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F-Secure Internet Security provides your computer with the protection it needs against viruses and other web-based threats. During the installation process (which takes a long time), you can set up Parental Control in the browsing mode wizard, after which F-Secure downloads its updates. Parental Control lets you filter web content for small children, teenagers, or both, limit the time that your young ones can browse the Internet, restrict the daily browsing time to specific hours, select which type of web content you want to block, and finally, create a parent password. In the main window of F-Secure, you can view the status of your current protection level (computer, network connections, Internet), select tasks (scan, check for updates, restore a removed file or program, allow a program to start), and statistics (last successful update check, virus and spyware scanning, email scanning, programs, e-mail filtering). Scanning can be done in three ways – a full computer can, a custom scan, or a scan for viruses and spyware. It takes a long time to complete (especially if you choose to scan the entire computer), and during this process you can observe the current target, as well as the number of scanned items (viruses, spyware, riskware and suspicious items). Furthermore, F-Secure enables you to open a port through the firewall for a program, enter a name for the firewall rule, and the port number. You can also turn on real-time scanning, detect and remove viruses from emails, block tracking cookies, schedule scans, or configure manual scanning (scan only known file types, scan inside compressed files, use advanced heuristics). The program uses minimum system memory, but other open applications run slower when F-Secure Internet Security is active. All in all, this security tool takes care of your computer, without you having to put too much effort into it.







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•Tons of protection. •The most advanced firewall technology on the market. •Improved detection of suspicious links. •Protects against all known and unknown viruses, spyware, Trojans, PUPs, dialers and many other exploits. •A built-in web-filter allows you to choose which website you want to access. •Full support for all Internet browsers. •Freeware edition. •Full version includes all features of the premium version. Download AtilSoft Web Protection Free Advertisement Download AtilSoft Web Protection Free – PC Win OS PCWin Note: AtilSoft Web Protection 3.7 download version indexed from servers all over the world. There are inherent dangers in the use of any software available for download on the Internet. It’s best to be safe than sorry. Easy System Shrink is the easiest and most powerful desktop backup and recovery tool you will ever use! It gives you the ability to create and create a compressed image file, backup your hard disk as a local ISO image file, export, copy, burn, and attach features. Easy System Shrink Free allows you to choose and compress a single file or multiple files at once. Using the highly advanced technology, you can have the complete disk image backed up onto an ISO or another file type. It will compress whatever you want to back up from any file type including: iso, CD, floppy, flash memory, hard disk, DVD, and even RAM. It can shrink and shrink a single file or multiple files at once. You can create, compress, and save a compressed ISO file for future reference at any time. Easy System Shrink Free allows you to create and compress a local ISO image file from a selected file. The application is extremely easy to use and requires no administrator privileges. Easy System Shrink Free is the greatest ever computer restore tool, and even more reliable than many other disk imaging tools! It can recover any of your backup files, without a single problem. You will have a brilliant time doing it! Just use one of the interfaces above and you are ready to go. PCWin Note: Easy System Shrink 3.4.1 build 135 update is available to download. Enjoy! Download AtilSoft DNS Proxy Service 2 Free Download AtilSoft DNS Proxy Service 2 Free – PC Win OS PCWin Note: AtilSoft DNS Proxy Service 2 Free download

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Pricing and final decision will be made after review of the review details and discussion (if any) ۵٫ MacDaddy Internet Security FREE ۱۲۳Apps provides 517,830,145 app downloads and a population of 179,795,615 users just on Google Play. You can browse through multiples categories like Arcade, Animation, Business, Health & Fitness, Home & Kitchen, Music & Audio, Offline, Photography, Reference, and Strategy to find the most suitable apps. In addition to this, we publish a daily updated blog with news and reviews within the universe of mobile applications. You can get help with frequently asked questions, find the best applications from developers or learn how to get the most from your mobile with our tutorials and videos. A simple app, easy to use, MacDaddy Internet Security FREE is a solution that can be used as a firewall, antivirus software, a spyware remover, an online privacy tool, an anti-adware app, a mobile malware scanner, a device management software, a parental control app, a network security software and more. Features of MacDaddy Internet Security FREE: Saves an accurate list of installed apps Protects your privacy by blocking known spyware, tracking and malicious programs Scans and removes unwanted apps, adware, and browser hijackers Does not slow down your phone or tablet, even though it scans for malware and other types of threats There is a brief history of your scans in case you want to see what’s going on A homepage where you can change options such as the app blocking, permissions, history, permissions, and more One-touch notifications, which can be set up to push messages from the security app to your mobile Does not require root access Supports major platforms like Android 4.4 or higher and iOS 9.3 or higher We have FAQs that you can browse through to learn more about using the app. ۶٫ More Info: MacDaddy Internet Security FREE Pricing and final decision will be made after review of the review details and discussion (if any) ۷٫ CnjPlayer App Player Free ۱۲۳Apps provides 4,903,196 app downloads and a population of 8,263,135 users just on Google Play. You can browse through multiples categories like Animation, Cartoon, Gaming, Live streaming, Music & Audio, Pictures & graphics, and Utilities to find the most suitable

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F-Secure Internet Security is a powerful Internet Security and Antivirus product that gives you full control of your PC. F-Secure Internet Security combines antivirus (both real-time and scheduled), security, firewall, parental control and anti-spam solutions into a single, all-in-one easy-to-use security package. If you’re looking to protect your home computers, tablets, phones, and file servers from threats from the Internet, F-Secure Internet Security has the answers. The F-Secure brand of security and antivirus solutions boasts an extensive virus database (with over 150 viruses included), and its parental control features provide fine-grained protection to your children’s online activities. Efficiency and easy use are hallmarks of this powerful security solution from F-Secure. Along with a fast and hassle-free installation, and since F-Secure Internet Security was designed with a user-friendly interface in mind, it won’t take long for even the most novice computer users to learn how to use it. Mamuti – Digital PDA ManagerXP10.4.5.8 The Mamuti may be the “most minimal” tool for PDA users, so you will find here more useful settings and options. Besides well-written user manual in English, this tool also provides a few useful web pages for you: General settings page: with all the main settings such as backup, searching, importing and exporting, memory usage, device name, etc. Journal (works with any FAT or FAT32 formatted external device): for recording notes and text snippets. Mobile Network Mode (works with a GSM/UMTS SIM card): not yet (no text to work with), you will receive an update soon. USB Mass Storage Mode (works with USB storage such as memory stick and hard disk): use the USB mode to share files between the PDA and computer. What I Like – only takes a few megabytes of space for the software and not on the USB memory stick (so you can use the software even with no memory stick), – the GSMSIM can be set to scan only the phonebook while leaving the SIM card’s memory empty, allowing you to have a cheap phone and save a substantial amount of money, – the search function works fast, – the Diary is easy to navigate and use, – it’s a cheap tool (I paid $10 from the official site and it works fine),


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