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Our technical experts have been hard at work to build a physics engine that can accurately capture the fantastic movements of players and shape player actions. The on-field animations will have a “realism pass” that allows players to play the ball with passion and increase the level of realism in FIFA. For a deeper dive into the technical process, read below.

Introducing the “Fifa 22 Full Crack AI engine”

The first release of the new engine will be for the new FIFA Ultimate Team Mode.

As you’ve come to expect, players will react to the ball in a variety of different ways, making everything from a simple turn of pace or a feint look and behave differently.

Technical Challenges

This new engine is not only the biggest challenge for EA SPORTS, but it also represents our biggest accomplishment.

Three major game changes led to the undertaking of this engineering effort:

The introduction of hyper-accurate player models. The biggest game change is the human player model that makes the game more realistic. Players will move with the same varied range of physical movement and the game’s engine can react to this movement. The introduction of a 1:1 drop-in squad mode. We have reduced the number of players from over 170 to 40 and simplified the roster by introducing full U.S., full international, youth and training squads. These changes will allow you to take on the entire world, whether you’re looking to play a one-off match or build a full side from scratch, improving accessibility for our large community of passionate FIFA players. The introduction of real-time player animations. The minute and hour-by-hour development of these animations, which use motion capture data from actual players in motion, creates the most realistic movement in FIFA games to date. These changes will create a balanced playing experience and allow the player to run at and pass with the ball naturally.

EA SPORTS and the Worldwide Developers Conference: The FIFA 22 engine uses the same motion-capture kit used at the kick-off event in the studio to capture player data for the engine.

An Inside Look

In EA SPORTS FIFA 18, the player models and animations of players acted like a “black box,” with many of the player attributes hidden and obscured for the player to control. We learned from this approach that the player movement and attributes needed to be exposed for the player to control and react to the action


Features Key:

  • ۶۰ customizable players with authentic likenesses.
  • Precise, high-definition visuals.
  • No possession limit in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Improved grass physics, improved damage, improved tiredness and more.
  • Multiple control schemes and modes
  • FS Ultimate Team.
  • Increased accuracy and responsiveness of goals
  • Improved goalkeeper AI.
  • Dynamic Defending AI.
  • Complex Training System.
  • Altered player stamina, fitness, mass, stamina regeneration and stamina loss.
  • New shot, sprint and acceleration speeds, tackling, spinning, slid tackle and up and down off balance.
  • Balance optimisation, Backstab, Head Shook, and Guide.
  • Improved AI for skills and kick offs.


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With EA SPORTS FIFA franchise history dating back to 1992, FIFA is the videogame with the most authentic soccer feeling. FIFA is more than just a sport. It’s a game.

What’s New in FIFA?

This Season’s FIFA Story Experience the global, authentic feel of the game like never before. Hear what FIFA means to soccer fans around the world through the eyes of its players, commentators and FIFA host Alexi Lalas. Further immerse yourself into the culture of the sport through the stories told through the FIFA World Cup.

Innovations in Ultimate Team

The more you play, the stronger your Ultimate Team will get. This year add your finishing touches to your ULTIMATE TEAM – your all-star squad of players made up of the world’s best soccer stars. With superior AI and improved game flow, this will be the best experience yet.

FIFA Player Ratings

Discover true player chemistry with the FIFA Player Ratings (FPR) system. It adds a level of depth to Ultimate Team gameplay, and offers an authentic portrayal of playing styles. Take control of a player, and you’ll see how his attributes compare to the world’s best.

World Class Season Journey

Prove yourself on the pitch in the most challenging mode in FIFA. The FIFA Season Journey is all new! The competitive goal will test your skill, teamwork and endurance more than ever before.

Career Mode

Experience the ultimate challenge and get the most out of Career Mode. Customise your player and take control of every aspect of his development. Reinforce his strengths, and eliminate his weaknesses to stay on the path to world domination.

FIFA Ultimate Team, Ultimate Edition

Play now, buy once for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox One.


EA SPORTS® FIFA 19 from Electronic Arts Inc. features a new all-new improved gameplay experience and the most immersive commentary available in a video game. It includes:

The World’s Top Players: For the first time ever, the top players in the world in real-world terms will appear in the game. With fresh elements and improved gameplay, there is a realistic player range between XI Edition level and the 19-year-old sensation.

Smart Defending AI: In a world where over-the-top play is commonplace, FIFA 19 will test your footballing IQ as players are aware of your tendencies and habits. The


Fifa 22 [32|64bit]

The long-awaited evolution of EA SPORTS FIFA UTM, FIFA 22 now introduces an all-new 4.0 version of this fan favorite, allowing you to create ultimate teams in Career Mode, compete on the pitch in Online Seasons, or compete and prove your skills with Offline Seasons. FIFA Ultimate Team is the most flexible online mode in the game, allowing you to build your own virtual team and compete against your friends as you unlock and complete player cards.

Numerous new and enhanced features are incorporated in the game including new player animations, improved commentary and gameplay, stadiums in-game, and also an all-new FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

Offline Seasons and FIFA Ultimate Team mode only
The most popular offline mode in FIFA is now online. Offline Seasons feature includes changes in new player animations, improved commentary and gameplay, stadiums in-game, and most importantly an all-new FIFA Ultimate Team mode. This mode lets you play online matches against other FIFA players from all around the globe. FIFA Ultimate Team allows you to use your FIFA and EA SPORTS Player Card-based players to compete and prove your skills.

Blended Movements
All-new Command & Conquer – The all-new command movement system will allow players to choose their move with the optimal direction for any situation, allowing you to achieve the proper angle on your attack.

Full 360° View
The 360° view gives you a more comprehensive view of the pitch, and allows you to view the entire pitch from anywhere on the field of play.

Move Rotation
Move Rotation allows you to control your player’s rotation when in possession of the ball, allowing you to create more space on the field of play.

FIFA Ultimate Team
The story of FIFA Ultimate Team is now evolving in FIFA 22. Compete against your friends and other FIFA players online with new added features, and prove your skills with offline mode available in FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA Manager
Enjoy the unique gameplay of FIFA Manager by developing and managing your club with the latest FIFA technology in Career Mode.

FIFA 21 players will have all of the skills from FIFA 20 players, alongside enhanced training, new goal celebrations, and new player cards.


FIFA Manager
Take the manager’s role with FIFA Manager in Career Mode, including play against and manage real clubs. Develop


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • New photos, animations, features and gameplay
  • A coaching system that enables you to check through drills and give tactical feedback
  • Pitch-side behaviours such as sending-off and straight red are more authentic and varied

FIFA 22 introduces ‘HyperMotion Technology,’ which uses motion capture data collected from 22 real-life players playing a complete, high-intensity football match in motion capture suits. The data collected from player movements, tackles, aerial duels and on-ball actions is used to power FIFA 22 gameplay.
Career Mode – Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player in FIFA 22. Create the newest club in FIFA, design your kits, style your stadium, and choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions as you manage your club to glory. Or test your skills as a player, with a more immersive Player Career mode that gives you more ways to progress, achieve, and immerse yourself in your Pro’s journey through the game.

FIFA Ultimate Team.

What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • New photos, animations, features and gameplay
  • A coaching system that enables you to check through drills and give tactical feedback
  • Pitch-side behaviours such as sending-off and straight red are more authentic and varied


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FIFA is the world’s favourite sports game.

FIFA 18 brings the game closer to the real thing than ever before with fundamental gameplay advances and a new season of innovation across every mode. What is FIFA? FIFA is the world’s favourite sports game. Featuring the authentic emotion, style, and intimacy of the sport, FIFA allows fans to immerse themselves in a sport that they may not have played before. From all-new shooting mechanics and first-of-its-kind defending to innovations for all competitions, FIFA brings to life the authentic emotion, style and intimacy of real football like never before.

What are the features of FIFA 18?

All the major game modes from the last couple of FIFA titles are here with the launch of FIFA 18, including the all-new Ultimate Team, Clubs and UEFA Champions League.

Real Player Motion: Everything you see is powered by advanced animation technology to bring players to life like never before.

New and improved passing: A new all-new passing mechanic replicates the complex interplay of real world football.

Boosts and new passing feints: New boosting features give you greater control to either boost the ball to your target or feint the opponent to open up more space.

۳۶۰ Degree Ball Control: Using the all-new 360 Degree Ball Control feature, players are able to make precise, accurate passes at any time and any angle.

New Defending: New AI-controlled defending has been added to every mode in the game, allowing you to control the flow of the match to your advantage.

Head-to-Head: The head-to-head mode has been upgraded to take account of all the new gameplay features.

New Player Abilities: New game modes and the overhaul of the Pass and Change and Player Intelligence features mean players have never been more intelligent in the way they play.

New and improved tactics: Using new tactics, you will be able to better control the flow of the match and direct your players in the way you want them to play.

New broadcast features: The broadcast features will provide fans with a more personal view of the game.

New Commentary Team: The BBC’s goal-scoring genius Gary Lineker, as well as four of the nation’s leading sportsmen – Tony Jones, David Porter, David Pleat and Trevor Bro


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