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Semaspace is a compact graph editor and browser for the construction and analysis of large knowledge networks. The program was specially designed for the interactive manipulation of very large networks.
Give Semaspace a try to fully assess its capabilities!


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Semaspace Full Crack is a browser, graph editor and visual programming environment for graph exploration and representation, manipulation and data analysis.
Semaspace has been designed from the ground up to make large graphs easily accessible and interactive.
It is very easy to get started with Semaspace. A single connection is enough to embed it and start exploring the local graph.
A graph can be designed visually or as a set of commands.
Once the structure has been designed, the edges that must be drawn can be specified and the graph can be exported or to formats supported by the semanticapi mapping software (svg, dxf, object…).
Apart from the graph editing functionality, Semaspace also supports quick data analysis. The graph can be viewed in a variety of ways, either as a data grid, as a diagram, a tree or a distance matrix.
Different data analysis functions can be applied on the graph and they can be easily evaluated either using the numeric values or using tree labels (see Fig. 3).
Graph zooming and sorting can easily be done using the keyboard or through semaspace code.
Semaspace can also be used to store knowledge in a database. The data can be loaded into Semaspace by using the Semanticapi mapping software. The data can be stored as a set of semaspace files or it can be loaded as a semaspace database. Semaspace provides a number of predefined analysis functions that can be used to retrieve information from the database.
Semaspace provides a query language for searching/retrieving information from the graph. This is very useful when large networks are to be analysed.
Semaspace supports two types of queries:
* Overview queries (as in the picture given below);
* Local queries (more specific queries).
In Fig. 6 we can see the overview of the network in the Semaspace viewer. The viewer is able to perform different operations on the graph:
* Clear the graph
* Show the components and the objects
* Show the objects relationships
* Show the distance matrix
* Zoom in/out the graph.
To go to a more specific object, the zoom object can be selected.
Similar to the graph builder, the code editor is very easy to use and allows any functional code (in particular, actions and operations on the graph) to be written.
Using Semaspace, the analyst can analyse the knowledge of a network.
This can be done by using the pred

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Semaspace is a very
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Semaspace is a powerful graph editor that allows the construction of large knowledge networks. The construction stage is particularly flexible, offering easy access to well-designed graphic editors. This freedom of design makes it possible to integrate readily available libraries of models (graphs, tables and images) to quickly build useful “lessons” and learn the interactions between the various elements in the knowledge network.
Semaspace comes with various modules.
The Semaspace modules include a document structure editor; an image processing module; a graph editor; and a table editor that is integrated with the graph editor. The integrations are designed to give fast access to the library of libraries provided with the Semaspace.
The Semaspace modules also include a facility for exporting results to a wide range of formats, and some user’s assistance functions.
User’s Assistance:
Semaspace is not only a tool for knowledge networks, it is also a library of modules that can be used by other tools or to enhance other applications.
An example is the “Build a Mesh” module that allows the construction of meshes. A mesh is a set of items connected together by links so that every item can be viewed as a node of the graph.
The “Mesh Engine” will build your mesh: the mesh structure, your items, the links between items, etc.
The “Build a Context” module allows the creation of a “context” about an item, a link, or a property of an item. This could be a user’s guide, a help window or any other information about an element that a computer application can use.
Semaspace lets you view different elements interactively, and take actions, based on the results of your interactions. By using the user’s assistance functions, we mean the ability to express actions without coding.
The user can integrate images in the database, and attach them to a link. The purpose is to give the user a visual representation of links, items, properties and contexts.
Semaspace also allows interactive browsing of the knowledge network, to facilitate its understanding. It is possible, for example, to browse a network from a computer application, to which Semaspace is connected as a library.
Semaspace is a good example of a knowledge network. In our next release, we plan to make it easily available in the Windows Registry.
If you need large knowledge networks, this program and its integration modules are suitable for you.
Semaspace can create knowledge networks as big as:

What’s New in the?

Semaspace is an application for the creation, editing and analysis of large scale
knowledge networks. In contrast to the existing knowledge network editors,
Semaspace is an application specifically designed for the interactive editing
of large scale knowledge networks (of up to several million nodes). Semaspace
is a modern, intuitive, interactive development environment for knowledge
networks with an integrated browser.
The primary goal of Semaspace is to provide high efficiency and a friendly
user interface for the construction, analysis and editing of very large knowledge
networks. The program is designed as a compact graph editor and a standalone
browser. In this way, Semaspace is not restricted to fixed views. The layout
of the nodes and edges can be freely changed. Edges can be quickly added,
deleted or rearranged during the editing process. The editor offers many
built-in functions for moving, reshaping, scaling, rotating, coloring, labeling
or filtering edges and nodes. It also includes functions to construct and
analyze large scale knowledge networks. Semaspace offers a flexible database
for storing the knowledge network. The database stores the node- and edge
information. Semaspace also offers a script language to generate new node or
edge definitions which can be evaluated against the graph database.
Semaspace is also a graph browser for rapidly searching, viewing and
analyzing knowledge networks. Semaspace includes a large set of built-in
functionalities for expanding, contracting, collapsing, filtering, and sorting.
Semaspace can display interactive graphs on screen, and the generated data
can be exported to other applications.
Hierarchical Navigation (Trees and Cyc):
Semaspace is a data intensive application. It creates nodes and edges which
are identified by the symbol names in the text file or displayed as the node
labels. During the creation of the knowledge graph the user can navigate the
graph by selecting and activating the nodes and edges. Nodes are activated by
double-clicking them. Once the node is selected, it can be moved, reshaped and
simultaneously expanded to show the children and siblings. Nodes and edges can
also be reordered into any desired order.
Semaspace enables the user to set an alternative encoding of the graph by selecting
a different node encoding in the program. The user can use any character set (Unicode)
for the representation of node symbols in the editor. The

System Requirements For Semaspace:

Windows 7 or Windows 8 64-bit
Intel® Core™ i3/5/7, AMD Athlon™ II/III
۴ GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
۵۰۰ GB HDD space available
Minimum 1024×768 resolution
Windows 10 64-bit
AMD FX-6100
Minimum 640×480 resolution
NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT / ATI HD2600

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