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*conaito XPS2Image SDK is based on 3rd party libraries (XPM, XML, JPG, GIF, SWF, PDF) and it is designed with cross-platform approach for PC, Mac, Android and IPhone
*conaito XPS2Image SDK has been written in Delphi Language which provide cross platform applicability
*conaito XPS2Image SDK makes use of non-disruptive XPS to Image and Flash Slideshow converting with instant results
*conaito XPS2Image SDK is simple and easy to use XPS to Image and Flash Slideshow converting SDK
XPS2Image SDK has been released for Windows environment (Windows XP 32/64bit, Vista 32/64bit and Windows 7 32/64bit) only.
XPS2Image SDK Pricing and Availability:
conaito XPS2Image SDK will be available for testing and evaluation for 30 days free of cost. You can install conaito XPS2Image SDK and use it to convert XPS documents into JPEG, PNG or GIF format for your application. For any reason if you feel you have license error please contact us at info@conaito.com
Sample Application: (Added samples to convert XPS documents into PNG, JPEG or GIF)
Convert XPS documents into PNG or JPEG files:
Convert XPS documents into GIF Files:
Download conaito XPS2Image SDK:


Christophe Portes – ConAOTO Technologies

*how to purchase XPS2Image SDK:
ConAOTO Technologies ( offers high quality professional products and services for XPS to Image converting and flash slideshow creating. The company is located in Paris, France. ConAOTO Technologies focus on its development of Flash and XML products that are innovative and provide excellent value for money.
Contact us:


How To Convert XPS Into JPG, GIF or PNG with XPS2Image SDK – Easy and rapid XPS to Image and Slideshows converting for your applications and Websites The brand-new conaito XPS2Image SDK

XPS2Image SDK Crack+ (2022)

✓ Upgradable and easily customizable;
✓ Converts XPS files to the most used JPG, GIF, PNG, PPT, DOC, PDF, IW, SWF, XAML, XPS, ASP, RTF, GIF, HTML, EPUB, and also HTML 5 pages (need the [url and [url API access for this feature);
✓ Provides the highest quality with JPEG and PNG conversion;
✓ Added many cool and up-to-date features for your convenience, e.g. PNG transparency, Bitmap, Bitmap2Image, Camera, ColorEffect, ColorMatrixFilter, ColorMatrixFilter2, Cropping, ClipPath, CompositionMode, Compression, ContentPath, DataURL, DataURLResolution, DPI, Effects, FontEmbedding, FontSmoothing, FontSizing, FrameRate, Geometry, Gradient, GradientTransform, GradientTransform2, Holding, HoldTransform, InlineObject, Interpolation, InterpolationMode, InterpolationMode2, InterpolationOptions, InterpolationOptions2, InterpolationOptions3, InterpolationOptions4, InterpolationOptions5, InterpolationOptions6, IsotropicBlur, LambdaFilter, Layout, Mask, Margin, MasksToBands, MarginMode, Padding, PaddingMode, Path, PathData, PathData2, PathData3, PathData4, PathData5, PathData6, PathData7, PathData8, PathData9, PathData10, PathData11, PathData12, PathData13, PathData14, PathData15, PathData16, PathData17, PathData18, PathData19, PathData20, PathData21, PathData22, PathData23, PathData24, PathData25, PathData26, PathData27, PathData28, PathData29, PathData30, PathData31, PathData32, PathData33, PathData34, PathData35, PathData36, PathData37, PathData38, PathData39, PathData40, PathData41, PathData42, PathData43, PathData44, Path

XPS2Image SDK Keygen

* Converting XPS to Images: Convert XPS (Microsoft XML Paper Specification) to JPEG, PNG, GIF, HTML, Flash, Email, PDF, and so on. This SDK based on the XML Paper Specification (XPS) specification which is an XML-based file format that can be used to store both text and vector graphics. You can also convert XPS documents into other formats, such as HTML, PDF, GIF, ZIP, PNG, TIFF, or EPS. The conversion does not degrade quality of original content.
* Convert XPS to Slideshow: Convert XPS to ready-to-use Flash or HTML slideshow. This feature allows you to customize slides (e.g. number, size, style, etc), create ready to use flash slideshows with ready to use xml player. Flash Slideshows can be uploaded to major swf player or slideshow uploading service such as: SWF Gallery, Flash Portal, SWF Channel, Slideshow Machine, etc.
* XML export: Write your XPS documents in an XML format and edit them as you like. The files are saved in a text format, but are editable. They contain all of the information about the document and the content that was included in the original XPS file.
* XML import: Import the XML files from any text editor, such as Notepad, WordPad, Notepad++ or any other text editor.
* Image Quality: Specify Image quality and edit XPS documents with XPS to images tool. Multiple compression methods (JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, etc.) are available. The best quality can be achieved by choosing lossless compression. You can choose JPEG, PNG and BMP formats.
* Visible area detection: Convert XPS documents to a new set of XML files that is split into two files – with and without visible area. The visible area XML file is for the content that is visible on the viewer (e.g. PowerPoint, Word, Images, etc). The XML file without visible area is for the content that is not visible (e.g. footer, Logo, Captions, etc).
* Displayed element size detection: Convert XPS documents to a new set of XML files that are split into two files with and without detected sizes. The displayed element size XML file is for the content that is visible on the viewer (e.g. PowerPoint, Word, Images, etc). The XML file without displayed

What’s New in the?

This unique easy to use and powerful XPS to image and Flash Slideshow SDK requires no programming knowledge, simply integrates with your application or Website.
Developers can quickly add powerful XPS to image and Flash Slideshow converting module into their application or Websites without writing a single line of code.
The SDK consists of powerful convertion engine and pre-built and easy to use XSLT Stylesheets, which means developers only need to fill in their XSLT Stylesheet, XPS files will be converted into desired format for user smoothly and easily.The converted XPS can be directly opened by Windows Vista and Windows XP without additional software.
For you developers it is a good opportunity to add converting module to your application or Websites without writing a single line of code. Because this is XPS2Image SDK it will work with any valid XPS Document created in any version of Microsoft Office software.
Full source code of this powerful software is available for licensing and purchase as individual product, please check details at www.conaito.com.
Install XPS2Image SDK in your development environment:
• Download install form XPS2Image SDK here:
• Extract the download and install XPS2Image SDK to your development environment.
• You can install on top of your current version of Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista.
• All you need to install the SDK is your Windows machine and a browser.
• Creating your XPS documents:
Open XPS files with Word Pad or Microsoft Word. Save the document in XML format with ‘Save As’ button on the ‘File –> Save As.’
XPS2Image SDK is as easy as 1-2-3-Start converting!
How to Use?
The best way to get started is to first open your XPS documents and fill in the details.
• New project: Click ‘New’ on the menu.
• Insert XPS 2 Image Converter, select project from the drop down list and hit OK.
• Insert XPS to Image Converter, select project from the drop down list and hit OK.
• Fill in the details and select the ‘convert.xsl’ file.
• Select the output format from the drop down list and hit OK.
How to Use XPS2Image with the Adobe Flash Platform:
• Click the ‘

System Requirements For XPS2Image SDK:

The game is an online experience. Be sure to have an online connection before starting a new game.
The game is meant to be played on modern, fast internet connections, such as the ones provided by DSL or cable providers. If you play a game and it’s not very responsive or you have a lot of problems connecting to the game, the Internet connection is probably the culprit.
All games are platform agnostic, so they can be played on computers, tablets, and mobile devices, provided you have the right operating system.
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