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For the first time in a FIFA game, players will be able to experience the off-ball movement of more players, more realistic collisions, and the free-flowing feeling of these new features when the players are in motion. The new engine also improves the responsiveness of the players when they are in motion – allowing them to make more accurate decisions in the context of their surroundings. The more player data that is used, the more agile the gameplay – creating a more authentic football simulation that allows players to make more dynamic, skillful decisions.

In addition, every single ball can be controlled by a new Physics System. Using a new physics engine, balls will now have their own way of behaving and moving, while collisions with the ball will affect the natural movement of the players.

Pre-download content and Season Pass owners will be able to pick up the updated content one week prior to the general release date on April 18.

Watch the FIFA 19 trailer below.

For more information about the FIFA World Cup™, please visit

Key Features

Master League – Take part in the official FIFA World Cup™ competition. Make history and win glory as your favorite national team is crowned FIFA World Cup™ champion!

Cross-platform play – FIFA World Cup™ Champion Edition will play across all supported platforms: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC/Mac. A range of new modes and features are also available in the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game.

Ultimate Team: Ultimate Edition – Build your dream side and lead it to glory.

MyClub – Personalise your squad, take on tournaments, and earn rewards in your season.

FIFA Moments

• Celebrate your favorite moments and achievements in Career Mode or competitive play for all supported platforms.

• What happens in FIFA World Cup™ can now happen live and in your daily life.

• Use the in-game editor and create your own tournaments.

• Find and play with friends at the online FIFA World Cup™ mode and create leagues and tournaments.

• Customise everything on the pitch.

• FIFA World Cup™ Champions Editions include the following:

Include FIFA World Cup™ ۲۰۱۹ content (Includes World Cup™ content from 23rd June 2019 to 1st of October 2019)



Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Live the best of football with Personal Team Management (P.T.M.) – Live your ultimate dream as a football manager. Play as your favorite football team or create your own and train and manage them to glory. Play in any competitions, anywhere in the world as you take the best players in the world on a journey to the top.
    • FIFA Ultimate Team – Experience more and make the most of every moment in FIFA. Create and customize your dream team from over 200 real players in the world’s top leagues and clubs. Take part in Franchise Leagues and tournaments, compete for glory in your Ultimate Team Champions league or create the best online cup or league.
    • New Tournament Challenges – Play to your strengths and use Football IQ stats to manage your team, tactics and players. Earn rewards and rewards in-game to help you through each tournament challenge and progress through the League ranks.
    • Visual Customization – Bring your team to life with tons of player, stadium and team visual customization, create your dream team. Choose your team colors, watch your team play, share your team with your friends and get the feeling of being back on the pitch.


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    FIFA is the world’s most popular sports game. Play with more than 10 million fans online every day, or face off against friends in person.

    FIFA Ultimate Team

    Build the ultimate team from the world’s best players with Stadiums, Training, and Tactics. Prepare your squad with the Ultimate Team Metapack or shop with Tokens.

    Improve your play with a new “Selection Tool”, or check out our Matchday Selections section for the latest news. You can also easily edit your play style in FIFA Ultimate Team.

    Play on Real Grass

    More detail, more realism. New Real-Deal Grass technology, a revolutionary new ground textures technology, means you’ll feel the ground beneath your feet like never before.

    Play in HD

    Get an improved visual fidelity and a higher resolution. FIFA’s already the best looking game on consoles, now it’s even more spectacular.

    The Next-Gen FIFA Experience

    Prepare yourself for the next generation of gameplay, including:

    The First Touch Control system, where you can use the analogue stick to control your players. On the field you’ll see (and occasionally feel) what the ball is doing.

    Skills (tactics) and Positioning (stadiums), where the best player plays at the best position, and where you can influence the flow of the game.

    FIFA 22 is different. Unlike FIFA, this year, you’ll be able to play with more than 10 million fans online every day. Take more control of your player movements, authentic football style full 3D commentary, and more.

    This season, your team’s activities will now appear on the next generation of game systems.

    New Communication Between Players

    Share your views and get instant feedback on the pitch.

    Control Your Player Like Never Before

    Direct your star players’ actions. The First Touch Control system allows you to use the analogue stick to control your players. On the pitch you’ll see (and occasionally feel) what the ball is doing.

    Advance your game with the Skill (tactics) and Positioning (stadiums) systems, where the best player plays at the best position.

    Face Off Against Friends

    Gamers can now choose to play with their FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition or FIFA 22 Proteas National Team, for up to ten players online.

    Live the Game



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    FUT is back! Create your dream squad of players using real-world transfer values and your on-pitch performance. Add depth to your squad by recruiting new players as you climb the leagues. Discover hidden gems and experience fresh gameplay with the intelligent commentary system. Build your Ultimate Team of the past, present and future to compete against real managers, and of course against your friends in worldwide online matches! New features including Matchday Moments, mini-games and more take your FUT experience to a whole new level.

    EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18 –
    Take charge of your favorite club, compete in the most authentic club experience ever, and score the goals that will win you the match. Create and share your very own team through the new Pro AM mode; work your way up through the European leagues, or take charge of one of the world’s biggest clubs – it’s up to you!

    MOTO GP17 –
    Stay on top of the leaderboards, face off against opposition, share and create custom courses and players with your friends in the new career mode, or choose your own starting point in career mode and carry on your career as an independent racer. Adjust your race setup to make the most of the new physics system for even more authentic racing action.

    EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18 – Online Edition –
    Also available online for £۱۴٫۹۹ / €۱۹٫۹۹ / $۱۹٫۹۹

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    Ones to Watch

    Comes from the quiet, frosty, snowy place with a loose knit tie and a fondness for digging in the snow every day. LA PLASTIK is a nutty and quirky character who can sometimes be found wandering the streets in a festive sweater and his beanie. He has a fixation on cutting off unnecessary objects with his axe and will randomly start a conversation with you about life and the universe whenever possible.


    Pick your teams
    Choose from 26 different regional or national teams, including Argentina, Belgium,


    What’s new in Fifa 22:

    • Hypermotion Technology – Powered by real-life data taken from 22 players during a real high-intensity training session in a motion capture suit. Real players, real players’ movements, in real time, in real clubs.
    • Breakaway goalkeepers – Every move can become a chance to score, even out of nowhere. Get the ball to feet and find the perfect gap for that inch-perfect half-volley or loose through ball.
    • Improve and refine your skills with improved ‘Shot Assist’ Zones – ‘Improve and refine your skills with improved Shot Assist Zones’.
    • New club creation and team styling with enhanced 360 Player Style Builder.
    • Combine the best new player animations with an improved Tackle feature.
    • Improved goalkeeper animations show off the game’s next-generation goalkeeper AI.
    • Sign new players with improved Transfer Market tool.
    • New Quick Lane tool to manage live squad depth.


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    Contemporary football remains a passionate global sport with FIFA a testament to that passion and an indispensable source of inspiration for players, fans and developers alike. Featuring the world’s most famous players and teams, FIFA continues to capture the essence of the beautiful game.

    The spectacular visuals, data-driven authenticity and seamless gameplay of FIFA make it a true first-person football revolution. With FIFA 22 in development, fans can look forward to more content and features, while players can expect a host of firsts in FIFA:

    No two players are exactly alike

    Players will no longer look the same

    Career Mode

    Play as a pro, midfielder, defender, goalkeeper or striker

    Earn titles and experience to level up and unlock skills

    Realistic passing and dribbling

    Mull over your next move as contextual feedback provides the moment-by-moment context you need to make your next move

    Play with real-world teams, including Juventus, Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain

    Realistic tactical movement

    Formations that reflect a team’s system, shape and tactics

    Realistic footwork, including tackling and balance

    FIFA 22

    The authentic ball physics, new dribbling moves and everyday movements of real-world players are just a few of the innovations that make FIFA 20 such a stand-out football experience.

    • Play in your favorite stadiums

    • The return of real-world players, more realistic physics and timing-based matchmaking.

    • New Career and team modes with more flexibility for players and leagues

    • New kits, new teams and refreshed in-game graphics

    EA SPORTS FIFA Football 2K20

    Access The Ultimate Fan Experience with the EA SPORTS Football Club

    EA SPORTS Football Club unlocks unique content and rewards players, connected with their love of football.

    Simulate and share best moments in real-time – get feedback instantly and meet your friends on the pitch

    Save and sync progress to online – build your collection of officially licensed football gear

    Earn rewards to upgrade your player and access exclusive content

    Launch a new Crew – join and lead the next generation of football stars

    Have you played FIFA before?


    Play as your favorite football star, compete in authentic matches using authentic footballs – in any pitch, anywhere!

    Experience the game mechanics and gameplay moments that only football can deliver


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    System Requirements For Fifa 22:

    Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 or Mac OS X 10.9 or higher
    ۱ GHz Dual Core CPU
    ۱ GB RAM
    ۱۰۰ MB Hard Disk Space
    ۱۳۶۶ x 768 Display resolution
    DirectX 9.0
    Achievement Hunter
    Are you familiar with the word “achievement”? If not, then, congratulations! Congratulations to you, dear reader. You have acquired a small glimpse into the heart of this game, and you did it without the help of an Achievement Hunter! I must


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