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AServiceMonitor Product Key is a free service monitoring tool that can be used to monitor the status of installed services on local or remote machines.
Once installed and configured, AServiceMonitor Free Download will check the status of monitored services at a user-defined time interval. When a service’s status change has been detected an email alert is sent. AServiceMonitor is an easy to use tool, however, it does have a powerful built-in configuration and monitoring mechanism.
It can easily be configured to monitor multiple services and send a customizable email notification or application log error message when a monitored service’s status changes.
AServiceMonitor can also monitor individual services in a remote machine, and can be deployed on Windows Server 2008 / 2008 R2, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP operating systems. The installation program contains three separate installer packages. A service monitoring profile, an email notifier profile, and an application logging profile.
This is a small Windows Service Monitoring Utility which can be deployed on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows Server 2008 or later operating systems.
AServiceMonitor can be easily configured to monitor a single service or a group of services on a remote machine. It also provides you the ability to monitor the status of a single service.
AServiceMonitor also provides an easy to use configuration GUI and an in-depth application event log which displays when a service’s status changed. If you want to monitor the status of multiple services on a remote machine, AServiceMonitor provides a solution to this problem. In addition, AServiceMonitor can also send a customizable email notification or a application log error message on status change detection for services on a remote machine.
AServiceMonitor application event log supports the following event types:
Automatically generated error and warning.
Program and Driver-Specific Message
Service-Specific Message
Computer-Specific Message
There is no limit on the number of event records which can be logged. On Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 / 2008 R2 operating systems you can specify the maximum number of records. This is useful when a remote machine has a large number of services. The application log format can be customized to meet your specific log output requirements.
AServiceMonitor can easily be customized to your specific requirements by selecting and/or modifying the following features:
The application log format can be customized to meet your specific log output requirements.
Which services to monitor.
Monitor a single service or a group of services

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* The AServiceMonitor Service listens for and monitors changes to installed services.
* Event Log Notifications:
* AServiceMonitor can email local or remote system administrators or application logs. To set up AServiceMonitor for email notification:
* Specify an e-mail server and port number in the AServiceMonitor.exe.config file.
* Configure the default “From” address and account used to send alerts.
* Configure the recipients to receive alerts.
* Configure the default “To” address.
* AServiceMonitor can also send Winlogon notification by specifying a path to a Winlogon log file. To set up AServiceMonitor to send Winlogon notification:
* Specify a path to an alert file in the AServiceMonitor.exe.config file.
* Configure the recipients to receive alerts.
* Configure the default “From” address and account used to send alerts.
* Configure the default “To” address.
* The Alert file must be standard Windows error file (.err).
Asterisk (*) in service names mean the asterisk character is replaced with a space, and the *.txt indicates the alert text is written to a text file.
* The following listed services are monitored:
* The ASP.NET Session State Service
* The IIS Worker Process
* The ASP.NET Process
* The Subversion server
* The process running the Anti-Virus Service
* The Windows Update Service
* The Local Security Authority service
* The SQL Server Browser service
* The Tasks Scheduling Service
* The Windows Installer Service
* The Windows Service Control Manager service
* The Windows Storage Server service
* The DNS Client service
* The Event Log service
* The WinRM Web Server service
* The Windows Error Reporting service
* The UIA Automatic Text Input service
* The Bonjour Service
* The ASP.NET Local IIS Web Server Service
* The ISA Service
* The Network Time Protocol Service
* The Control Panel Service
* The Tasks Scheduler Service
* The Distributed Link Tracking Service
* The Surface Area Network Service
* The MMC Network Service
* The Update Service
This Utility does not monitor the following services:
* The SQL Server Service
* The Microsoft SQL Server Agent Service
* The Local Security Authority Service
For detailed description, description, and instruction for the Win

What’s New in the?

A simple Windows Service that will monitor the services installed on the computer and alert the user of status changes. The service can be configured to monitor multiple services on multiple machines. When a status change is detected, a message is sent to the configured recipient. The service will monitor the status of windows services at a user-specified interval (every 1, 3 or 10 seconds). It will keep a log of failed events (i.e. services that are not running) and notifies the user of failed events via an email notification or a software application logging function.
When the Windows Service is launched, it will check the status of the following services by searching each installed service’s path in the Windows Registry.
Service Name
CSystem State
Print Spooler
Active Scripts
Active – Handler
Active – MainModule
Active – Vbs
Active – UserProcesses
Active – VbsFiles
Active – windows
Active – Windows
Active – Windows_NT
Active – Windows_NT_GUI
Active – Windows_NT_Server
Active – Windows_NT_Server_GUI
Active – Windows_Service
Active – Windows_Service_Vbs
Active – Windows_Service_VbsFiles
Active – Windows_Service_VbsSvc
Active – Windows_Service_vbSvcs
Active – Windows_Service_vbs
Active – Windows_Service_vbsFiles
Active – Windows_Service_vbSvs
Active – Windows_Service_vbsSvs
Active – Windows_Service_Wkssvc
Active – Windows_Service_Wkssvc_MIME
Active – Windows_Service_Wkssvc_Mime
Active – Windows_Services
Active – Windows_Services_Group
Active – Windows_Services_Template
Auto Log On
Caused By
The dlls folder is searched for the service name. It will then take this service’s status from the Registry and then compare this status to its current status to find any changes. If a change is detected, AServiceMonitor will create an event log entry to describe the change. If an email alert is specified, it will send an email to the configured recipient alerting them of the change.
The following example configures the

System Requirements:

– Nvidia Geforce GTX 760 or greater
– AMD Radeon R9 270 or greater
– Intel HD 4400 or greater
– Intel Core i3 3rd Gen
– Intel Core i5 2nd Gen
– Intel Core i5 3rd Gen
– Intel Core i7 2nd Gen
– Intel Core i7 3rd Gen
– AMD A10-6700
– AMD A10-5800
– AMD A8-5500

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