Art HTML Listing 📱

Art HTML Listing creates directory listings arranged by filter, sorted and fully customizable criteria.
Art HTML Listing is more flexible than automatic folder indexing provided by the web servers.
If we compare Art HTML Listing with Apache mod_autoindex, then the benefits of Art HTML Listing are the following:
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Works for any web server, any hosting plan, any server configuration.
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Can create and display off-line contents.
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Trees and DHTML menu support. Apache can not create DHTML menus or trees.
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Time and size filters.
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Separate file and directory filters.
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Both include and exclude filters. Apache supports only exclude filters.
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Templates.
Here are some key features of “Art HTML Listing”:
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Tree (recursive) and table (linear) listings
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Full featured file filter:
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Files by name mask include/exclude
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Folders by name mask include/exclude
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Files by size
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Files by modification time
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Files by attributes
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Sorting on filename, size, time or extension; ascending or descending
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Flexible recursion options
&#۶۵۵۱۷; HTML titles extraction
&#۶۵۵۱۷; MP3 ID3 tags extraction
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Image dimensions, color information extraction
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Digital photo EXIF information extraction
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Media types and icons support
&#۶۵۵۱۷; MD5 and SHA1 hash calculation [for downloadable content verification]
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Download time calculation for 56K and 1M transfer rates
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Can show disk space occupied [for local listings]
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Calculates recursive size for folders
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Adjustable file time and size format
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Command line mode for external automation, with the ability to run multiple projects at once
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Save user preferences in project files
&#۶۵۵۱۷; ZZI2: SSI-like template language, developed for file/folder listing processing
&#۶۵۵۱۷; GUI template manipulations: modify template file, copy template, rename, change image, change description
&#۶۵۵۱۷; Can handle large listings
&#۶۵۵۱۷; ۱۰ files from each folder are processed.
&#۶۵۵۱۷; ۳ folders are processed if recursion is enabled.
&#۶۵۵۱۷; may generate XML or HTML differently
&#۶۵۵۱۷; ۳۰ days trial.


Download > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






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Art HTML Listing is an independent product, it does not depend on Apache nor other common PHP modules.
Art HTML Listing is free for the commercial use. Art HTML Listing can create and deliver directory indexes using HTML, PHP, Perl and SSI technologies.
Art HTML Listing is a powerfull tool for creating file/folder indexes, yet highly customizable.
Installation details:
■ Art HTML Listing needs Apache server, PHP and Perl.
■ Art HTML Listing source code and demos are available for download.
■ Art HTML Listing module needs to be loaded as an external extension in Apache configuration file, it will be placed in /usr/local/apache/libexec/
■ In order to switch between Art HTML Listing module enabled and disabled state, just change ‘aart’ extension to ‘aart-disabled’ or any other name.
Art HTML Listing uses the command line for automation. For more information, please refer to the manual.
Art HTML Listing manual:
Go to the Art HTML Listing manual page.
For local installation, refer to the Art HTML Listing manual page.
For remote installation, check the Art HTML Listing package.
Art HTML Listing uses the PHP( web server module.
Art HTML Listing demonstrates a PHP based version, a few details can be observed in the phpinfo() function,
۱٫ PHP Supported Extensions
۲٫ Name of config.output_enctype
۳٫ Name of config.output_mimetype
۴٫ PHP Version
The following PHP extensions are available:
If nothing is printed, Art HTML Listing does not load the extension for the requested function.
Supported parameter for the DB_PASSWORD_PORT setting:
Database configuration and security
The following database modules are available:
For database configuration and security, use the config.database_password_port parameter. By default, database connections are made using the host’s network port.
This setting can be used to change the database’s port number.
■ MySQL – 5.1
■ PostgreSQL – 8.2.5
■ SQLite – 2.x
■ SQLite – 3.x
■ Oracle – 10.2
■ SQLite – 2.x
■ SQLite – 3.x

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Art HTML Listing is written in PHP, it is an attempt to make PHP a programmings languages for doing work.
It adds the features you need to a non-existing language. Here is a list of features that we consider to be very useful:
■ Delicate handling of spaces, tabs, commas, parens, braces, quotes
■ Functions for string operations
■ String operations that can be performed on individual characters
■ String operations that can be performed on individual items within a string
■ RegExps: replace strings, join strings, remove leading or trailing characters
■ Note: this is probably the key feature. Regexps are natively supported in PHP.
■ Built in asychronous operations (functions)
■ Built in operators
■ Built in constant values
■ Caclulate binary and decimal constants
■ Built in functions
Here is a list of features that were not included:
■ Built in functions like sqrt and log
■ Built in functions like ascii, chr, ord, oct, dec
■ Built in functions like abs, min, max, rand
■ Built in classes for strings, arrays, counters, and loops
■ Built in operators like >, >=, tags in the description.
■ File type and extension mask. Allowed extensions are:

Art HTML Listing

Art HTML Listing Script (free for 30 days) is the first (and the only) web application that creates folder listings and displays them off-line. Art HTML Listing can list up to 50 folders from any web server and can generate a full tree listing from it. And if we say “off-line”, then this application can work with any web hosting provider. Art HTML Listing uses Apache server statistics to process only 10 file/folder results from each folder, so it is really fast! You do not need to change any web server settings for Art HTML Listing to work. It can be used for free.
Art HTML Listing Server Side Demo:
Art HTML Listing Processing Result:
Art HTML Listing Features:
– Sort listings by filename, size, date or any other criteria
[Hiding File/Folder/Tree]
– Hide files/folders/trees based on a name mask
[File/Folder Filters]
– Include/Exclude files/folders based on filename, extension, size, date, type and many other criteria
[Include/Exclude Options]
– Options to include/exclude files/folders based on filename
[Filter in URL]
– Filter result in URL, like
– Can search by various criteria including filename, extension, size, date
[Filter by Attribute]
– Include/exclude files based on one of the following attributes:
– Filesize
– Modification Time
– Type
– Download Status
[Recursion Options]
– Files/folders to recurse into when processing a parent folder
– Number of files to retrieve for each parent folder
[Timing Options]
– Define when to start and end processing, independent of list display or download speed
[Download Options]
– Can download files/folders from project folder to a different folder
[System Options]
– Can show the size occupied by each file on the disk
– Can show the recursive size occupied by each folder
– Can show the number of downloaded files for each folder
– Can show the time and date when all the processing was completed
– Can create a zip file containing all folders inside a folder
– Can save project results as XML and HTML files
[Version Info]
– Will show the current version
– Can show the date when project started

What’s New In?

Art HTML Listing is an advanced commercial web-listing tool for your website.
Art HTML Listing combines powerful tree (recursive) file list filtering capabilities with text, file and directory (including folder and file) filters. Art HTML Listing also includes other useful features:
■DHTML menu
■Ajax tree refresh
■Downloaded content
■Downloaded file sizes
■Downloaded file names
■Downloaded file modifications
■Downloaded file attributes
■Downloaded file created time
■Downloaded file last access time
■Downloaded file last modified time
■Downloaded file names
■Downloaded file extensions
■Downloaded file contents
■Downloaded media types
■Downloaded tags
■Downloaded size
■Downloaded sizes
■Downloaded descriptions
■Downloaded comments
■Downloaded HTML pages
■Downloaded pages with file size, time or file size
■Downloaded page by file size or time
■HTML titles extraction
■URL forwarding.

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System Requirements For Art HTML Listing:

OS:Windows 7
Windows 7
Windows 7 Processor:
۲٫۳ GHz
۲٫۳ GHz Memory:
۱ GB RAM Hard Drive Space:
۶ GB

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