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Although Photoshop has a vast number of features, tools, and workflows, it’s essential to understand two core techniques that Photoshop uses to manipulate images: image-editing tools and layers. Understanding these techniques is the first step toward creating your own images in Photoshop.

Although you have to understand what layers are and how they work before you can take advantage of Photoshop, the other techniques discussed in this chapter are not part of the layered editing system, so they don’t need to be explained in detail.

Images have layers, the heart of this system

Photoshop’s layered editing system enables you to create an unlimited number of raster-based images. This system is made up of layers, from which objects and effects are applied, modified, and removed.

You can apply various types of effects to an image that modify the way it looks, such as the way it looks under certain lighting conditions, the type of embellishments that are added (for example, borders), and the type of modifications and edits that can be applied to an image.

Adding a new layer means that you can continue to work on a layer and don’t have to worry about overwriting the original image. You can always go back to the original image by zooming out and using the Undo command.

Getting familiar with the Layers panel

The Layers panel enables you to create or open an image, apply layers to that image, and manipulate those layers. Figure 2-1 shows a typical Layers panel.

The Layers panel, shown in Figure 2-1, is a hierarchical panel. It includes five main sections. The first two sections, the workspace and the Layer menu, appear at the top of the panel; the rest of the panel is sort of a toolbox that contains the actual tools available for you to use to create and modify layers.

Note that your Layers panel is unique to you; it contains only the tools and options that you have chosen to be visible to you. If you’re using Photoshop CS5 or later, you can access the Layers panel by pressing E or choosing Window⇒Layers from the menus.

You can’t see everything in the panel at once. For example, the Organizer, the Selection Brush, the Puppet Warp, and the Live Paint features don’t appear in the Layers panel. Instead, you have to open each of these tools and then access the tool by clicking the icon in the panel.

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Photoshop Elements 15 full features –

Elements 12 –

Elements 10 –

Adobe Photoshop CC –

Adobe Photoshop CC –

Adobe Photoshop CC is an advanced digital painting and editing tool for professional photographers, illustrators and designers. It

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Ethernet Autonegotiation not enabled on virtual server

I have an ubuntu server, with installed Virt-Manager, two VMs, and three network cards. The first one is connected to the local network, connected to the internet. The second one is a bridge between the local network and the internet, connected to the local network, which is connected to the first card. Then, there’s another bridge between the local network and the internet, but this one is disconnected from the local network, only connected to the second bridge, and then to the internet.
The problem: on the host, when I’ve the ethtool attached to the bridge and after that, I’ve executed ifup on the VM, it shows the interface eth0: link down, why? If I unplug the second bridge and plug the first one in the exact place, it works, but I don’t want to do it because I need to switch them.
I’m using Ubuntu Server 16.04.


I’ve solved the problem.
I’ve created a script with iface eth0 up to disable my interface. I’ve deleted it and after it was executed, ifup -a was also executed and the interfaces was back in the up status.

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