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Torrent Search Engine Toolbar Crack + Free Download For Windows [Updated-2022]

۱٫ Search for torrents by entering keywords.
۲٫ Download torrents directly from web pages.
Torrent Search Engine Toolbar Requirements:
You need to have installed Java version 1.6 on your computer in order to use this tool.
Torrent Search Engine Toolbar Recommended Features:
Support for RSS feeds. Create your RSS feed containing the latest torrents in the current list.
Auto-update your torrent search engine. Get the most recent RSS feed from your search engine and add it to the bar.
Toolbar updates itself regularly via RSS feeds. Only RSS feeds that have the newest torrents added to the list will be included.
Tasks based search. Enter search keywords and check the results by clicking on the “Details” link.
Advanced settings. Monitor your search results by clicking on the “Monitoring” link.
Show/hide searches. Check/Uncheck the “Show searches” checkbox to see or hide the search box.
The higher the quality rating, the higher the number of seeds and leechers.
Show/Hide “Checked” links. Check/Uncheck this box to see or hide torrents that are already downloaded.
Check/Uncheck the “Show You Downloaded Torrents” box. Check this to see your downloads.
Check/Uncheck the “Show You Downloaded BitTorrents” box. Check this to see your torrents.
Search by category. Check/Uncheck the boxes to search by category.
Supports all major web browsers. Download torrents from sites that do not accept JavaScript (Adobe Flash Player required).
Supports all major browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera).
Supports RSS feeds. Get the latest torrents added to the list directly from your favorite torrent sites.
Supports auto-update. Get the newest RSS feeds added to the list automatically.
Supports file search. Search all the files on the web.
Supports multiple-page view. Easily print or save your results.
Support for all the major torrent sites.
Supports a built-in download manager.
Advanced settings. Monitor your search results by clicking on the “Monitoring” link.
Tasks based search. Enter search keywords and check the results by clicking on the “Details

Torrent Search Engine Toolbar Torrent (Activation Code)

✓ Search for torrents in all the major torrent search engines directly from your browser. (Google, etc.)
✓ Includes torrents RSS feeds from the biggest Torrent Search Engine providers (Google, etc.)
✓ Automatically updates with all major torrent sites
✓ Sharing your torrents is easy, just right click on the links on the “Download sumo” toolbar to send it to your friend via email or IM client.
✓ In addition to torrents, the toolbar can help you find the best and latest P2P content. Share your favorite links with the friends directly from the toolbar.
✓ View the number of seeds and leeches for a link and even click a link to visit the respective torrent site directly.
❓ Supports English and other languages of your choice.
✓ Sorry, this torrent search toolbar is not available for your current browser.
✓ Visit us on for more Free Features and exclusive Torrent websites plug-ins.
For any issue or concern, please don’t hesitate to contact us at
If you are using Firefox or Safari, you can just visit and enter your ad-block enabled browser in the search field to start using our toolbar immediately.
It’s that easy!
Newest Features
۳ out of 2 customizable tabs: Now you can configure the top right navigations to browse the latest versions, active downloads and search results of your favorite torrent sites.
Direct Download of torrents: No need to go to the site, just click on the links on the toolbar and get directly into downloading the torrents.
Share your favorites: Like the style of our toolbar? You can share your favorite links via your friends’ email, IM or even directly from the toolbar using the handy mouse click.
Thank you for downloading our free torrent search toolbar. Please rate it if you like it. We will do our best to make your free torrent search experience as excellent as possible.

I downloaded this toolbar, and the add-on doesn’t load. I get a message stating that: “Error code CMAKE_DL_LIBS was not defined in the variable GLOBAL.” Anyone know why?

Doesn’t load

IMPROVED: Works in all Firefox versions (32-bit and 64-bit) with the latest UAC version from Firefox. Use this solution if you know how to un

Torrent Search Engine Toolbar For Windows

-Ability to search for best torrents and download from popular sites, as they update their links with freshest torrents.
-Ability to search torrents from RSS feeds – directly in your browser.
-Built-in “Auto-Update” that checks and then shows the current latest torrents and download them.
-Display the best torrents with the highest number of peers and fewest leeches – so you could find the best new torrents in no time.
-Get all the best torrents in the RSS feeds, with links to direct download.

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Links for Torrent Search Engine Toolbar:

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Torrent Search Engine Toolbar is a freeware and it has been thoroughly tested by our system on Jul 22, 2014. Torrent Search Engine Toolbar was released for personal use only.
What’s new in this version:
۱٫ This Version includes XXXXX features.

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Torrent Search Engine Toolbar is not hosted or uploaded by
The download manager of doesn’t support SPYWARE!
We never ask your name or email, and never sell the email address.

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What’s New in the Torrent Search Engine Toolbar?

– Speed: features hashing algorithm and allows the user to select the optimal algorithm for his/her internet connection speed. You can select the optimum algorithm to either support your connection speed or reduce your bandwidth consumption, whether it’s for torrent traffic or other internet traffic.
– Download: with downloading speed, you can get the latest torrents.
– Parse: with parsing speed, you can download torrents with the latest seeds.
– Number of seeds/leechers: the number of seeds and the number of leeches on a torrent file reflects the number of people who are sharing this torrent file. We show the number of seeds & leechers because it’s a measure of popularity.
– RSS feeds: you can get the latest links from the RSS Feeds with RSS then you can download them directly from your browser.
– Top folder: view top quality files and other exciting stuff from your browser.
– Can display Top Popular: you can see the top torrents in your database along with their popularity, that makes it simple to browse through the latest torrents.
– Automatic and manual update: you can automatically update your search results or manually start/stop the update yourself.
– Secure and Private: your torrents will remain private and secure with our private and secure settings
– User has total control over the torrent in his/her database to keep it clutter-free
– You can sync your torrents to the cloud and share it with your friends in one click
– Torrents are auto-downloaded as you add them to your collection
– You can share torrents with friends by sending links to friends.
– You can export torrents from your search results into your Dropbox.
– You can export torrents into your iCal events (for a quick and clean way to download torrents).
– You can backup your torrents from your iTunes and Macbook.
– Last, but not least – You can forward any websites to your torrents including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and others. Simply add the domain name into the toolbar.
– We have a built-in force-protect for your most precious files. It allows you to save your torrents automatically to protect them.
– You can email your torrents if you’re downloading lots of torrents.
– You can share your torrents with your friends through the built-in QR code scanning software.
– It also has a built-in search engine for you to search

System Requirements:

Released: September 19, 2018.

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core i5 2.0 GHz
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 2GB
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 12 GB available space
Additional Notes:
OS: Mac OS X 10.7

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