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The top 5 free image editors

Free image editor programs are a great way to get some practice using Photoshop or other imaging software programs. I’m offering you a list of the best freebie image editors.

۱٫ **GIMP:**

The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is the most powerful free image editor available. GIMP is ideal for image adjustment, making prints, and even adding watermarks. Check out the chapter “Using the Custom Stamp & Fill Dialog Box in GIMP” for more on creating customized watermarks in GIMP.

۲٫ **Irfanview:**

Another good freebie image editor is Irfanview. It is my personal favorite, and I use it for my daily workflow. Irfanview has some basic image editing features that may be enough for an occasional studio shooter. (It’s like Photoshop’s little cousin.) For more, check out Chapter 8.

۳٫ **SketchBook Express:**

The popular freebie drawing program SketchBook Express has both a desktop and web-based version. The web version lacks some of the more robust features of the desktop version, but is still an inexpensive option if you’re looking to do some quick web-based drawing. For more, check out Chapter 8.

۴٫ **Slicer:**

Another freebie is Slicer, a simple and easy-to-use software tool that enables you to create custom cutouts of almost any image. You can crop an image using Slicer to create a variety of custom shapes, like arrows or rockets, with built-in special effects that really add to the finished image. Slicer also enables you to create border and background layers, as well as color fills and gradients. It’s a quick way to get started on custom image creation or even adding items like arrows to your images. For more, check out Chapter 8.

۵٫ **PicMonkey:**

PicMonkey is another freebie drawing software package. This platform enables you to edit both photos and images

Photoshop Psd File Download Site

Installation and Installation

There are two installation options for Photoshop.

The default installation option is that you download the software from the Adobe website.

There is also a shortcut for this – simply find the.exe file for the version of Photoshop you require and double click it.

Alternatively, you can download the software from the Apple Mac App Store.

The pre-installed Adobe Photoshop Elements is found in the Applications folder.

Best Photoshop Elements Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is the list of the most used Photoshop Elements keyboard shortcuts for better Photoshop.

+ = Click once to select the first object

= Click once to select the first object Shift+ = Click once to select all objects

= Click once to select all objects Ctrl+ = Click to select objects in a different layer

= Click to select objects in a different layer Alt+ = Click and drag to select objects

= Click and drag to select objects Ctrl+ + = Click and drag to select objects in a different layer

= Click and drag to select objects in a different layer Shift+ – = Click and drag to delete objects

= Click and drag to delete objects Ctrl+ / = Click and drag to duplicate layers

Keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop Elements shortcuts is a must-know!

Adobe Photoshop Elements Tutorials

Tutorials for Photoshop.

Photoshop Elements as an image editor is a good alternative to Photoshop and it’s worth mentioning that Photoshop is a professional tool. Photoshop Elements 8 can edit images in JPEG, TIFF and PNG format and there are a variety of options that can be accessed through the main menu, for example:

Image adjustments

Thumbnail creation and editing

Image filters

Make an image a print file

Make an image a watermark

Make an image a greeting card

Make an image a VD Graphics® logo

Make an image into a CD disk cover

Make an image into a promotional item

Make an image into a postcard

Make an image into a business card

Change the color of objects and images

Change a color of an object or image

Create a new folder

Create a new image

Create a new document

Cut or remove objects from an image

Customize the controls

Find feature

Fill objects

Flatten an image

Fit and arrange objects

Flip an image horizontally

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Kong: No database connection in POSTMAN

I am developing a REST API using kong. It works fine when I call from the terminal. But there is a problem with the POSTMAN. I am able to use the POSTMAN to connect with the Kong but when I try to upload any image using POSTMAN there is a error like this :
“errors”: [
“message”: “No database connection is configured for this database”,
“class”: “DatabaseConnectionFailedException”,

I have written the below code in the Kong config :
driver: postgresql
max-connections: 100
min-connections: 1

I have read other stackoverflow answers but nothing helped. I tried restarting the Kong multiple times.
Thanks in advance


It seems that the problem might be with Postman itself. I have solved it by creating a new image with Postman and then connecting to the Kong. By the way I am using Postman to connect Kong with my service.

The Golden Age of Comics is returning to San Diego this week, and Marvel and DC have gotten into an extremely silly dispute over some sort of joke rule against giving out free comics to everybody. It’s only fun to see because the comics are only mildly insane, but it might change their business model. Also, there’s a great deal of creative pathos on display.

A supposed “courtesy” of the Marvel Universe decided to tell people that they can’t give away free comics, making it impossible for people to participate in the new Free Comic Book Day. So they posted an explanatory note on Marvel’s own website to explain why.

First of all, the note is entitled “Free Comic Book Day is a Free Day”. This means that the whole premise behind Free Comic Book Day is flawed, and Marvel and DC should just accept

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Debugging not working on Windows Phone 8.1 (no breakpoints, no information about exceptions)

I developed a Windows Phone 8.1 app. In the emulator it is working fine but when I try to debug it on my device (the WP version is 8.0.9541.0) I can’t access any methods in the code. I get no information about exceptions in the output window. The breakpoints are working when the application is run from the phone. Is this a limitation of Windows Phone 8.1, or my code is wrong?


It is a limitation of Windows Phone 8.1 SDKs. For now, you can’t debug exceptions thrown from the UI.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, several hundred netizens were booted out of the headquarters of the internet police, South Korea’s spy agency. Their crime: attacking the agency’s leader, Shin Dong-Hyuk, who faces multiple charges of human rights abuses in North Korea.

Shin was questioned by 12 human rights activists in the early hours of the morning, after a plan for a rally to protest Shin’s record in the North Korean gulags was leaked to the media.

Among the protestors was former North Korean detainee Ri Sol Ju. Though she was apparently denied entry to the agency building, she says she found a way inside after letting slip to Shin’s security detail that she wanted to speak to him.

“I realized there was an entrance door to the ground floor as you came in the building. I used my cellphone to call Shin,” Ri said. “It was so dark inside.”

Ri, who says Shin’s forces attempted to block her entrance to the building, and South Korean agents from the National Intelligence Service “watched her, questioning her about who she was,” Ri said. The NIS eventually allowed her access to Shin after giving Ri a hard time.

The reason the authorities didn’t come after Ri — or her fellow protestors in the media — is presumably because she is North Korea’s former ambassador to South Korea.

“If it was a Westerner who had committed such a crime, they would have detained them and had a long chat with them. It’s a whole different story,” a source from the South Korean human rights community said. “But in this case, he is perceived to have done something relatively small. It’s more about putting him in prison for 10 years than putting him in prison for 10

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