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uPhotoMeasure is a simple, but effective app for taking measurements from photos. It allows you to measure distance, area, and more in multiple ways. What’s New: Download the new version of uPhotoMeasure and make your own measurements. Mac App Store is NOW live! How to Compose an eBook: Hi I’m Karen, author of How to Compose An eBook, and I have been publishing my ebook, though I have had several edits. I now offer editing services so that my authors are happy with their completed product…. This is a down-under edition of one of my Top 10 games for your iPhone. In this game your objective is to use a combination of the world-renowned “emergency” techniques that you have been trained to master through your years of legal training to “crack” your opponent. As a seasoned lawyer it’s your job to save your client’s sanity by defending them against a well-funded opponent that is out to dirty-up their case. It’s time to put the incident on trial and pull out all the stops to get the best result possible! Features: > 100 hand-crafted scenes > Different scenarios, everything from domestic and low-key to high-strung and frantic > 7 different scenarios available > The ideal number of defenders, ranging from 1 to 4 > Enhanced, more detailed scene descriptions that place you in the shoes of your clients and opponents > Different movement paths for the defenders, including diverse use of the iPhone tilt functions > Different stances you can use while walking down the courtroom steps, which may grant special advantages for you or your opponent > Over 80 different sound effects > A physics engine that will completely blow you away … Rolodex is still one of the best address book apps out there. This year, new features like quick search and search history has made the application one of the best available, and that’s why it was chosen as a Top 40 App of 2012. Recent updates This year, you’ll find many useful new features in Rolodex. Among other things, search history and quick search have been improved. Search history works just like a bookmark. While the searches are done using the stock search bar, you can search for words, symbols, or even entire entries. The quick search uses your location, in order to find contacts in the vicinity. Searching by name instead of location has been made slightly easier, ۳a67dffeec


uPhotoMeasure is a Windows application that measures the exact physical dimensions of objects in a picture that has a focus-point. Use it to measure furniture, vehicles or any other physical item in your camera view. Get the dimensions in pixels and share them with your friends in a PDF or XLS document. Then transfer them to the common… You must have installed Microsoft Expression Web to know how to use its capabilities to develop fully customizable web pages. These pages can be exported as a PDF or a Windows print driver. What else? They can be exported to Windows (through the built-in PDF Writer), converted to a standalone zip package. Create an interesting report Such a report can be created either on Windows XP or the Windows Vista platform. Figure 5: Web builder in Expression web To create a web page report, you need to open the Web Configuration utility. This lets you create web pages following a particular structure. As a matter of fact, the Wizard allows you to choose between Web pages and Web forms. You start from within the first wizard by launching a menu or clicking on the Web Builder toolbar button (the icon of an X). Figure 5 illustrates how the web page builder is presented in Expression Web. And as an alternative, you can create web pages while using Microsoft Expression Web (see Figure 1). As mentioned, you can choose between web forms or web pages. Web forms are more common. Their main advantages consist of: the possibility to do a step-by-step registration (requiring no client-side programming); design cannot be done without JavaScript; a server-side programming language is used (ASP, ASP.NET, etc.); they can be created in HTML format for a better client-side configuration. Of course, you also have the choice to create a content-based web page, although this will be outside the scope of this article. Note: You should choose the form option from the first wizard. You can obtain a web page report by closing the Web Configuration utility, and then opening the Web Site builder (Figure 1). And you can also click on the right-hand button to open the Web Site Builder. Figure 6: Web site builder in Expression web One feature that will be used in the following steps is URL reporting. You can choose to have a single URL report or a series of them. In fact, a site can become a candidate for analysis based on the associated pages. The URL report can be

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uPhotoMeasure is a measurement application that can help you to measure everything you need to, basically anything you can measure. The measured values can be exported to Excel or Access, while the user interface is fairly simple and easy to use. Main features include the measurement of distances, angles and a few other angles and sides. The application can also provide the measurements for some quite advanced calculations, such as total area, area per category and much more. The operation is not very heavy on the computer, so it won’t even harm your data center. The application is so basic that it has no options, but there is a way to adjust how measurements are shown and exported. Of course, it is also possible to synchronize projects across multiple devices. It is definitely one of the more complex, but also one of the most effective applications that come with a simplified user interface. This way you can create projects anywhere and everyone will be able to work on them, even without any specialized knowledge. Free download: uPhotoMeasure Rating: ۴٫۴ Download: uPhotoMeasure (free) Yes, it is still true that the most used Operating System in the world is OS X (Macintosh), and that it has been dominating the market for the last few years. However, because Apple started to implement iOS (as iOS is now known) in their devices, we now have access to a device powered by it as well as the OS X. Although there are many differences between the two, it’s still fascinating, and worth giving a try. With regard to the price, the iPhone XS Max costs $999, and the Apple Watch – $399 for a single unit, while the iPad Pro 12.9 starts at $799. However, buying just the first two products combined, you’re looking at $1200, which is not really expensive. Even if you ignore the fact that Apple is a notorious company for being sued by the customers, and this will cost you even more, is that the disadvantage of this model, the disadvantages, are that it has less storage and it takes longer to charge. So now you have the idea. First things first, we will start with the Apple Watch. In terms of design, the Apple Watch consists of a transparent body made of Ceramic, a TFT display, and a speaker. On the left side, there are buttons, a crown and a microphone. On the right side, we have: a charging port and the

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 (32-bit or 64-bit) Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 (32-bit or 64-bit) Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo/AMD Athlon X2 64-bit 2.8 GHz or better Intel Core 2 Duo/AMD Athlon X2 64-bit 2.8 GHz or better RAM: 2 GB (2 GB or more recommended) ۲ GB (2 GB or more recommended) Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 2400 or better, NVIDIA 8800


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