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Simplifies many types of everyday tasks that a computer user needs to do in a networked environment. These include emailing lists, creating and maintaining chat rooms, and testing mail servers. If your ISP is foolish enough to provide email services on a web page, then it’s better to use a proxy server like Privoxy than to use Hotmail or Gmail, because many of the protocols that are used to transmit the content of email messages change every year. Programs that support the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol were once rare but are now almost commonplace. If you have one, you can use a proxy server such as Privoxy, so you don’t have to be connected to a particular IRC channel. The list of services, both common and obscure, that you can use a proxy server to access is almost endless. In addition to mail and chat protocols, Privoxy also supports almost all of the Web Services Protocols (WSPs) and HTTP Extensions that are standardized by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). In the past, web users had to modify the configuration files in order to access several web sites that their ISP blocked, because there was no way for the ISP to tell users what sites were valid and what sites were banned.

Privoxy offers you the choice to create a list of items to block. This is a standard feature that is found in most proxy servers. With Privoxy you do not have to rely on somebody else’s list of items to block. Instead, you can create your own list and put it in effect so that you don’t have to rely on the updates made by some other person. Privoxy is designed to make block rules easy to understand and easy to put into effect. The configuration file is written in Perl, and has an object-oriented design that helps you write better and more efficient rules. There are also tools available that allow you to customize the appearance of the interface.

The configuration file is called “privoxy.conf”. It is located in your home directory with the “conf” subdirectory. It is written in the Plain Text File (PTF) and ASCII formats. The configuration file is not a binary file, but a text file.

Privoxy has its own database. Each item in the database has a set of rules. When the rules match a request, Privoxy will output the requested content to your browser, otherwise it will return a blank page with no content. Privoxy has its own database that stores the rules. The default

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Privoxy is a proxy server that allows you to block specific pages and to protect the computer users from unwanted web content. The main purpose of the application is to control the webpages that can be opened and to filter out ads, pop-up windows and banners.
Create a list of items to block
The application allows you to apply a customized set of rules that protects the user from being assaulted with unwanted information. Thus, you can block certain sites, stop others from saving cookies on your computer and disable the JavaScript on the potentially dangerous pages.
You can also use the application to prevent the user from accessing certain pages that are not necessary or appropriate to their activity. This approach can be used for companies that want to limit the Internet access in order to ensure proper bandwidth usage.
The parameters of the server are highly customizable and practically allow you to write your own rules and actions directly in the configuration files. Unlike other applications that hide some of them under the hood, Privoxy ensures the seasoned network administrators that they have access to every single parameter.
Advanced processing through special syntax
Although this feature labels the application as very flexible, it appears harder to configure for the casual users that have to learn the syntax and the parameters. However, the application provides you with detailed instructions in the configuration files and it is recommended to take time to read them before editing the parameters.
The proxy can also modify certain parts from the webpage in order to provide the end-user with the relevant information. This approach is used for removing banners and replacing them with dummy content in order to save bandwidth.
Since the interface is only required to read the log messages and to view the filtered content, it requires minimal resources and has no impact on the computer performance.
To end with
Privoxy is a good solution both for the users that want to block ads and for the administrators that want to filter the Internet traffic for multiple network computers.

I have downloaded Privoxy in my PC. I have installed it in my PC.But I cannot able to use it because i am unable to find the Privoxy.hta file in my PC. How to install and how to use the Privoxy.

I have downloaded Privoxy in my PC. I have installed it in my PC.But i am unable to use it because i am unable to find the Privoxy.hta file in my PC. How to install and how to use the Privoxy.

I have downloaded privoxy in my PC. I have installed it in my PC

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When the browser requests to access some resources that you did not like, it enables you to capture the browser’s request. This feature is also called HTTP proxy logging. The exact purpose of the application is to record the requests and show the webpages that accessed the resources.
In order to capture the requests, the application implements a special HTTP daemon. With this daemon, you can record all the requests that the browser sends and show them in the log file. When the user clicks on the link, the log file shows the exact pages that were accessed. Thus, you can find out more about each visit and improve the user experience.
The logs are organized in two main sections: the request headers and the response headers. Both parts are divided into separate files and you can easily access them to view the data. The process is very easy and you can read the log files within a few minutes.
The application allows you to filter the headers by displaying them in the text or xml format, create the new log files and control the request interval.
The logs are not created every time, but only when the user clicks on the Log button. This approach makes the logs easier to use and creates a reliable data source. Moreover, it appears that the application will not consume significant computer resources.
In addition, there is a new feature that allows you to check the webpages before visiting them. You can easily search the links and use the results to visit the desired pages.
You can additionally filter the log files using a special pattern that allows you to create a tree of the results. The output is saved in an XML format that can be easily read by the application. This feature allows you to sort the results, modify them and delete the unwanted results.
Furthermore, the application supports SSL connections. By enabling this option, the application allows you to filter the secured webpages, which can be achieved by viewing the HTTPS requests.
Convenient operations through the configuration file
The application has a special configuration file that allows you to manage the logs. You can modify the request interval, filter the files by categories, create new log files and restart the daemon.
Moreover, the configuration file will be read automatically during the program launch. Thus, you can open the configuration file and adjust the options quickly and easily.
You can access the configuration file via the Console mode or the GUI mode. The Console mode is very useful for experienced users. This section offers a concise and easy to use interface for browsing the logs. On the other

What’s New In Privoxy?

When you upgrade Windows to Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista, you will get a number of serious problems. Most of them cause the system to crash or become unresponsive. In such a case, you need to launch your system and repair it from there. However, you can get rid of this situation once and for all. You will be able to start your system without any problems. You should take advantage of Privoxy and its anti-spyware capabilities.

Step by Step Guide

How to Fix

Step 2:

Scan the infected files

Once you have run the Spyware (Infection) Destructor, you should run another scan to verify that all the items have been removed.

Step 3:

Remove the infected add-ons

If you need to manually remove the infected add-ons, you need to locate the file using the search function and remove it.

Step 4:

Ensure that all the issues have been resolved

You can find all the details on how to solve this issue in the following article: How to Uninstall Spyware (Infection) from Windows


Do not install any random software offered in the search results.

Reset Firefox after you have verified that all the infections have been removed

Let us start with some of the best free antispyware programs like Spywarebytes and the antispyware program to fix Malware.


Spywarebytes is a very popular antispyware program. It has been tested and licensed by a number of independent software testing companies. The program offers an easy to use interface which allows you to delete the spyware within a few clicks. It can detect and remove spyware, as well as malware, if you do not have Internet Explorer 9. The most advanced features will only cost you additional money, but you can also opt for the basic feature set.


Malwarebytes is a program that has been developed in a way to prevent malware from ruining your computer. Since the program is based on the malware database, it is able to remove spyware very effectively. Moreover, it can fix rootkits and uninstall PUPs (potentially unwanted programs).

How to uninstall Spyware (Infection) from Windows

Step 1:

Download and install Spyware (Infection) Destructor

You can download

System Requirements For Privoxy:

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows 7 64-bit (Windows 8 32-bit may also work)
Windows 7 64-bit (Windows 8 32-bit may also work) Processor: Intel Core i5-640 (or equivalent) 2.6 GHz or AMD Athlon II X4 640 (or equivalent) 2.6 GHz or faster Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 560 Ti (or equivalent) DirectX: Version 11
GeForce GTX 560 Ti (or equivalent) DirectX: Version 11 Free hard disk space: 15 GB RAM: 8 GB
Minimum Requirements

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