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SevenDriveIconChanger Cracked Version is a small program that allows you to make changes to icons in your computer’s drives.
The application doesn’t require you to create or install any other elements in your computer, in contrast to other similar products. There is no need for additional drivers, and the program doesn’t add anything to your configuration settings or registry.
SevenDriveIconChanger Crack Free Download is a small portable application, so it can be easily saved on a pen drive and carried around with you.
The program allows you to set the new icons for your folders in any drive, no matter which folder they belong to.
All you have to do is load a file with the.ico extension, choose the icon from a list of items on the screen, and click “Apply”. SevenDriveIconChanger will save the change for you in no time, and it won’t require a restart of your computer.
However, SevenDriveIconChanger is not a drag-and-drop tool, so it doesn’t allow you to transfer or exchange files of any type.
SevenDriveIconChanger is compatible with Windows 7 and any editions of the operating system.
After installation, SevenDriveIconChanger will be placed in the Program’s folder. It doesn’t require any additional configuration settings, so all you have to do is open it and click “start” to run it.
SevenDriveIconChanger will only work with drive icons, so folders for example cannot be modified.
It can be run on any brand of computer and on any type of storage device. The maximum size for the executable file is 150K.

SevenDriveIconChanger Data File Size:

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SevenDriveIconChanger Crack Torrent (Activation Code) PC/Windows

The main purpose of SevenDriveIconChanger is to change the icons of your system drive(s) with some simple clicks, using the default Windows icons. However, it is not limited to that, since a removable disk unit is used to transfer the images.
That means that you can save the application to a removable drive for future use, as long as this drive is accessible. Also, since no additional registry entry is created and the portable executable file doesn’t involve any files on the hard disk, you can remove SevenDriveIconChanger (and any saved files on the removable drive) with no problem and the settings will be reverted back to their default values.
SevenDriveIconChanger has three modes: one for each default icon and a mode for setting all icons to a different image. In addition, it has a selection box for selecting the default icon type.
Mode 1 is for changing the default icon in the Windows desktop. Modes 2 and 3 require use of a removable disk unit to transfer the image files, being the easiest option that allows you to select one of several images of the drive.

SevenDriveIconChanger Main Window

SevenDriveIconChanger Applet and interface

Setting icons in SevenDriveIconChanger

The seven icons in the above screen shot apply to the Windows XP desktop.
How to Use:
۱٫ Open SevenDriveIconChanger.exe.
۲٫ Click the “Set to default icon” or “Set to new icon” icon depending on what you need.
۳٫ In the dialog box, select the drive (or drives) and click the “Set” button.
۴٫ The change should take place in the file browser and the icon should be visible in the Windows desktop.
۵٫ If the change has no effect, check that the icon in the desktop is set to the default icon. If it is not, click the “Set to default icon” icon again.
۶٫ Restoring options to their default values is also possible in a similar manner.

SevenDriveIconChanger Features:
– Ideal for users of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
– Quick and easy to use.
– No need to create registry keys or save data files to the hard disk.
– No additional programs need to be downloaded, installed or run.
– Works out of the box.
– Can be executed from a pen drive or similar storage device.
– Minimal CPU and RAM consumption.

What’s New In SevenDriveIconChanger?

Application for applying and reverting changes to drive icons on the desktop in Windows 7. Just drop the executable to a folder on the hard drive and execute it.
SevenDriveIconChanger Requirements:
– Windows 7.
– SevenDriveIconChanger works only on Windows 7.
– Not available for older versions of Windows.
– Supported languages: English (United States) is the only language that we are able to support. Other languages are left untested, and it is possible that they may not run on the system.
System requirements for downloading:
– Windows 7 and higher.
– SevenDriveIconChanger does not require any additional software to be installed.
– Supported languages: English (United States) is the only language that we are able to support. Other languages are left untested, and it is possible that they may not run on the system.

Date Found:
February 20, 2014

Installation Guide:

Step 1: Get the latest installer for SevenDriveIconChanger

Please visit the download page to get SevenDriveIconChanger for Windows 7.
The file can be downloaded through a web browser or using a
version of SevenZip, WinRAR or WinZip, as listed on the page.

Step 2: Extract the.EXE file

Once the file is downloaded, you can unzip it using the default
tool from your operating system. For example, if you’re using Windows
۱۰, right-click the file from Downloads folder and select Extract Here.
If you’re on Windows 7, extract the.exe file in a folder of your

Step 3: Download the program icon set

After extracting the program file, it is time to download the icon
set with which you want to work. This step is required because we need
to install a new set of icons onto the system drive, which SevenDriveIconChanger won’t do unless you’ve
chosen a specific icon set to work with. Click this link to download the icon set we’re using.

After you’ve downloaded the icon set, extract all the files into
the folder where you’ve extracted the SevenDriveIconChanger folder.
The default icon packs are “beautiful icons” and “Stardust icons”,
but you can find a lot more sets in the web.

Step 4: Run the program

Double-click on the exe file, and press OK

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: Intel® Core i3-3217U @ 1.1 GHz
HDD: 16 GB
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection with TCP/IP support
Processor: Intel® Core i3-3217U @ 2.1 GHz

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