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CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) is a standard for printing from Unix and Linux. It is built on the LPR (Line Printing Protocol), LPD (Line Printer Daemon), and LPRng protocols.

CUPS may be on most systems, but if it isn’t, many printers now come with it. However, many drivers are available on the manufacturer’s website.

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Warning: Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are the same software. If you’re only familiar with the professional version of Photoshop, you may be confused if you come across pages for Photoshop Elements. Furthermore, many pages for Photoshop will use the wrong image instead of the official logo.

Photoshop contains layers and spots in the layers panel that allow you to organize and manage layers. You can also remove layers and change their order in the layers panel.

You can also apply effects, such as blur, to a layer.

To add a layer or select a layer, you have to go to Layer → Layers.

You can use the + and – keys to add layers.

Note: Photoshop Elements doesn’t contain layers. Instead, the layers are managed within groups and folders inside folders. You can manage layers and layers together within groups and folders using the Edit → Select → All or Edit → Move commands.

Select the selection tool, for example the lasso or magic wand tool, in the toolbox. Hold down the Ctrl key to make the selection larger.

Use the Selection and Selection Tool option on the Edit menu to modify the selections you have made. You can select several objects by holding down Shift as you click on a selected object or invert the selection (go from selected to not selected) by clicking on the object you want to deselect. You can also move objects, cut them out or move them to other layers.

Selecting an object doesn’t necessarily remove it from the layer. You can also select an object and click on the Delete key on the keyboard to delete it. Make sure that objects you want to move are selected, and use the Ctrl key to click on an

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How can I pass a message to other threads without “usleep” in C++?

I’ve read about pthread_setscheduler() function, but it looks complex… Is there an easy method to pass a message to other threads? I want to do something like this:
void thread_1_function(unsigned int which_thread)
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What’s New In Photoshop 2020 (version 21)?


Is it ok to use a single instance of an object outside the class?

I have an object that I need to use throughout the program, but I dont want it to be created each time I launch the program. I’ve tried implementing static, but it doesnt work as expected. So, I assume its ok to declare it outside of the class definition:
public struct ViewObject
public int OffsetX;
public int OffsetY;

public ViewObject(int x, int y)
OffsetX = x;
OffsetY = y;

I then created this test class to see if i can access the object outside of the class:
public class TestClass
static ViewObject obj;

public static void Main()

Is this a valid way to implement the idea of static or am I doing something wrong?
I also tried using public, but it gave me an error that the ViewObject does not exist in current context.


If you want to access it from within the class, you could use:
public class ViewObject
public static ViewObject Obj = new ViewObject();

public int OffsetX { get; set; }

public int OffsetY { get; set; }

public ViewObject() { }

This will create a “singleton” object and return it each time you call it.
A more “right-way” example is:
public class ViewObject
private static ViewObject obj;

public static ViewObject GetInstance()
if(obj == null)
obj = new ViewObject();

return obj;

public int OffsetX { get; set; }

System Requirements For Photoshop 2020 (version 21):

Supported OS : Windows 7 (64 bit) and later
Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7300 @ 1.86GHz 2.40GHz or better
Memory : 2 GB or more
Hard Disk : 2 GB
Graphics : 1 GB of video memory
Sound : Microsoft Sound System
A list of games that support the Steam Controller:
– Far Cry 4
– Bioshock Infinite
– Battlefield 4
– Alien: Is

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