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Digital Painting

In recent years, digital art has moved away from low-quality raster imagery and entered an exciting new era of high-quality pixel-based image manipulation using vector graphics. Unfortunately, Adobe Photoshop does not provide a lot of functionality for true digital painting. Instead, there are a number of great vector art programs available that enable you to create vector-based images using the same brush strokes and effects that are traditionally used in traditional oil painting.

One of the best products that I use for drawing is ArtRage by Zoiper, _www.zoiper.com_.

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There are many different file types that Photoshop Elements uses; the following guides will explain how to work with them, how to set your preferences and most importantly the structure of a typical image file.

The four major parts of an image

The four areas of an image that you can edit and manipulate are the following:

The background area. This is the black background of the image.

The foreground area. This is the area that contains anything that you are going to draw or paint.

The selection area. This is an area that is part of the foreground and background, but is not part of the image as a whole.

The mask. This is an area that is not part of the image at all; it is some sort of geometric area. The mask can be applied to any area of the image in order to remove or alter the contents of that area.

The background

The Background area of the image is the black area of the image, where the colors of the image come from. This usually contains the picture you are going to paint, or the text that you are going to edit. It cannot contain any other areas of the image; it is a very important part of the image.

The Background area of an image can sometimes be difficult to change. It is very important to know what the color of the background is (sometimes called the ‘background color’) so that you can make the most of editing effects.

The easiest way to find out the background color of an image is to open the image in Photoshop Elements and then choose the Magic Wand tool (W) and click on the background area of the image.

You are going to learn how to use this tool and the areas of the image that it selects in the next section.

The foreground

The foreground is the area that you are going to draw. The foreground can be any shape or size of a color. You can create shapes and size them by selecting the tools that are on the toolbar. It is important to keep in mind that you are going to paint over any areas of the image that you have previously selected with the Magic Wand tool.

Every object in the foreground should be visible in the final image.

The selection area

The selection area is the area of the image that you are not going to touch. It contains any objects that you have selected in the previous steps. The selection area can be any area of any

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System Requirements For Photoshop CC 2019 Version 20:

Memory: 1 GB RAM or more
Free HDD space: 200 MB for quick install, 400 MB for full install
Video Card: Graphics Card must support the latest DirectX 11.1
Sound Card: Some sound card
Net Framework 4.0 required
Additional Requirements:
If you have problems when you installed, please read these troubleshooting tips.
Windows 8.1 > Windows 1029] and a second hospital on the east side of the same city. In both cases, the first hospital

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