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“HyperMotion Technology is a breakthrough for FIFA,” said Oliver Bierhoff, Creative Director at EA SPORTS. “This is the first time that we collect hundreds of thousands of data points across several categories and combine it into a gameplay engine that responds to your actions.” Working with the player data, FIFA 22 sets new standards for the realism and accuracy of physical gameplay on console. Players’ running mechanics are now more in-line with what you would expect on the pitch, while player balance and reactions feel more realistic, with actions like sidestepping and defensive slides now fully powered by the technology. The following in-depth sections go into specific gameplay elements and the technology that powers them. Crouch-to-GK Depth New combo-based interactive movement commands have been added to turn certain player movements into balls that roll towards goalkeepers. These are triggered with new interactive commands within the context of realistic player movements. If a player runs towards a GK and doesn’t have the ball, they will pull the ball towards them with a “combo” command, letting the GK react to the movement and start diving to snuff out a cross. The player shown here has used the “combo” command to pull the ball towards him. The GK has correctly anticipated the direction and intercepted the ball. Reactions to Interceptions During a tackle, there is a gap between when the ball is received and when the defender initiates the initial contact. This allows players to pull the ball away from the defender, recover their balance and initiate an aerial duel with defenders. But if the opponent “pins” the ball to him or her or is otherwise in a position to stop a potential aerial pass, the defender is forced to choose between attempting to play the ball to teammates or simply trying to absorb the force of the tackle by going down. This is where the new crouch-to-GK technology comes into play. When a player manages to pull the ball away from the defender, he or she is presented with options: either playing the ball off the player that just hit them, or diving to try and stop the incoming pass. The player shown here is sliding towards the ground, in an attempt to gain time and space for an aerial pass. The red arrow shows the direction that the player is headed. R


Features Key:

  • Live out your dreams as a manager – live out your dreams as a manager in career mode. Prove your skill on the training pitch and manage players, kits, stadium design and all aspects of your club’s identity. Whether you’re competing with the elite, or rising up from the lower divisions, you will have access to more ways to progress, achieve, and immerse yourself in your Pro’s journey through the game.
  • Gain an edge in selected competitive modes – choose from a selection of tournaments and online matches. They include the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup.
  • Reinvent yourself as a player – create your Ultimate Team from the largest player database yet, featuring the newest, most complete, and most authentic player model options. Improved attacking and defending animations, more realistic attributes and skills, and more dynamic gameplay will keep your ratings surging every week.
  • Be part of a community of millions – join online leagues to compete against players of all skill levels and countries. With more than 25,000 online games ongoing at any one time, find the matches and the action you want to watch.
  • The most complete, best-looking, and authentic gaming experience on new generation consoles – FIFA 22 is developed to the highest graphical standards on next generation consoles, besting even the most visually advanced films. Enjoy the new 1.5x MSAA anti-aliasing which increases image sharpness, realistic textures with staggering amounts of detail and high-resolution backdrop adjustments.
  • The Power Rank – utilize Ultimate Team and integrate the new Power Rank with the FUT Draft System to create your dream team. With the new Power Rank, you create a strength rating from strength to strength, allowing you to match your gameplay style to the ideal player.


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EA SPORTS is the FIFA franchise with FIFA 22 being the EA SPORTS FIFA version. What is FIFA Ultimate Team? An epic mode for FIFA. Create your own FUT Ultimate team of the best players in the world and play with them in your Online Seasons. Unlock legendary players and bring them to your squad. What is FIFA Ultimate Clinic? FUT Ultimate is an offline mode where you create your own FUT Ultimate team with as many players as you want. Take a break from Online Seasons and play in this unique mode in your own time. What is FIFA Ultimate Club? FUT Club is a new way to experience The Game. Organise and manage your Ultimate team and watch them play in Online Seasons. This mode is exclusive to FIFA Ultimate Club members. You’ll also find patches for FIFA 20 in the Download Center in the My FIFA 20 menu. Here you can download the new content for FIFA 20. You can find more information on FIFA in the FIFA 20 features document. Check out the new and improved features for FIFA 20 in this overview video: Also be sure to check out all the launch content: -FIFA 20 Packs – ۲K Digital: – Xbox One – PlayStation 4 – -New World Cup Edition Console Bundle – Available at GameStops and EB Games in Canada, EB Games and EB Games Australia, EB Games and GameStop in the US, and FAO Schwarz in France -FIFA 20 Content & Update elements – Classic Classics: the latest set of classic favorites from the FIFA 20 archive. Plus a new Legend Edition. – Classic Classics: the latest set of classic favorites from the FIFA 20 archive. Plus a new Legend Edition. – Champions Edition: The previous version of the FIFA 20 content. This content is free for members with Ultimate Team: Champions Packs. The first batch of content: in the first two days after the game was available, EA SPORTS had over 200 million FUT coins activated by players on the FIFA 20 servers. Congratulations to all of you! -FIFA 20 Content & Update elements – FIFA 2K20: Includes additional content only available in FIFA 2K20 for Ultimate Team and FIFA Ultimate Team. FIFA 2K20: Includes additional content only available in FIFA 2K20 for Ultimate Team and FIFA Ultimate Team. Legend bc9d6d6daa


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Build your Ultimate Team from more than 600 players in authentic jerseys, authentic boots and make the best use of tactics, formation and more to take your skills to new heights. And with enhanced MyClub, use real world currencies and transfer your players when you find that ideal coin or card to boost their stats. Customise your teams within your friends and clubs, from kits to formations and use over 600 new player faces in authentic shirts and equipment. Create your very own team and challenge your friends to see who can lead your squad to glory. Improve your players using tactics, formations and play mind-blowing 3D Ultimate Team Seasons. FIFA Mobile – FIFA MOBILE CONNECTS YOU TO THE WORLD OF FIFA Turn your favourite players and clubs into your own. Train your team in-game with FM Clubs and FM Pro-Am Teams, play against real players in the online Quick Game, or create your own Ultimate Team in the All-New FIFA Ultimate Team. GAMETES: EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 Play in Real Time – In one click, switch formations, set up your game and compete for control of the ball. Enjoy the ultimate gameplay experience in on the ball action with Real Player Motion Technology, precision passing, and individual player controls. THE ULTIMATE TEAM MODES – Experience more ways to play Take the entire football pitch and go beyond the boundaries of the park in the all-new, free-roam Stadium Mode. Play fast and choose to be explosive on the attack or get in behind the defense and counter. The defensive gameplay also gets a definitive upgrade, unlocking new tactics and providing greater control over how you want to defend. THE FUTURE IS NOW – EVERYTHING APPEARS IN 3D Fans are invited to experience the ultimate FIFA gameplay, all in stunning 3D. Appearances have never looked better with a better-defined 3D character model, tattoos, new glows and other effects. Every tool that allows you to create believable player models, animations, and matches have been updated to allow for the dynamic interaction that 3D gives you, including one of a kind new player models, animations, and attributes. From pro fouls to diving, each action is extremely precise and realistic. KEEPING UP WITH THE TIMES – A DUAL-SKY SURFACE Enjoy the awesome realism that a holographic surface allows, allowing you to experience what a new surface would have on the pitch, even in today�


What’s new:

  • Immersive Climb and Flow motions
  • Effort Ratings
  • Goalkeepers revamped
  • Updated physics in player and on ball interactions


The default controls have been refined and improved:

  • Updated placement of all controls
  • Upgraded trigger button to toggle more buttons
  • Operating system — steering wheel layouts — now selectable
  • Added a new ‘Fouls’ button

New features:

  • Updated 3D models of players
  • ZONE DEFENDERZONE: offensive players cannot target the DZ until they cross the ball outside it.
  • Particle Effects
  • Career Mode: New full player career system with a wider range of goals and goals at a high level
  • Total Ball Control (TBC)
  • In-game Tools and Training Facility
  • New Player Modules, Reagent and DNA Training 
  • Ultimate Team: New cards and rewards with the live transfer algorithm.
  • New in-game camera views that simulate camera angles you would see as play progresses in real life
  • Cloud: Save your FIFA Ultimate Team
  • XBOX

Career Mode

New tools

In Career Mode, you can now see where your players accumulate their receiving stats.

Players now display their receiving stats in the player tracker.

  • New international attribute and card values display
  • Double Leap: If two players leap at the same time, the chance of the second player to leap is greatly increased.


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FIFA is a football simulation franchise developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts, a global leader in interactive entertainment software for the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable (PSP) computer entertainment systems. FIFA will be available on a variety of platforms. So far EA SPORTS FIFA 12, FIFA Soccer Plus and FIFA Interactive Football have been released. ۲۰ Years of FIFA & FIFA Highlights In the many years of history of the series, there have been plenty of memorable moments and memorable players on the pitch. As we say goodbye to our past and welcome the future, let’s recap some of the good memories of the past two decades. Thank you – thank you to all of our fans, who make FIFA the fantastic experience that it is; – thank you to the Team at EA Canada for the incredible ten years of creating the FIFA franchise; – thank you to the players for the passion and commitment you bring to the game and our communities; and – thank you to our partners and fans who make our FIFA games so much fun. Current Features of FIFA 2013 – Advanced Matchday Management – New Team AI – Smart Systems – New Goal Keeper Screens – Multiple Sides – Team AI – New Tactics, Chasing and Walking – New Player Movement and Behaviour – Better First Touch – New Control Scheme – More Aggressive Attacking Approach – New Effects – Ball Touches, Hair and Sweat – New Commentary with Wayne Riley & Dave Wangerin – New Rebounding Calls and More Chants – New Authentic Crowd – New Camera Angles – New Awareness Camera – Physically Accurate Players – Better Body Type, Free Kicks and Runs – AI is less hesitant to shoot & more confident to attempt crosses, with smarter build-up – Midfielder development: The players will perform better and communicate more intelligently – Also improved through-ball runs, shooting accuracy and goalkeepers – Recognise the direction of pressure from team & individual players – AI will use its pace and dribble with the ball when it can – Improved control and play with the ball – Team awareness –


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