gameplay is great too.”

    “It has some very interesting battles, and a really nice art style that makes it stand out as a console RPG.”

    “This game is great. A stunning presentation and great combat make up for the lack of a simple story and a repetitive battle system. It’s a great title for a systems video game with a strong look and feel and a compelling narrative.”

    “Wow, this game is really beautiful. From the amazing art style that evokes a fantasy setting with beautiful characters, to the stunning character customization, everything just feels right. The music adds to that feeling as well, using a dark, mysterious tune to play during events. It’s a nice change and sets a great tone for the game.”

    “This game looks stunning, and has a great way of keeping you engaged with its unique battle system. There is so much to do in this game, not least its continued story, and the fact that you can develop it completely on your own.”

    “This game is as beautiful as it is engaging. It’s a battle system that is both deep and easy to pick up, and is balanced out by a progression system that really lets you get to know your class. With its engaging action, great art style, and interesting character development, this is a game that’s hard to put down.”

    “This is an RPG with a pretty damn great action combat mechanic, and a visual aesthetic that you want to sit and just


    Elden Ring Crack + With Serial Key

    • Action RPG: Rush into battle with your guilds.
    Build your guild and recruit the strongest, most efficient units. Unite your guild, and destroy your enemies in combat. Guild members, including the party leader, can be customized.
    • Various Types of Players – Guilds and Royal Arms
    Various classes such as warriors, mages, and archers are present in the game. You can take on a role that suits your class and play in accordance with the skill and effectiveness of your guild.
    • Asynchronous Online Play
    The game features an online element that allows you to feel the presence of others. If you participate in the online environment, you can enjoy a variety of content, such as a guild collaboration mode, opportunity chat, and quests with other players.

    • Form a Royal Arm – Redeem your game progress
    Ishtar follows the Elder Series and will be the first Grand Guild to come to the game. At the beginning of the game, you can choose to join an Elder Guild or a Grand Guild by distributing the number of your character and the amount of your game progress.
    • Develop Your Character
    By leveling up your character, you can develop your character and increase your abilities. You can even customize your character’s appearance and equipment. Your character grows based on your development.
    • Guild Battle System
    You can build your guild, recruit a strong guild, and play together. The guild leader and his/her party can be customized. Guild members include warriors, mages, archers, and back-up members. You can play alone in the battle system where you enter a turn and make a decision.
    • Guild Customization
    You can customize your character and guild. By training, you can develop your character and guild. You can get new equipment and strengthen your guild with the chosen items.
    • Play with Friends
    The online environment allows you to meet and communicate with other players. Join a guild or party and start a quest to enjoy in-game communication with other players and guilds.

    • Drawing of the Massive Amount of Monsters
    You can find amazing monsters in the game. You can find rare monsters and powerful monsters. In addition, varied monsters can be summoned with a main character and his/her party members.
    • Game Environment Design
    The game is designed to create battles with awesome and surprising twists.

    © ۲۰۱۴-۲۰۱۵ Mammon Design


    What’s new:

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    Platform: Microsoft Windows

    Price: $2.99

    Developer: Fruit Fusion


    (opens as EXE file)

    I was curious if the Fruit Fusion team was tinkering around with something with something a little non-traditional with their latest game, or if it’s the usual fruit-based adventure show. Whatever the case, Supernatural Mysteries is a pretty fun platformer to play around with. It reminds me a bit of what Humble Bundle did with their awesome Castle Crashers, but if the rabbit isn’t your bag, the game should be on your radar.

    There are three episodes: The First, The Second, and The Third. In the first one, you start out playing on the outside of a huge pyramid. This go’s around. From there, you’ll have to overcome a multitude of obstacles and enemies to find the magical gemstone, and there’s spooky monsters everywhere.

    Each “episode” is three quests. In Episode 1, you find the first quest. This one is pretty straightforward, but there’s also a tad more of a gameplay curve than normal. In the middle of the second episode, you’ll have to enter the pyramid, and it gets a whole lot more spooky, especially once you come across some of the Temple Guardians. The final episode brings you back into your surroundings for the end of the game.

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    This game is kind of weird in the sense that it has a really high difficulty, and anytime in your adventure you pass a monster, whether it’s a demon


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    How To Crack:

  • The version tested on this page is the Language Pack (Japanese) Version 3.3.1-3.
  • Download the cracked Pak file from the link below.
  • Run the Pak and RunMe files.
  • How to Play Elden Ring:

    • Select the language you want to play in and download the Region of your choice.
    • Select the theme you want to play and then start the game.

    Download links:

    • ELDR.ORA

    ?ref=install”>Download Now

    Download and Install!

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    System Requirements:

    Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
    Intel Core i5-750, Intel Core i3-530, or equivalent.
    ۸ GB RAM
    ۲ GB graphics RAM
    HDD Space: At least 2 GB for installation.
    DirectX: DirectX 12
    Monitors (should be able to support a resolution of 1920×1080):
    The recommended minimum system requirements are compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 as well as the most recent game updates. If you experience problems, we highly suggest



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