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It is always a great challenge and pleasure to experience the working of a complex application. What makes SpeedCommander stand out from the crowd is the superb speed and the considerable list of features. This is why it is even worthy of comparison with the greatest software. Enjoy the unique interface and support all common operations when using the tool.
Key features:
◦ Simple, clean and intuitive interface
◦ Simple to use
◦ Simple, fast and efficient file management
◦ Flexible, modular and easy to use
◦ Excellent support
◦ Full support for Mac and Windows
◦ Clean and optimized tool
◦ Save time, save money
◦ Access to cloud storage


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Free usage license for commercial purposes – closed source – no warranty.

Free usage license for non-commercial purposes – closed source – no warranty.

What’s new in the 2.0 version

Version 2.0: SpeedCommander 2.0 brings many new features. Among them:

Support for greater volume of files in speed folders

SpeedCommander 2.0 will be no longer available free of charge. We have changed the licensing to a more suitable model. In brief: SpeedCommander will be available free of charge for non-commercial users (open source). There will be no more free version of SpeedCommander as there is one now. Our motivation is to give users the freedom to use SpeedCommander for their needs and to support the creation of such applications as SpeedCommander.


Free version

There is no more free version of SpeedCommander. Please download SpeedCommander 2.0.

Visit the Free version section for more information about SpeedCommander

SpeedCommander 2.0

SpeedCommander 2.0 brings many new features. Among them:

Support for greater volume of files in speed folders

SpeedCommander 2.0 will be no

SpeedCommander 4586 Crack+ Free


SpeedCommander 4586 Activator

SpeedCommander is a speediest, powerful file manager for Windows. This program enables you to work with files, folders and drives any time you need. SpeedCommander contains all necessary tools that will make the files management faster and easier.
* Small, yet powerful file manager for Windows.
* Automatic delete of files after x days.
* Full support for Linux and Mac OS X.
* Backup feature.
* File synchronizing.
* Supports all standard and custom formats.
* Possibility to transfer multiple files at once.
* Auto scroll for long files.
* Supports unicode.
* Powerful search features.
* Filter files and folders.
* Built-in web browser for editing and viewing files and folders.
* Multiple editing modes.
* Support for standard and custom command line switches.
* Copy commands to the clipboard for easy pasting.
* Bookmarks.
* Mark your favorite folders or files.
* Built-in FTP protocol support.
* Incremental search.
* Selection backup.
* Drag and drop support for any local or network drive.
* Text visualization modes.
* Support for many different file systems.
* Supports various cloud storage solutions.
* Color schemes and themes available.
* Supports all standard, recommended and custom command line switches.
* Support for archive, bzip2, xz and gzip formats.
* Supports both standard and unicode notation.
* Undo/redo supports for text edition.
* Supports UTF8, UTF16 and UTF32 notation.
* Supports Unicode 8.0.0.
* Supports Dos style file names.
* Works with any menu level.
* Supports extensions.dox,.docx,.doc,.docm,.xlsx,.xls,.ppt,.pps,.pptx,.pptm,.ppsx,.pptm.
* Supports unicode notation.
* Supports both single and double byte characters.
* Supports extension.afm,.eps,.dwg,.dxf,.bmp,.emf,.jpeg,.png,.psd,.tiff,.xml,.xbm,.xpm and others.
* Supports all standard and custom xlsx, csv, gpx, json, ods, ppt and vcd files.
* Supports ZIP/RAR archives.

What’s New In?

SpeedCommander is a powerful tool for file management. It includes features such as editing, adding/deleting folders/files, duplicate cleaner, printing tools, mapping drives, viewing and moving files in Windows Explorer and FTP, lots of security options, searching, secure file copying, web browser etc.
Main Features:
Synchronizing files based on size, content and time
Files can be excluded and included with filters
Integrated web browser can be used for file transfer
Synchronizing files in cloud storage
GPS coordinates & geotags
Viewing, copying & moving files in Windows Explorer
Searching & locating files
Secure file transfer to FTP sites
Printing, opening and saving files
Adding, removing and editing folders
Accessing system restore points and shadow copies
Other features:
Syntax highlighting and formatting tools for editing and converting text files
Supporting the following file types:.rar,.zip,.zip.7z,.scr,.mp3,.mp4,.avi,.m4a,.mp4,.wmv
And many more!
Document File manipulation
File encrypting with two-level AES encryption
Two-factor authentication for secure login
Keyboard shortcuts
Advanced file and folder management
Supports FAT16/32 and NTFS file systems
Supporting FTP (both standard and SFTP), WebDAV protocols and/or SCP/SFTP
Supported browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, IE10+ and others
Accounting information in history log
Search for file’s content in selected and in entire history log
Support for up to 2 GB files
Sidebar and menu customization
Password protection
User defined rules, searches and actions
Toolbar customization with the possibility of hiding it
Automatically getting the latest updates in all supported platforms
Automatic fixing of security vulnerabilities
SpeedCommander Screenshots:

SpeedCommander is a powerful and lightweight tool for file management. It allows you to open a variety of files including.scr,.rar,.zip,.exe,.mp3,.mkv,.m4a and more.
The software easily adds or removes a number of folders to the Windows Explorer and FTP and can sync data between them. The program also enables you to view the changes in files, edit/copy/move/delete files, search for text in files, convert, encrypt or password protect files, print or open/save them, and access


System Requirements:

The game requires a DirectX 9 compatible graphics card. The minimum requirements are:
Windows 7 Home Premium / Professional, 64-bit
Intel® Core 2 Duo E6300, 2.80 GHz
A GeForce® GTX 650, or Radeon HD 7870 (1GB VRAM)
۱۲ GB available space on your computer hard drive
Windows 7 Ultimate / Ultimate, 64-bit
Intel® Core i5-3570, 3.2 GHz


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