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Ki-67 expression in proliferating tumor cells has long been used as a proliferation marker in a variety of neoplasms. Recent studies have shown that proliferating stromal and epithelial cells in uterine leiomyomas also express Ki-67. In this study, we examined the expression of Ki-67 in leiomyomas and leiomyosarcomas. One hundred twenty-four uterine leiomyomas and 62 leiomyosarcomas were immunostained for Ki-67. Ki-67 was detected in 79 (65%) of the 124 leiomyomas and in 49 (79%) of the 62 leiomyosarcomas. Ki-67 expression was detected only in 1 (3%) case of myometrial smooth muscle cell hyperplasia and in 3 (13%) cases of 5 benign endometrial stromal tumors. In tumors, Ki-67 labeling indices of stromal and epithelial components in leiomyomas and leiomyosarcomas ranged from 0 to 3%. These findings indicate that Ki-67 expression is not a consistent finding in stromal and epithelial components of leiomyomas and leiomyosarcomas.Do you like Foursquare? I don’t hate it. I like it, in fact. But it hasn’t yet captured my attention like it did when I was first introduced to it. Not because it’s not useful. I use it regularly to make sure I don’t get lost on my way home. It’s also handy to know if I’m on a particular street or in a particular place without having to resort to a map and a compass. It’s a convenient, fun way to find out where I am.

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Binaries per hour (BPH) is an industry standard benchmark for testing the binary-level performance of a language compiler. The goal of the benchmark is to compare implementations of the same language on the same hardware (by defining a specific machine architecture), in order to ensure compatibility among language implementations, and identify the limits and bottlenecks of the language implementations.


The first standard versions were created by Jonathan Graham from Hewlett-Packard and Richard Jones from the QA lab at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory in the 1980s. The first paper detailing the benchmark was published in the “Symposium on Compiler Construction” (SCC) proceedings (1986), but was not published until 1987. The standard was revised by Harlan Miller of the ANL lab in the 1990s, and further refined by Jim Yianilos of the ANL lab and David Checkland of the AT&T Research and Engineering laboratories in the 2000s. The Binaries per hour benchmark was published by the ANL QAPI and Jikes Research labs.

The Binaries per hour benchmark was maintained for several years. The tools to perform the benchmark is not always open source, and therefore other tools were developed. Ben Cooper of IBM’s QE lab and the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center set up a benchmarking tool. It allows you to set up a performance profile for the compiler toolchain (provided by a developer), and then run benchmarks on the profile. It was first published by the Langer Research Center in 1998. Gary J. Donnelly of Microsoft’s Group Program Manager for.NET Languages introduced Microsoft’s ETS/Binaries benchmarking toolset in 2001, and Jim Yianilos of the ANL lab further refined it.

The Binaries per hour benchmark was

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