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With Photoshop, every minor adjustment made to the photorealistic realm is called a layer. Image courtesy of Thomas Hawk Photography Blending Image Layers A layer is an independent unit with the following characteristics: A layer can be active or passive. An active layer is visible and has something drawn or painted on it. A passive layer is drawn or painted on but is not visible. A layer can have a name that describes its function. A layer can have a color that is used to determine whether its contents are visible. A layer can have a blend mode that determines how its contents are combined with adjacent layers. A layer can have a transparency percentage to determine the proportion of visible pixels in the layer. Layers are combined to form a picture or edit using the layering system. Layer Basics A layer is nothing more than a collection of pixels that is manipulated and combined to form a complete graphic image. There is a layer for each color, transparency, shape, or item within an image. It is considered a layer when it is drawn or painted on. Use the Layers panel, or Control Panel, or the Layers window, to arrange layers into a hierarchy. Some images may need one, or several, layers for various elements. Layers are stacked in order from top to bottom. It is possible to change the blending mode and transparency of a layer by selecting it and using the options in the dialog box. The Transparent layer option can be added to any of the other layers if needed. Layers can be arranged in a tree hierarchy so that a layer that would be normally placed below is moved to the top of the list. With the Layers panel, or a dialog box, it is possible to add a layer to an image. Image courtesy of Thomas Hawk Photography Blend Modes The blend modes determine whether pixels in a layer are visible or not. Each mode is used for specific situations and has a different effect. Some modes simply combine pixels and some modes blur or alter pixels. Blending modes are applied to all layers at once. In most situations, using a single layer for an entire image is sufficient, so a single mode should be applied to all. Select all the layers and use the Layers panel to apply the mode. Image courtesy of Thomas Hawk Photography Transparency

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User Interface: There are 6 tabs on the interface with one being the main window. In the top left, a layer panel shows all of the layers the file has. In the top right a toolbox contains some common editing tools. In the bottom left a navigator panel shows an all of the tools in the toolbox to draw, edit, and create new layers. In the bottom right, there is a folder panel that shows the folders that there are in your computer. The main part of the interface is the editing window which is exactly the same as Photoshop (on other platforms). This window is usually open when you start up Photoshop Elements. Edit Image: To edit your image, click on the image to open the photo. The main window should open on the photo and the different menus should appear. File > Open: Click on the file you want to open. If you don’t need to load any file, you can click the big black button to the right of the file. If you are loading a file, a dialog box will appear. You will need to navigate to the location of the file and specify the location. File > Save: Click File > Save. File > Export Image: Click File > Export. File > Save for Web: Click File > Save for Web. File > Share: Click File > Share More Tools: If you need to use Photoshop Elements for more than just editing pictures you can use the following tools: File > New: Click on the black “New” button in the top left and click to open the new file. You will need to navigate to where the file is located. You can do so by looking in the top left and clicking File > Open. File > Open from File: Click on the “Open from File” button and click to open the new file. You will need to navigate to the location of the file, similar to the File > Open tool. File > Automatically Organize New Files: Click on the “Automatically Organize New Files” button and click on the “OK” button. The file will now be loaded for you. File > Open Folder: Click on the “Open Folder” button to open the folder. File > Print: Click on the “Print” button and specify if you want to print or send the file in an email. ۰۵a79cecff

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Controversy over Kurl’s comments still rages on April 26, 2005 Controversy continues over comments made by State Rep. Todd Kurl (R-Dalton) about the Democratic candidate for Congress in the 2nd district, resident R.B. Butler. Kurl told the Tulsa World last week that Butler, a State Sen. candidate, would have a difficult time garnering more than 10 percent of the vote in the general election, given the record of Democratic candidates in primaries. Butler received 76.2 percent of the vote on March 10 to win the 2nd congressional district nomination. Kurl told the Tulsa World on Friday that he was just making a prediction and did not have an opinion on Butler’s campaign. But earlier, he had expressed his opinion to the Tulsa World that Butler had had better chances for a victory in the congressional primary if he had been the Republican nominee. Kurl voted for Senator Tom Colburn over Butler. “My life is not totally political,” said Kurl, a Liberty resident. “But I’m not that far from Liberty, so I have a pretty good idea of people who are in the area. I haven’t met him, but I’ve seen him around.” When asked about Butler, Kurl reiterated that he was making a prediction. “I’m not saying he can’t win,” said Kurl, who said he “will probably vote for him.” Butler was not available for comment on Friday afternoon. Kurl also told the Tulsa World that when people ask him about the racial divisions in Butler’s campaign, he lets it pass because everyone is motivated by race. “But I tell them this is a race between two white males,” said Kurl, who also told the newspaper he does not feel race is an issue in the 2nd district race. Butler, of Okmulgee, was born in Oklahoma City to a white father and a black mother. Voters in the 2nd district do not use races to determine who will vote for which candidate. They determine who will vote for which candidate on party lines. Butler expressed his regrets that Kurl’s comments had prompted more in-depth scrutiny of his candidacy than the other candidates.

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Object Selection lets you drag and move groups of objects on the photo, such as people or objects in the background. You can also copy and paste objects from one area to another. This is useful for adding graphics and text over an image, or for combining several images into a single image. There are also a number of effect tools. You can use the Eraser tool to remove unwanted objects, like a car in a photo, and the Airbrush tool allows you to paint or paint-like effects over an image. Not all tools can be used on all images, so the creative part of Photoshop helps you figure out which tool is best for a particular effect. Photoshop comes with a multitude of presets called filters. For example, you can use the Tilt-Shift, Anamorphic, Miniature, and Gaussian Blur filters to make your photos look more artistic. There are preset filters for nearly any type of image, including ones for architectural photography, and you can download others from the Adobe website, as well. Photoshop’s layers lets you save time editing multiple images because you can apply one change to a group of layers, and then make more changes without losing your previous layer settings. You can also adjust the opacity, color, and other layer settings of each layer. You can even combine two or more layers to create a 3D effect. Photoshop’s History panel lets you save time editing an image because you can go back and undo earlier changes. You can reverse, undo, redo, or copy the last image you worked on. Photoshop comes with a wide variety of editing tools. For example, you can crop a photo, resize it, or blur or sharpen an image. You can also alter the color and contrast of an image. You can use these tools to edit photographs like business logos, fashion photos, and other images. If you’re not happy with your image, you can use the Undo button to go back to any previous step. This lets you modify different areas of the photo until you find the area you want to fix. Photoshop also includes masks, which you can use to alter the area of an image you want to change. You can use masks for special effects like retouching, removing people from an image, and even blending multiple images together. For example, you can add a smaller image over an existing one to make a cell phone camera look like a digital camera, or you

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Windows Vista or Windows XP Internet Explorer 7 Further notes: This is not in any way a port of a previous mod, this is a new completely different version of the mod. Do NOT install this over the original Jm_Handler mod or vice versa. Version 2.2 Jm_Handler Version 2.2 is released. This is a completely new version of the mod so all of the content is new. The only items that are transferred over from the previous version of the mod are the configuration file and


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