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* **Training and tutorials**. There are many helpful, high-quality free tutorials and training guides available online. The various Photoshop and Windows Photo Manager Online Web sites (; also have good online tutorials for the latest versions of Photoshop and other programs. Tuts+ ( has a huge collection of tutorials covering any subject in imaging.
* **Books**. If you’re willing to pay for books, the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Complete Course, by Photoshop evangelist extraordinaire Chris Fenwick, offers a comprehensive guide for the program from the beginning all the way up to Advanced Photoshop. Photographer Doug Hall’s _Photoshop CS4: One-stop Photography Boot Camp_ offers both a complete start-to-finish walkthrough for the latest Photoshop version and a comprehensive look at the editing and retouching features, with in-depth explanations of the tools available for creatives and photography purists. Douglas Kelsey’s _Photoshop CS4: Photography Boot Camp_ is also excellent, with a wide scope that takes you through much of the tools’ potential.

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You will need to open the.PSD file as well.

Open The Photoshop File

Now, let’s open the Photoshop file. Open Photoshop by either double-clicking the icon on your desktop, or by clicking the Windows taskbar icon.

Once opened, navigate to the Photoshop file you’d like to edit. There are two basic ways to import an image into Photoshop Elements: “Open” and “Save As.”

Open The Photoshop File

Click on the original image in the Photoshop file. Then, you can double-click to open the image in Photoshop Elements. This is the easiest way to open an image.

Save The Photoshop File

Alternatively, you can save the image as a new file.

On the menu bar, click File > Save As, type in a filename and select a new location.

When prompted, choose the “Save As Type” option. Depending on the image you’re working on, you’ll have options that will display.

You’ll now see a new dialog box. Here you can customize the type of the new file. This includes settings like size, resolution, image type and color.

The file will also give you a chance to change some settings about how the file is saved. For example, you can choose to add a profile, which is a set of settings that allow you to use the file at other times. You can also choose to optimize the file, which can speed up the opening time and help your computer last longer.

Open The Photoshop File

Choose the “Open” option. On your desktop, you can double-click to open the Photoshop file. This is the easiest way to open an image in Elements.

Once open, you can create a new document or open an existing one. An original document (which is a.PSD) will open in Elements. The type of image file you have determines what will open..PSD’s are generally Photoshop files, and usually contain a variety of layers.

.EPS’s are generally Photoshop files too, but are only one file..PDF’s are generally Portable Document Format files, and are usually just one layer in the Photoshop file..PNG’s are generally non-Photoshop file formats, and are usually just one

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How to remove {{…}} from a custom html tag?

In a custom tag I get a value via {{#each}} and give this value to a template.
The problem is that it will display like this :

{{#each artists}}


But I want it to display like this:

{{#each artists}}


Is it possible to do something like that?


You can use the async macro in your template and then use {{#with…}}. Here is a rough example.

{{#each artists}}
{{> artist }}


{{#with artistList}}


You can try with replacer.
{{ artistName | replacer }}

You can also use toString() in the template to make sure that the HTML you are writing is correctly escaped.
{{ artistName | toString | escapeHtml }}

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System Requirements For Photoshop Desktop App Download:

۱٫ ۲GB RAM
۲٫ ۱GB video RAM
۳٫ ۵۱۲MB video RAM
۴٫ ۶th Generation Intel® Core™ i3 / i5 / i7 (or AMD equivalent) Processor or faster
۵٫ DirectX 11.0c compatible graphics device (GPU)
۶٫ USB 2.0 port and USB 3.0 port
۷٫ In-Game video settings: PC @1080p, Auto, Windowed fullscreen, Direct3D 11
۸٫ Internet connection is

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