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MagBytes 78 ~ more news, tips and tricks for August 2016 It’s the way you do it that makes a difference, and our host, Cress Marissa Meyer, has a great way of giving you options. Ten years ago, she was an incredible marketing rep, raking in big paychecks, but in 2017, you can’t simply be a copywriter. She was taking her experience in a new direction, using it to bring her skills and her own personal brand to the web, and then to start her own agency. Today, she’s making that dream a reality, co-owning Content Sales, a Chicago-based copywriting and marketing firm she co-founded and is now leading. She’s also got the perfect agent to support her, Catia. She’s a unicorn for an agency, so it’s no surprise she’s gotten big press for introducing the world to the new kind of agent, too. We met her before she and Catia had the big day, and we’ve had the chance to sit down with her and hear a little more.It turns out she has a little bit of a unicorn of a career, too. She went to an all-girls school, and then received a bachelor’s degree in speech and theater, with a concentration in drama, then went on to get her master’s degree in speech communication. She started working in marketing early on in her career, which is when she wrote her first blog posts. We know what you’re thinking: Isn’t she too young to have any work experience? Thankfully, we’re here to dispel that myth. The truth is, she has years of both experience and training under her belt. She has worked on the campaigns of a number of B2B brands, including just last year, she was the author of an agency-wide social media plan in keeping with the company’s focus on what it calls “social news,” and last year, she was tapped to write a few internal books and share them with the business. She’s also been tapped to contribute to a number of books and websites, and she’s been asked to speak around the country to the AEM Certified Marketing Professionals group. And now she has her own agency, Content Sales. She says that’s the other part of her training that you can’t put a price tag on ۵۹۵f342e71

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