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If your computer gets infected by viruses and the permanent security solution does not work, you might need to search for a dedicated program for cleaning your system. Such an application is Smart Virus Remover, a simple tool that can help you make your computer fully functional again.
The interface is simple and clean, only comprising a few options for restoring the default settings of Windows and cleaning your PC, together with the log section. The application runs quietly in the system tray, constantly monitoring your system for possible threats.
Smart Virus Remover promises to permanently remove over 50 virus types. Ravmon, Trojan Dropper, Isass, vmwareservicevirus, notepadvirus, ssms.EXE,, Virus.Macromedia.Flash, cftmon.EXE, to name some. Not only that it cleans the system, but it tries to restore it to its previous state, from before the virus outbreak occurred.
Some viruses can prevent you from opening 'Task Manager' and shutting down processes, accessing the 'Registry Editor' to manage registry entries or opening the command prompt window. All these issues can be solved by Smart Virus Remover, as it can restore the system settings from before the virus attack.
Additionally, you can use it to enable the 'Run' window, the folder settings (for instance, it can allow you to view the hidden files and folders again, if this option is restricted), the 'Search' option, as well as delete autorun.inf files. For the changes to take effect, a computer restart might be needed.
The application can scan a user-defined folder or the connected USB drive and remove detected viruses, while the right-click tray menu enables you to write protect the USB drive.
Smart Virus Remover comes in handy when your PC gets infected, as it can remove both the virus and its effects. However, since it cannot detect all kinds of viruses, it should not be used for replacing a permanent antivirus solution.







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Smart Virus Remover Free Download for PC

Smart Virus Remover for Android

۷۸٫ Infector for Android – Anti virus for Android

Smart Virus Remover for Mac – Anti virus for Mac

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MoneroBrowser is a customizable browser aimed at privacy-aware users.

You have heard about the problems relating to Net Explorer and Firefox. While switching to a different browser might seem a scary thing to do, the solution is to migrate to a different browser and the easiest way to do it is to utilize the existing browser for the purpose of migration. In the case of MoneroBrowser, the GUI provided by this application was used for such a purpose.
Unlike other browsers, this one consists of a tabbed interface, where each tab is customizable. With the help of its tab-specific toolbar, the users can create their own layout, meaning that they can further customize the browser, making use of all the tabs.
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Another useful feature of this MoneroBrowser application is the fact that it features tab history, where users can check the previously opened tabs and use them later.
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MoneroBrowser App Features:
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– Hide ads
– Free version and premium version…

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Smart Virus Remover Crack (LifeTime) Activation Code

Create a folder and paste a file that you have virus proofed, and plug it into an infected computer. Click on the source folder and the infected computer, click on “Run” then “Run at Once”, then you will find the source folder with the infected file in it as soon as the program finds it’s way into the infected computer.

Arrow cursor – move left or right in the status bar

Click on “Copy to Windows Clipboard”

Screenshot – click right button on your keyboard

Right-Click “Original” and select “Delete”

Click on the source folder that contains the file and select “Run at Once”

Right-Click the source folder and select “Delete”


Smart Virus Remover Download

Smart Virus Remover Free Download / Trial Version

The tool has a free trial mode, so you can test its functionality before you decide to buy the full version. While the trial allows you to get acquainted with the program, the full version contains full functionality and so is recommended.

We do not host any noxious files on this server. The addition of malware, corrupted software, or intrusive adware is not our specialty, and we shall not be held liable for any damage that might arise from such contents.

However, if you are unsure about your computer’s security, you can try using the trial of Smart Virus Remover and decide whether the program is right for you.

Smart Virus Remover Premium

Smart Virus Remover Premium is intended for those who want more extensive functionality than the trial version provides. Besides scanning and removing virus, Smart Virus Remover Premium gives you full control over the program, such as the ability to browse through files, rename them, manage your bookmarks and tools, create shortcuts and other system features.

The Premium version is offered at the same price as the trial version, and provides a lifetime license, meaning that you can use the software until you decide to purchase the license.A study of alveolar macrophages and polymorphonuclear leukocytes after intravenous administration of reconstituted packed red cells: evidence for the role of complement in sequestration of these cells in the reticuloendothelial system.
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What’s New in the Smart Virus Remover?

Removes viruses and fix system problems related to viruses

Removes viruses and fix system problems related to viruses

Permanently fixes some viruses

Uninstalls infected programs

Finds and removes spyware

There are many different kinds of malware that can compromise your PC’s data and computer operating system. Malicious programs, such as viruses and spyware, can get on your computer via email and programs.Construction and expression of the RecA-bound cleavage domain of the yeast protein Ure2.
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System Requirements For Smart Virus Remover:

CPU: Intel Core i3 2.7GHz or higher
RAM: 3GB or more (4GB recommended)
GPU: NVIDIA GT 610 recommended
HDD: 100 GB or more
Controller: Keyboard and mouse. You can use a gamepad like PS4 and Xbox controllers as well.
Legal Notice:
You are allowed to use this mod and make an icon for yourself (with credit to this

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