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Cracked FB01 Sound Editor With Keygen is a simple, easy to use and open sourced patch editor specially designed for the Yamaha FB01 sound module.

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FB01 Sound Editor Crack+ [Mac/Win]

FB01 Sound Editor is a simple, easy to use and open sourced patch editor specially designed for the Yamaha FB01 sound module.
Using a simple, easy to read and understand object oriented patch system, you can create your own patches like the ones used by professional sound engineers.
With the editing and logic panels you can create, save and record your own patches quickly and easily.

FB01 Sound Editor Features:

* All of the functionality of the Yamaha FB01 sound module is accurately recreated using the patch system in FB01 Sound Editor
* Use all of the editing and logic tools to create your own patches in the same way as the professional sound engineers.
* No need for an external sound card. Just plug your FB01 Sound Module into your computer’s sound card.
* Sound Editor runs perfectly on the Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
* No need to run any other program to edit audio, everything is available in the program menu.

Every patch created using FB01 Sound Editor will feature a variety of techniques including:

* Reverb
* Flange
* Chorus
* Compression
* Overdrive

If you are looking for a simple patch editor to create or edit your own patches, then look no further. Every aspect of the Yamaha FB01 sound module is recreated within this program.

FB01 Sound Editor Version History

December, 2013 – v1.0.8 – Updated program to be open source and Windows 7 compatible.

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FB01 Sound Editor Crack

Convert VST, Audio Unit, AU, and VST3 formats to Yamaha FB01.
Drag and drop the audio clip to its own track.
Click the convert button.
The audio clip will be processed with the usual digital audio conversion tools to the target file format.

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What’s New in the FB01 Sound Editor?

FB01 Sound Editor is a simple, easy to use and open sourced patch editor specially designed for the Yamaha FB01 sound module.
Using the creation of drum and synth patches by using the features of the Yamaha FB01 sound module.

*supported for both WAV and MP3*
*compile your own patches into a WAV file*
*WAV files with sound data embedded in the file have to be saved as WAV files (wav & wavz file extensions)
For the Yamaha FB01 patch and help files please visit their official website here:


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System Requirements For FB01 Sound Editor:

Processor: CPU-compatible processor or coprocessor from the Intel 80386, 80486, 80486SX, or 80487 (286 series), 80486DX, 80486DX2, 80486DX4, 80486DX2, 80486SX, 80487 or 80487DX; or compatible computer system from a manufacturer other than IBM.
Display monitor or television.
Peripheral device(s)


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