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Working with a lot of similar files, such as a picture collection, or entire album of songs can be a little difficult, especially if file names don’t help with identification. In this regard, specialized applications like 1-4a Rename come with a variety of features to set up name filters, and use them on a large collection, regardless of type.
Can be used on the go
One major advantage for this type of application is that you don’t even have to go through a setup process to make it work, which means it can be used from a thumb drive on other computers as well. Registry entries are not modified, thus stability of the target PC remains intact.
File selection is done through one of two ways. On the one hand, there’s a built-in browser panel which can be used to navigate through drives, and folders, with the center area showing all files in the selected folder. On the other hand, a simple drag and drop operation of a folder loads its content almost instantly.
Quick renaming, or expert configuration
The initial set of renaming options can feel a little disappointing. There’s a drop-down menu you can use to select sorting options, which is done by name, extension, path, time, date, and more. For manual input, a dedicated field is used to replace specific strings, or simply insert characters at a specified position.
Preview of the new names is done by default, but before applying any values it’s best to access expert mode. It unveils a stunning array of additional options, for a lot more rename possibilities. Existing options get enhanced with more parameters, while some are only adjustable in expert mode.
For instance, long names can be forced to shrink to 64 characters, remove specific letters, kill unnecessary space, swapping of characters, and more. Renaming is done at the press of a button, and doesn’t take a lot of time, regardless of the amount of files you load.
A few last words
On an ending note, 1-4a Rename can feel a little rough around the edges, but it’s only until you get to know the set of features. An abundance of filters can be configured so original files are fitted with proper name tags. You can either perform simple, quick renaming through the default mode, or switch to an expert mode for a full array of parameters.







۱-۴a Rename Crack+ Activation [Mac/Win] Latest

۱-۴a Rename is a useful renaming application designed to make the work of renaming very simple. With it, one can easily rename files, folders, and the entire system in seconds. For example, if your pictures are named 1a-2a, 1b-2b, and so on, the software provides easy renaming options. Just drag and drop the files/folders into it and choose a new name. If more than one item is dragged, this will be combined into one rename operation. To make things even better, this application is supplied with various filter options for renaming files/folders based on their attributes. For example, one can select options like Rename file or folder based on size, date, extension, path, and so on.
– Many options for renaming
– Full expert mode for a more powerful set of options
– Set 1-4a auto recovery to continue working even if the application is not opened for some time
– Selective encoding of file names including certain symbols
– Allow renaming duplicate files. So you can rename the old duplicates.
– Full Unicode support
– Perfect layout for the main window and the menu
– Easily customize the set of options
– Automatically save the settings
– Supports renaming up to 4 items at once
– Auto backup files before renaming
۱٫ There is no way to rename large number of files at once.
۲٫ The software crashes or won’t renames certain files/folders.
۳٫ Use a newer version of VLC media player if the software does not recognize your file. You need to upgrade VLC player to version 3.0.
۴٫ You can rename and save the selected files but the software does not open it after renaming or saving it. Check your settings for that.
۵٫ The software crashes if you select “None” from the autorecovery setting. You need to try changing the option to another choice.
۱٫ Select the files you want to rename from either the drive or folder you want to rename and just drag and drop them into the main window. Now you can rename the files, or folders, by clicking the appropriate rename option on the main window.
۲٫ You can also rename multiple files at once by just dragging and dropping multiple files into the main window. For some reasons, when more than one file is dragged, this will be combined

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۱-۴a Rename Crack For Windows is an application that puts everything in your life in order. Forget about endless renaming problems that usually take a lot of time and aggravation. It is a batch rename application. There is no complicated user interface, since you can rename everything as often as you want. There is no need to create complicated registry entries, as it can do all the renaming for you.
Key features:
– Automatic renaming, including batch renaming with WinRAR archives
– Help you work with groups of files
– Can rename multiple archives, folders, and files
– Advanced renaming options, including rearrangement of specific letters and/or characters
– Advanced customization of filenames, including changing of characters and order
– Merges existing files and archives
– Deletes files without leaving a trace
– This application is universal. It works on all versions of Windows and all their flavors.
– There are no additional requirements.
Legal notice:
The application is freeware. It does not require any registration or registration codes. The author of the application decided not to collect or register any information about you. No personal information will be collected.

Media Monkey is a file renaming application that can change the names of files on the fly, during your transfer. It is compatible with all file systems and file formats.
Media Monkey changes the file name when the file is changed, or in other words when the file is moved, copied or renamed.
Media Monkey features a small application that can rename every file that is opened in the program. With a Windows-like interface, Media Monkey can be used as a file renaming program or as a file manager.
Media Monkey can run on Windows, Windows Server, Windows Embedded and Linux operating systems.
Media Monkey comes with a Linux version.

File name memory is a useful tool to change text files into different formats. This free to use software supports various extensions including.txt,.log,.cgi,.txt,.html,.exe,.pdf,.rar,.img,.doc,.docx, and more…

File Monster is an all-in-one file renaming and converting tool. It is easy to use and supports batch renaming and converting of multiple files at once. It can easily convert your files to a number of popular formats.

Free software to rename music MP3 files and convert them into a number of formats. The software includes

۱-۴a Rename Crack + Activation Key [32|64bit]

Renaming and sorting 1-4a Free.

۱-۴a Rename freeware 1-4a Rename is based on a name filtering concept, and all major parameters can be adjusted, from a simple file list to a full set of Advanced Renaming options.

There are two modes: Simple and Expert.

If renaming is quick and simple, press ‘i’.

If you want to change each item’s name individually, press ‘e’ to enter expert mode.

Unique features of 1-4a Rename.
۱٫ Advanced filtering options.
۲٫ Easier renaming, even for an expert user.
۳٫ Instantly rename 1000 files, or rename a folder’s content in seconds.
۴٫ Full support for the English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, and Czech languages.

Renaming is done more easily and quickly than ever, and all renaming parameters can be adjusted by using 1-4a Rename. Renaming is as simple as pressing a single button, and you get detailed feedback on what’s been renamed and where. If you don’t like the results, you can use special parameters to create your own renaming rules. Other parameters, like Basic or Advanced, provide a handy set of tools that makes renaming even faster and easier.

Simple mode:
It helps normal users renaming and sorting files in an easy and quick way. You can drag and drop files or folders to load them into the browser. It also allows you to rearrange them on the list.

Expert mode:
This mode allows experts to modify each and every file’s or folder’s name easily. You can apply additional options, such as sorting, changing, or deleting of characters, or doing more. There are four options available: Sorting, Advanced renaming, Advanced renaming with special characters, and Advanced renaming with special words.

Working with a lot of similar files, such as a picture collection, or entire album of songs can be a little difficult, especially if file names don’t help with identification. In this regard, specialized applications like 1-4a Rename come with a variety of features to set up name filters, and use them on a large collection, regardless of type.
Can be used on the go
One major advantage for this type of application is that

What’s New in the 1-4a Rename?

۱-۴a Rename is a small utility that allows you to rename files in Windows. It is similar in function to most renaming tools, but it is designed to handle large-scale renaming of files of a specific type.

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