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Hddb is a modern file finder and Explorer replacement. As a file manager, it supports multiple drives and allows you to search by file name, folder name, size, time, etc.
You can even find files across multiple drives. Hddb is a modern file finder and Explorer replacement. As a file manager, it supports multiple drives and allows you to search by file name, folder name, size, time, etc. You can also look for files across multiple drives. You can even find files across multiple drives. You can also look for files across multiple drives.
Why are you using Hddb:
Our free file finder does what every other file search has been doing forever: From browsing to finding files, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4.
Free: You can use Hddb for free if you want. It won’t eat up your RAM, it won’t install ads, it won’t slow your PC. And you can always upgrade to Pro if you want to.
Free up space: Want to clean out a bunch of files you don’t need anymore? See what’s taking up the most space on your PC.
Faster than Quick Search: Hddb is a modern file finder and Explorer replacement. As a file manager, it supports multiple drives and allows you to search by file name, folder name, size, time, etc. You can even find files across multiple drives.
Fast and responsive: Hddb has a slick, modern UI and you only need to enter a keyword for it to display all the matching files.
Rescue files: You can instantly see a list with all the detected matches. Then, you can copy it to the clipboard and then paste it whenever you want to.
Clear search history: Clear your search history by entering a keyword. Never search again with your PC.
Sort your results: Sort your search results in ascending or descending order.
Extensive search options: You can also find specific files by size, date, extensions, etc.
Open multiple files: Right-click a file, select ‘Open’ and then ‘Open with Hddb’.
Open multiple folders: Right-click a folder, select ‘Open’ and then ‘Open with Hddb’.
Find files and folders on network drives: Hddb has a special feature that allows you to search for files on your home network or a network drive.
Right-click: Right-

Hddb 3.1.4 Crack [32|64bit]

File, Folder, Backup, Disk, and Folder Searcher, done with a modern, clean, and easy to use interface. Fast & Easy. Explore the contents of any folder, select a file by just typing part of its name or the complete filename, search for a file by filename, date, contents, or size, sort files and folders by name, date, size, extension, etc.

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Hddb 3.1.4 Download

Hddb is a free search tool for your own storage media, search in just a few seconds.
Hddb offers you an easy way to search for your files, documents, music, videos, pictures, programs, archives, emails, web sites, games, etc. in your storage media. To start searching on Hddb you just need to specify the beginning of the file name or the file extension.
Find exactly what you are looking for at a glance
Hddb finds quickly all files which have a specified text or extension in their name. It is very easy to search, the result is shown in a list by size, last modified date, and by name.
Note that Hddb always searches the local storage (on Hard Drive, Internal Hard Disk, Flash Drive) and USB connected media (External Hard Disk, USB Flash Drive, CDs, DVDs, Hard Disks of Printers, etc.)
Simply copy the first result by clicking on the arrow next to the name, or on the result details icon, or by pressing Ctrl + C.
You can also choose to open the first result in any application, if you think you might be looking for the file later.
Print the list of results
Hddb also allows you to export the result list (and the file’s details) to a text file. You can also use this option to search and export large amounts of data at once.
Modes of Operation
Hddb is a very simple utility. It only requires a 2GB hard disk for indexing storage media and a few moments to index all your storage media.
Hddb is free, open-source software and you can download it here (Windows).
Hddb Speed Indexing
Hddb uses the special algorithm for automatically indexing your hard drive so that you can locate your files fast and easily.
Hddb is free and open-source software.
Time to index all the storage devices (Hard Drive, Hard Disk, External Hard Disk, USB Flash Drive, USB Hard Disk, CD, DVD, Floppy Disk, Internal Hard Disk, SSD, Memory Card, Memory Stick, ZIP Drive, Network Drive) in just a few seconds.
Hddb is free, open-source software and you can download it here (Windows).
Hddb is a search tool for your own storage media.Image copyright Getty Images

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What’s New in the?

Hddb is a simple utility that allows you to organize and classify files and folders, thus making your work a lot easier and simpler.The program’s interface is not only very straightforward, but it is also fairly user-friendly as it uses a friendly graphic interface, so you will not need to know any technical terms to use it.
* Select the location you want to organize, and watch as Hddb does its magic.
* Choose what to ignore when organizing, such as hidden files and folders, and other similar.
* Preview results of the latest file operations.
* Export completed operation to TXT file.
* Sort and filter files and folders.
* Automatically index recent files (allow full path and extensions) or specific filetypes (allow only extensions).
* Search through files and folders by name or complete path.
* Wildcards and regex.
* Easily locate the file with only a part of its name.
* A compatible operating system.
* ۴٫۰ MB or less free space on your hard drive.
How to crack Hddb?
The Hddb serial key generator needs you to fill in the very first step, which is to choose which free space you want to activate the Hddb license for. Of course, the more free space you have the more you can explore the features of the application.
When you reach the second step and fill in your Hddb account ID, you will then see a list of compatible licenses that you can buy.
You can use either of the methods listed below to purchase Hddb license key from the official website of the software.
Please note: we provide key generator, license keys, serial keys, registration keys, license file and activation codes in a fast and easy way. We also back up our keys with strong and trusted passwords to prevent any abuse of our site.
You may enter your product key in the following format: 2264BCD0F988C4B4

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System Requirements For Hddb:

Operating System: Windows XP (32-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core, Intel Pentium III, AMD K6-2, AMD Sempron, AMD Athlon XP (2.4GHz), AMD Opteron (2.2GHz), AMD Turion (1.6GHz)
Memory: 4GB RAM


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