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There are many cases when you may need Sound Card Recorder. For example, you can record telephone calls, or radio broadcasts. Or maybe you want to know what your employee (or even your boss!) is thinking about you. Parents can monitor their child’s activity while they are not home. All these tasks can easily be done with Sound Card Recorder. Sound Card Recorder is a software that records voice or sounds. It can pickup any sound source using your soundcard, and automatically record voice activity. The program splits records into small files, if a lengthy silence period is detected. Records can be stored in any sound format including MP3. Quick text notes can be assigned to any record. Recorded files can be automatically emailed to specified e-mail addresses. The program operates in stealth mode. It does not appear on the screen, so nobody will know they are being monitored. Limitations: &#۶۵۵۱۷; ۳۰ days trial &#۶۵۵۱۷; nag screen







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Easy to use and free sound card record program. You can capture voice or sounds from microphone or other soundcards and save them to PC in sound format (mp3, wav) or export to MHT/WAV/MP3/Soundcloud account. Format: Format supports all major voice recorder/player like talkrecorder, audacouser, talkatakar, soundminer, audacity, sound converter, singer, audioscape, ACID audio editor, soundboard, huntercaster, imsi pro, live mobile recorder, voice changer, mp3tag, aacenc, drm-streamer, smartclip, VideoCorder, smartPTimer. Capture: Capture from Mic input. Input level adjustment for Mic input. Or Capture from line input(microphone) or Hardware line in and line out. Capture Device: You can capture from your mic, line in/out, or microphone/line in play through(default). You can also capture from your line in/line out if you have volume control on your cards(not default). Freezing: When you play recordings later, can play it normally. Or you can freeze a recording and drag it to any other recording tool(make sure you click on the record start menu bar). So you can play, pause, stop, stop recording from a sound card. Loudness(Echo): Echo is when voices from microphone or line in are reversed. Echo offset(Offset): Offset(Offset) the moment you record, can prevent voice to be reversed. Channels: You can select input source (microphone, line in, microphone/line in(different channel), etc) by clicking record start. Choose the number of recording channels(default is 2) from the drop down menu. Channels Drop down menu: You can choose 1,2,3,4,5,6 from the drop down menu. Each channel uses different recording sources. Output Device: You can save the output record to local machine(default), network, FTP server, drag and drop in Microsoft outlook, E-mail, soundcloud. Record files to WMA(Windows Media Audio), MP3, WAV. You can choose the Sound format from the output format drop down menu. You can choose from WAV, WMA, MP3, OGG, AAC. You can use the “m” key to toggle between WMA

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Sound Card Recorder is a free software that can record voice or sounds. It does not need any plug-in to be installed, but can be used with the windows Speech API. The program records all the sounds created on the computer, including digital music, and can automatically split lengthy pauses. It keeps the first and last parts of your records, and then emails it to your specified e-mail addresses. You can also assign notes to records, and it will quickly change to the next recorded sound, when a sound with a note is finished. The program also has the following features: ■ Windows compatible. ■ Record voice activity. ■ Quick notes. ■ Record sound on the fly. ■ Email the audio files. ■ Hidden with Windows. Sound Card Recorder is a multi-platform program, and can be easily downloaded and installed on your computer. Once it’s installed, just start it and start recording all the sounds on your computer. You can also turn off the notes. If you choose to record sound, it will start by itself. When you will press stop button, it will automatically email the audio file to the specified email addresses. Why this application is different: It is a multi-platform program, so it can be used on almost any computer. It has a built in recorder. It can record voice. It allows a 30 days trial. It is Windows compatible. Sound Card Recorder Features: ■ Hidden with Windows. ■ Record sound on the fly. ■ Record the incoming calls. ■ Record all digital music. ■ Record sound you play. ■ Provides two free email accounts. ■ Email all recorded sound files. ■ Allows 30 days free trial. ■ Has two email accounts. ■ Has Windows compatible. ■ Quick notes. ■ Can record sound on the fly. ■ You can monitor your employee. ■ You can record telephone calls. ■ You can record all digital music you hear on your computer. ■ You can record your child’s activities while you are not at home. ■ You can monitor your boss and coworkers activities. ■ You can automatically email the audio files. ■ You can use an anti-ban system. ۹۱bb86ccfa

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Stop wasting your time with outdated software. Now you have the best software that helps you record Skype phone calls at 30 fps and up to 16 channels. Record Skype voice and audio with Skype Monitor! Start your subscription today – just 30 US $ for one full year! Key features of the product: ■ Start the program without registry modifications ■ No user registry modifications ■ No additional executables ■ Compatible with all versions of Windows ■ Recording will start automatically at the sound of the microphone ■ Capable of recording voice and online audio in any video source ■ Records Skype screen ■ Supports both VP and VVI modes ■ Supports both Skype calls and normal calls ■ Easy to use ■ Record Skype voice and audio ■ Compatible with all versions of Windows ■ No user registry modifications What do you get in the package? ■ Skype Monitor ■ License to the program ■ Support is available by email To get started with your subscription is very easy. Just follow these simple steps: ■ Click the “Add to Cart” button and add Skype Monitor to your shopping cart. ■ Once you click the “Check Out” button, an e-mail with the information about your activation will be sent to your e-mail. ■ You can renew your subscription or cancel it at any time. Click “Cancel” to cancel. Sound Card Recorder is a free software that allows you to record audio and sounds from any sources. It works in your computer in stealth mode, so nobody will be aware of what you’re doing. Key features of Sound Card Recorder: ■ Stealth mode ■ Record audio and sounds ■ Supports many audio formats, such as WAV, MP3, PCM. ■ Record audio and sounds with Voice over IP (VoIP) ■ Record audio and sounds with Internet phone. ■ Record audio and sounds with Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, etc. ■ Play audio and sounds ■ Batch recording and converting of sounds and audio ■ Audio file recovery ■ Support for many sound card ■ Installing on the network ■ Easy to use What can you do with

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Sound Card Recorder is a useful software that can record any sound using your soundcard. The program automatically detects the sound source and records the sound at the desired sampling rate. If there’s an extended silence period, the program automatically splits the file. Recorded files can be copied to any folder in any sound format and can be emailed to any email addresses. Quick notes can be assigned to any record so that you can record a simple message like “Hello” or “I’m here”. Recorded files can be automatically emailed to one or more e-mail addresses. The software can operate in stealth mode so that nobody will realize that they’re being monitored. The software supports 32/64bit Windows. Windows Requirements: Sound Card Recorder Requirements ۸٫۰۳ megabytes of free disk space for installation. System Requirements: Sound Card Recorder System Requirements Supported: Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/Vista/7/8 CPU: Pentium III 700 MHz Sound Card: Soundblaster Live! 24-bit PCI Macintosh: Power PC 7300 or later Linux: Kernel 2.0.30 or later When you download Sound Card Recorder, you need to install the software and click on the “demo” button in the “readme.txt” file. Sound Card Recorder Features: Sound Card Recorder Features When you start the software for the first time, you’ll see a screen saying: “Welcome to Sound Card Recorder!”. Use your keyboard to select any speaker and record sounds. Use the mouse to select note mode and press “enter”. Manage recorded files and email messages. Use File->Open, File->Save, and File->Search to manage, open, or search the recordings. File->Export all record information (Select an email destination and click Send) to export all recorded information. Send encrypted email messages. Use File->Email all records. Enter the email destination, address and password. Records note and file names automatically. Use File->Record to record sound. Select “Name recording” or “Title recording” and add any text notes. Record files in different sound formats such as MP3, WAV, AC3. Record in MP3 format, and click “File->Export all recording information to a specified file” to export all recordings in MP3 format to any specified file. Automatically sends recorded files and messages to any specified e-mail address. Records files in MP

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Important:​ All copies of the version of the programme in the Russian-language version and the other languages are available only on official download portals and links provided on the page. Do not download the software from other download portals. All official links and downloads can be found here. Changelog: ۱٫۰ (۰۸/۰۳/۲۰۱۷): Moved to v1.0, basic functions. Added saving the preferences to the specified file. Optimized. Added buttons in the

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