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Win32.Netsky Cleaner is a handy application that will enable you to completely erase the Netsky worm from your computer. In order to complete the cleaning process you may have to reboot the machine.







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What does this do?


About Netsky


Netsky is a variant of the notorious LowResource worm which was active between March and June 2000. Netsky creates and opens a Windows service called NSK.exe. Most users don’t know that this is a virus. It uses the following registry key to start its service:

_HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\NewStartup]

Once the worm gets a handle on the registry key it creates a temporary file and writes a shellcode to it, then modifies the registry key to point to it. Netsky ends the service with the following command:

_%dns%\dns.exe%command% “command”

Netsky is not an easy virus to kill, but we can do it with Win32.Netsky. Once you have removed Netsky from your system, uninstall this utility in order to prevent it from trying to start its service again.



* If Netsky has been removed from your system, it will no longer try to start the NSK.exe service.
* This utility will also remove Netsky’s service key from your system’s registry so it won’t try to start itself the next time you log on.
* This utility will also remove Netsky’s service key from your system’s registry so it won’t try to start itself the next time you log on.
* This utility will remove the Netsky service so it won’t try to start itself the next time you log on.
* This utility will remove Netsky’s service key from your system’s registry so it won’t try to start itself the next time you log on.
* You can choose to start Netsky Cleaner on shutdown or reboot so that it will clean all infected files from the system and remove the service.
* You can also check to see if Netsky is still running. To do this right click the Netsky icon in your system tray area and select Netsky Cleaner icon. This will run a quick scan that will check for Netsky files.

Win32.Netsky Cleaner Activation Code Requirements


* Netsky Cleaner supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. Please make sure that Netsky Cleaner works on your system before you buy the

Win32.Netsky Cleaner

NetSky Cleaner is a professional and easy-to-use application designed to completely erase the Netsky worm from your computer. The program includes the Netsky worm detection feature and it is a great tool to recover your encrypted files.

The basic idea is simple.

If you have the right condition, you can completely remove the virus from your system. In the Cleaner tab, you can check the different conditions that may occur during the process. If this information is in your favor, you can proceed with the removal process.

If, however, you don’t have such information, you can do a quick scan of your PC to find and fix any possible errors. You can select the detection option or the cleaning option. Netsky Cleaner will find and remove the virus depending on the condition and the recovery of files that are encrypted by the virus is guaranteed, if the virus is not detected or found on your system, you can use the virus removal tool (an Expert removal) to do the cleaning.

NetSky Cleaner is a great tool to completely remove the Netsky worm from your PC, if Netsky is detected on your system, the program will automatically start the cleaning and you don’t need to launch the removal tool.

NetSky Cleaner Download:

If you are running a version older than Windows XP, you will need to download the NetSky Cleaner for 32-bit Windows version.

A total of four types of scans are available in the app:


Cleaning with Speedboost



NetSky Cleaner works with following operating systems:

Windows XP, SP1

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 10

System Requirements:

Windows XP, SP1

۱۲۸ MB RAM

۳۰۰ MB available disk space

Internet connection

NetSky Cleaner Free Download

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Win32.Netsky Cleaner Crack+ Registration Code

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What’s New In Win32.Netsky Cleaner?

Netsky Cleaner is an easy to use application that lets you completely erase the Netsky worm from your computer. In order to complete the cleaning process you may have to reboot your computer.

Netsky Cleaner


Win32.Netsky Cleaner Reviews

Same old

I came to try this app because I saw a friend rating it 5 stars. He doesn’t know what he is talking about, every time I have tried this app it didn’t work. I tried two versions and both gave me an error everytime. It just doesn’t work. I tried reinstalling it, changing usb ports and and dvdrom and even gave up. If this is the best app out there for removing the netsky worm, then you have your answer right there. He’s just a fanboy.


Netsky cleaner do the trick but there are better alternatives from the same developer.

SMB Cleaner

Where is my rating?

I love clean up utilities. The problem I have with all of them is when I open up a new file or application, it is always a “ghost” copy that is still on my disk. I really like these apps but I would like them to actually remove the duplicate items. I can’t stand the idea of having a copy of an application on my hard drive.

Darn It!

Wow! I want to rate this app 5 stars, but it is not in the newest version of the app store! Update now please!

The only thing the user can do with this program is install it in the first place. It does not go any further than it’s self.

All it does is tell you to reboot your machine to complete the process. It completely fails to do so.

Well I guess it does exactly what its supposed to do, but its not an easy process.

This program does exactly what it’s supposed to do and all of the negatives (as in the window is not easy to open, long to install, multiple hoops to jump through just to “clean”) are completely false.

Be careful though, this will not remove the actual Netsky files from your PC.

I have a great program on my PC and tried to

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