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Most beginners start with Photoshop CS6, since it has a streamlined interface with a new layer system and a few new tools. I recommend downloading the free trial version (or buying a discounted copy) and experimenting with it on the computer you plan on using. It also allows you to practice the basics, such as adding and deleting layers.

The following sections provide the basics of working with Photoshop on your computer — we cover essential keyboard commands, understand the layers and masks that are included with Photoshop, understand the basic editing techniques, and look at some of the more useful advanced tools.

Understanding the two-screen interface

Photoshop has always had a two-screen user interface: A toolbox on the left side, and the work area on the right, with a smaller Toolbox below the work area. The left side is where most of the functionality resides. The right side is where you see the image you’re working on.

The addition of a full-screen workspace (Window > Full Screen) in Photoshop CC (covered in Chapter 3) with the right side showing the toolbox and work area is unique to Photoshop CC. A navigation bar pops up on the right side when you launch Photoshop, hiding the work area.

Figure 1-1 shows a typical two-screen workspace in Photoshop. You can see that the left side features a large white icon with a number of tools that belong to the various tool groups. The Toolbox contains numerous icons that represent most of the tools that work together.

**Figure 1-1:** Photoshop has a two-screen layout.

The right side of the workspace is where you view the image. It’s composed of a large canvas area (an empty area for the image you want to work on) and a toolbar of options that allow you to control the appearance of the image. This area is divided into three sections:

Media: This section contains options and tools related to the size, color, and resolution of the image. This area also contains many commands, such as sending the image to the trash can (Exposure, Layers, and History) or duplicating it (File, Edit, Edit, Duplicate). If you want to change the image in this area, you must use the New Layer dialog box.

Basic Tools: This area contains several tools that give you the ability to crop and rotate the image, move the image, and create grids and guides.

Composite: This area is only available

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See below for a list of all the new features in the latest version (2019).

Subscription Photography Services

This is a new feature available in Photoshop Elements 2019.

Photoshop Elements 2019 subscription allows photographers to save money by not buying a full version of the software anymore. Photoshop Elements 2019 subscription allows for a set number of photos to be edited each month.

One of the main benefits to a subscription over a package is that it is easier to control what level of editing the photos have because every month an editor will not be randomly altering your photos to their liking. In addition, the subscription prices are much lower than the non-subscription prices, and you save money by having fewer photos edited.

Some subscription prices are as follows:

Photoshop Elements 2019 subscription – $۹٫۹۹ / month

– $۹٫۹۹ / month Photoshop Elements 2019 Gold subscription – $۱۰٫۹۹ / month

– $۱۰٫۹۹ / month Photoshop Elements 2019 Platinum subscription – $۲۱٫۹۹ / month

– $۲۱٫۹۹ / month Photoshop Elements 2019 subscription for $1 yr

(annual subscription) – $۴۰٫۹۹

Subscriptions run once a month for the following months

November – $۹٫۹۹ (Monthly)

(Monthly) December – $۱۰٫۹۹ (Monthly)

(Monthly) January – $۱۱٫۹۹ (Monthly)

(Monthly) February – $۱۲٫۹۹ (Monthly)

(Monthly) March – $۱۳٫۹۹ (Monthly)

(Monthly) April – $۱۴٫۹۹ (Monthly)

(Monthly) May – $۱۵٫۹۹ (Monthly)

(Monthly) June – $۱۶٫۹۹ (Monthly)

(Monthly) July – $۱۷٫۹۹ (Monthly)

(Monthly) August – $۱۸٫۹۹ (Monthly)

(Monthly) September – $۱۹٫۹۹ (Monthly)

(Monthly) October – $۲۰٫۹۹ (Monthly)

(Monthly) November – $۲۱٫۹۹ (Monthly)

(Monthly) December – $۲۲٫۹۹ (Monthly)

(Monthly) January – $۲۳٫۹۹ (Annual)

Premium Subscriptions

These are the only two premium subscriptions available.


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