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– This real-time wallpaper for Android allows you to apply a live satellite image – The application is based on the images from the Chollian 2A satellite – All you have to do is to change your wallpaper on a regular basis and enjoy a unique wallpaper on your desktop – You can change the resolution and change the aspect ratio – The live images are obtained from the satellite and range from 10k to 8k pixels in resolution – The images are ideal for desktop settings – Choose between Natural and RGB images – You can also toggle between high-performance and low-resources settings – Make use of the sidebar to change the resolution – The app makes use of the System tray icon – You can update the wallpaper every 10 minutes or change the resolution from start – The app can be used with 1.4 and later versions of Android Requirements: Android 4.0 and up Operating System Android 5.0 and upSEAFARMS — With 15,000 square feet of open space inside — outside as well — the Pennsylvania Seaport is an inviting destination for holiday travelers. Underground parking garage makes the Port and its stores accessible to the entire waterfront. And the Seaport at the Point, a new hotel and conference center addition to the Port, is in a prime location at the foot of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge in the Seaport District. The challenges of the Seaport’s design — from top to bottom, inside and out — are the reason why the project took four years to complete. “The signature building of the Seaport has been its signature seawall. It’s one of the best in the country. We knew that we wanted to build an addition to that signature and elevate the building’s profile,” said Tom Byrne, executive director of the Philadelphia Seaport Authority. But he said the walls of the building — roughly the size of the towering structure at the other end of Dock Street — needed to be more than walls. “We made a decision early in the planning process that we would go in with open space and not just partitioned space. It is harder to build open space inside a building,” he said. “It’s easier to build a wall with a bar.” The architectural firm for the project is Fehr Partners, the same group that did the Mural Arts building. The

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– With real-time satellite images – Display images sourced from the Korea Meteorological Administration – App can be set up to display images once every 10 minutes – Available resolutions up to 8K and aspect ratios up to 16.10 – Interact with the app via a system tray icon – Photo quality and timing can be chosen – Up to now, the app has been focused on East Asia and Australia Restaurants have always been a great source of economic prosperity with its attractive food and pleasant ambience. However, at the same time, the abundance of people seeking food has also negatively affected its maintenance and a restaurant owner with a very large number of restaurants would face a major challenge. It’s necessary to keep the restaurant’s premises clean and properly maintained so that it can be a pleasant place to spend some quality time. In this regard, there are a few things that you can do to keep your restaurant clean and customer-friendly. Restaurant Cleaning: ۱٫ It is a necessary part of keeping your restaurant clean. ۲٫ The most appropriate time to clean the restaurant is after the end of a workday. However, if you want the place to be clean and have a pleasant environment all through the day, cleaning should be done before the start of a workday. ۳٫ Leave the cleaning until the end of the day. While you might be tempted to do it as soon as you get home from work, there’s a good chance that you will forget to do it because you have other things to do. In this situation, you can easily end up cleaning the place at the start of the next workday. Dining Room Cleaning: ۱٫ The dining room is where most of your customers will be spending most of their time. If your restaurant is large in size, the dining room will be rather messy. Therefore, to create a comfortable atmosphere for your customers, you should try to regularly clean this space. In addition, your dining room must be clean when your customers are there so that they can enjoy themselves as much as possible. ۲٫ Cleaning the dining room on a regular basis will not only help your customers, it will also help you keep your restaurant clean and presentable as well. ۳٫ You can use a combination of natural and chemical products to clean your restaurant. A mixture of warm water, vinegar, coffee, and dishwashing soap can easily clean the floor and other furniture in your restaurant. Table Cleaning: ۱ ۲f7fe94e24

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ChollianWallPaper is a real-time wallpaper application that can make your desktop unique, as the display is a live satellite image. Updates images every 10 minutes, changes the resolution or toggles between Natural and RGB True tone screens. The images are available in a broad range of resolutions up to 8k pixels and an aspect ratio of up to 16.10. Depending on the system resources, you can opt for quality images or performance, which consumes less memory and bandwidth. ChollianWallPaper operates in the background and accesses the live images from the Korean satellite, Chollian 2A. It also provides a basic control panel where you can customize the wallpaper appearance. The real-time images are focused on East Asia and Australia and you cannot put the focus on another geographical region. As you probably hinted, the reason for this is the source of the images, as Chollian 2A is used for meteorological and oceanography observations for this part of the world. As a free download, the app provides access to a live wallpaper with no limitations. However, the developer offers commercial licenses for a reasonable fee (paywall may apply). Source and Download: For anyone looking to live in South Korea the first step to living like a local is to learn Korean, How to live in Korean is a great starting point. This video blog explains the process of getting a visa to live in Korea and some of the things one needs to consider before moving to Korea. published:28 Sep 2017 views:67 The KoreanCompany is a pioneer cryptocurrency exchange that started in 2013 and is based in Korea. The company is part of HanbitFin, one of the largest financial groups in Korea, with a portfolio of over 600 million U.S. dollars. The Korean Company has built a Solidity compiler in order to provide the Ethereum blockchain technology and Ethereum app development solutions for enterprises! See the KoreanCompany’s website: KoreanEnglish: Helloexckz! I am Khaz and this video will explain to you, how to use “Google Play Store” on your phone. Google Play Store is free app store on google with lot of useful & important apps. This apps are pre-installed in our mobile so we can use it easily. published:23 Jul 2017 views:102 Visit us at:

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First of all, the app is not free and it costs $2.99. If you like the images, that price is a small investment for the quality of the quality images. About the app: ChollianWallPaper is a real-time wallpaper application. The app has recently been updated, and you can now expect to see lots of beauty to your desktop. ChollianWallPaper is a real-time wallpaper application. The app has recently been updated, and you can now expect to see lots of beauty to your desktop. published:23 Oct 2017 views:59491 Today we’re going to show you one of the easiest ways to set a wallpaper for your desktop. You can download the template here: Now, in the next video we’re going to show you how to set a desktop background. This method is a “basic version of changing the desktop background,” and we will do the same in the next video. Follow us on: Facebook: G+: Twitter: Check this video and be part of the community: published:15 Oct 2017 views:1618 ۱٫ Close any open apps or windows you have on your computer. ۲٫ Make sure you are logged into your google account as a primary login or you can’t select a wallpaper. ۳٫ Open Google Image search and search for a picture you like. You can use Google as your own personal picture search engine and find any picture you want. ۴٫ Click on’search by image’ as soon as you find the picture you want. ۵٫ Choose a picture in the search results and click on it when the results appear. ۶٫ Now click on the’save picture’ button when you have found a wallpaper you like. published:26 Oct 2014 views:2891 How to Apply Wallpaper in Windows10, Windows8, Windows7, Windows Vista, Windows XP This video will teach you the easiest way to apply desktop background on your computer and laptop. We will suggest you to use Omni-Channel Digital Marketing Strategy to increase application development with AppStore.

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Mac OS X 10.5 or later Windows XP or later Processor: 4 GHz Memory: 4 GB Graphics: Video: GeForce 8800 GT or ATI Radeon HD 2900 series or Intel HD Graphics 4000 Sound Card: Onboard, or HD-Audio for older Macs Storage: 650 MB Additional Notes: Scripts and video file available from here. The folks at the Multimedia User Group started an interesting discussion recently concerning the best way to produce a video “Tutorial” (or �

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