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myJabberIM is a free and open source project started by the Internet Consultant Co (who also had his own free JabberIM product) to help make IM accessible, flexible and fast for all.
For more information please visit:
myJabberIM is developed in PHP, on a MYSQL backend, with HTML and CSS frontends that use the XHTML protocol and other functions built using the XMLHttpRequest Object.
myJabberIM is currently available for MS Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and Unix.
License: GNU General Public License
Developed By: Internet Consultant Co.List of state leaders in 2031


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MyJabberIM Free Download

– group and single user chat
myJabberIM Cracked Version is the ideal quick and effective alternative to IM for distributed teams.
We know from experience that availability is a critical factor for today’s businesses. Since other Jabber clients have no multi-user chat capability, myJabberIM Download With Full Crack is an ideal tool for the rapid creation and management of private group chats for teams.
Unlike other IM solutions where the conversation needs to be transferred to another Jabber user, myJabberIM Crack supports complete bi-directional communication between groups of users.
Groups of users can be created and managed quickly and efficiently which enable peer to peer interactions between distributed colleagues working in different time zones.
myJabberIM Free Download is ideal for multi-site organizations that require instantaneous communications.
In addition to using myJabberIM Cracked 2022 Latest Version you can also leverage a variety of other collaboration products such as portal, document management and website management. For example you can use a document management application on one network server and myJabberIM on the other network servers. Collaboration can then occur between the networks.
myJabberIM also supports the manual creation of groups. This provides an easy way of setting up new groups of friends or acquaintances that are currently connected.
■ contact groups
MyJabberIM allows you to create contact groups which creates an instant sub-group of individual contacts.
■ secure text
myJabberIM enables end-to-end encryption between myJabberIM clients. You can now securely interact without worrying about eavesdropping or snooping.
myJabberIM provides many different forms of text based communications. It supports plain text, bitmap graphics, sound and video.
Users can choose to enable or disable sound. Also, if you wish to completely hide the contents of a message from prying eyes you can enable the use of one-time-passwords.
myJabberIM also includes the ability to store unicode characters in contacts and groups. You can now view any character as one of a wide range of emoji in a message, allowing for conversation which is just as easy to understand as text.
■ proxy, SSL and full unicode support
Proxy servers will need to be included in all myJabberIM clients. There are two varieties of proxy servers:
■ server-side proxy
■ client-side proxy
Server side proxies are dynamically established by jabber using a protocol called ICE

MyJabberIM [Updated] 2022

myJabberIM is a browser-based Jabber IM (instant messaging) client. It is a web-native client, thus it provides instant messaging functionality as well as integration with other web applications.
myJabberIM is a real-time, full-featured, secure Jabber client.
myJabberIM helps small and medium-sized businesses to deliver collaboration (both internal and external) while realizing huge cost savings for their business.
myJabberIM is one of the first and only providers of native, secure and extensible Jabber IM software that can be integrated with Sharepoint to provide a mechanism for instant messaging inside your business intranet.
myJabberIM is a perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses who value cost-effectiveness and administrative ease as compared to the large enterprise alternatives.
myJabberIM is a leading Jabber IM client designed for the non-technical business person. If you want to be able to chat with your colleagues on instant messaging services without having to send them e-mails, or forward your instant messages to them, then myJabberIM is the right solution for you.
myJabberIM is a powerful integration tool that provides full integration with your Microsoft Sharepoint site.
myJabberIM is a multi-OS Jabber client and is available for Linux, Mac, Microsoft Windows and Zend products.
myJabberIM is the only Jabber IM client in the world that is an HTML/XHTML compliant Jabber client (the other Jabber clients don’t support this standard). myJabberIM is also the only Jabber IM client that supports WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) which provides near 100% compatibility with Jabber clients that do not support WebRTC.
myJabberIM is also an ideal tool for educational environments as it is a secure Jabber client and will allow teachers to monitor their students instant messaging activities and provide a secure platform for tracking when students are logged on to the web.
myJabberIM is a cost-effective solution for individual, family and household use. myJabberIM is the perfect solution for the corporate intranet user. myJabberIM allows corporate users to communicate with their colleagues instantly and securely on-line while providing peace of mind for IT administrators.
myJabberIM is the perfect collaborative solution for small and medium-sized business. As a business networking

What’s New In MyJabberIM?

With SMART, any message is possible.
It has the power and precision of the desktop, and comes alive on the web.
You can use it to instantly search through your global addressbook, organize your contacts, and keep in touch.
SMART provides an integrated messaging and contact management system for the individual and the enterprise.
Connect, share, and collaborate with everyone within your organization using a lightweight, native desktop application.
SMART Features:
– Instant messaging
– File transfers
– Conferencing
– Voice and video chat
– E-mail services
– Calendaring
– Data sharing and synchronization
– Group chat and team conversation
SMART desktop application:
– Small, light and fast
– Requires less than 100K – 150K of hard disk space
– Excellent response time
– Can be used on all Windows 2000 and above platforms
– Fast to install
– Free to try
– Provides Web services compatible with Windows Explorer
– You can use it with Microsoft Office 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista
– If you do not have SMART install software, you can download it from our website at
If you have questions, please contact us at We are very happy to hear from you.

Smarter. Faster. More Powerful.
Get the same High-Performance powers of the SharpOS Communications Server and the SMART Desktop Client.
SMART Desktop Client – Get InstantMessaging on your desktop.
Smarter. Faster. More Powerful.
Get the same High-Performance powers of the SharpOS Communications Server and the SMART Desktop Client.
Smarter Desktop Client – Get InstantMessaging on your desktop.

SpaceMan Pro (SM) is a messaging, collaboration, contact management software program based on open standards. It is an interactive and responsive desktop client for instant messaging, electronic mail, audio chat, file transfer and conferencing. It supports multiple instant messaging protocols including AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo!, Jabber, LiveJabber, and Google Talk.
SM supports multiple connections with different platforms. Users can choose the one they like best, and they can even switch between protocols with no need to restart the program or to restart their computers. Users can communicate with their contacts with simple, intuitive click.
SM also includes a contact manager. Each user is represented by an

System Requirements For MyJabberIM:

Mac OS X
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