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With a rather inspired name that means "servant" in Korean, Hain is a simplistic and useful piece of software designed to provide lightning-fast and extended search capabilities both on your computer and on the Internet. You can start working with this Electron-based Windows launcher right away after undergoing a typical installation. One hotkey away from the files you need The application's main window can be summoned by clicking on the system tray icon or, even faster, with the help of the default, and quite handy, keyboard combination, ALT + SPACE. This said, you can easily start searching for files or folders, use specific commands for restart or quitting Hain (/restart, respectively /quit) and even type basic mathematical operations by adding "=" before anything. Quickly search and access data with the help of Hain In addition, you can look up information on the Internet by typing website addresses in the upper command bar. Upon typing the web address, it will be automatically opened with the help of your computer's default web browser. Another noteworthy feature is the fact that Hain comes with a Package Manager that enables you to improve the app's functionality thanks to a set of plug-ins which can be installed with a simple mouse click. Stripped-down Windows launcher that could do with a few more features Despite its efficiency, the utility is still a bit too simplistic to compete with the heavy-weight productivity apps. It would have been even better if it would allow you to control individual native Windows straight from its window. What is more, it is a shame that Hain does not enable you to manage your clipboard content and that it does not allow you to save your most-used text clips as snippets, just to provide a few examples. Improve your workflow and reduce time for accessing content Taking all of the above into consideration, Hain is an intuitive and simplistic app that enables you to speed up your workflow by offering a quick way to search for content on your computer and the Internet, without feeling obtrusive. Hain Video Guide


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Hain: Killer tools with the package manager and new features! What is Hain? Hain is a lightweight, easy-to-use search tool for Windows which is packed with useful features. As the name suggests, Hain is a lightweight, easy-to-use search tool for Windows which is packed with useful features. As the name suggests, Hain is a Windows… Hain is a Windows search application that aims to speed up your life. Now you don’t have to waste hours in front of the Windows taskbar just to find files and folders. Hain helps you find and access files, folders, bookmarks, shortcuts, Internet websites, package manager, etc. System Requirements: Hain is the killer Windows search tool with a built-in package manager. Hain is fast, simple and customizable. It features a unique interface and intuitive keyboard shortcuts. Programmer and IT professionals love Hain. New features are included every month. …Q: HTML – how to put two words in two divs This is the HTML: orange apple This is the CSS: #container{ margin: 25px; width: 320px; height: 100px; background-color: yellow; border: 2px dashed #CCCCCC; } #w1{ background-color: green; } #w2{ background-color: blue; } In this code I want to put in two divs with padding-bottom: 10px one word and in the next one the other. So the output should be something like this: |orangeapple| The final output must be a image not a text (if I use an image it will be generated by PHP in the background). A: Try this:

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Dramatically change the way you access and organize your computer’s data with Hain Launcher, an intuitive and highly efficient application. Dramatically speed up access to data, apps, links and more with the intuitive and efficient Hain Launcher. Hain Features: – Very user-friendly: convenient to use, easy to integrate and reduces cognitive load. – Fast, lightweight and efficient: Hain Launcher, an intuitive and highly efficient application. – Portable: Hain Launcher works on both your PC and your Mac. – Flexible and robust: configure to match your needs. – Highly customizable: install over 350 app-specific plug-ins, themes, wallpapers, menu icons and more. – Minimal, clean and lightweight: 400 MB download, 4 MB of RAM usage with more than 200 MB of disk storage. – Intuitive and highly-efficient: Hain Launcher is fast, intuitive and highly efficient. – Execute key commands: quickly access files, run apps, run commands, access links, manage the clipboard, and more. – Extremely customizable: Hain Launcher can be configured to match your needs. – Lock screen (Windows XP and Vista only): Hain Launcher works without a Windows log-on. – Configurable keyboard shortcuts: assign your own custom keyboard shortcuts to Hain Launcher. – Configurable window configurations: select how Hain Launcher opens. – View thumbnails for images: open a file in its default program. – Use a breadcrumb trail to quickly navigate: see a breadcrumb trail when you move from one folder to another. – Switch between working and passworded accounts: see which accounts are selected by the user icon in the bottom right corner. – Manage your window configuration: control how Hain Launcher opens. – Install over 350 application-specific plug-ins: download over 350 plug-ins, themes, wallpapers, menu icons and more. – Connect to your smartphone or tablet: use Hain Launcher to access your apps and data on your smartphone or tablet. – Sync: automatically configure Hain Launcher to work with other Hain Launcher users. – Built-in indexing: clean up your index and search your files, apps, and web-pages by jumping straight to them. – Connect to: now you can log into Hain Launcher accounts with your existing Windows log-in. – ۳ launch modes: Hain Launcher can run applications straight from ۹۱bb86ccfa

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Hain is a lightning fast, yet powerful new web browser. Instead of a website, it displays a set of snippets. The website, which you choose, is displayed in a single pop-up window with navigation buttons at the top and bottom. Just enter a website or an email address in the box above the website and choose a snippet, and it’s done. The underlying website appears in the same location and window as Hain – no new windows are created. Full Screen: You can select your screen options. Everything will be shown as it would appear in a maximized window. You can also turn on the top, bottom and sides menu bars. To enter fullscreen you have to set the desired settings and click on the maximize button. Customizable toolbars: You can include your preferred toolbars to the floating menus. Create shortcuts: Create shortcuts of your favorite snippets. Add to favorites: Add your favorite snippets to the Favorites list. Unread Emails: The system will maintain a list of all emails which were sent to the user. Displaying unread messages. Filter emails: Filter your incoming mail by email address (for example – move all messages from “joe@somesite.com” to a special folder). Themes: Apply a theme to show the preferences in the Hain window. Inactive window: You can place the Hain window into the Inactive area of the desktop. Note: This will not change the application behavior or the Title/Start menu of Hain. The program will stay the same. Fast search: Hain supports FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS. Supports multiple languages. You can have your options to show the Searchbar only when the user clicks in the tool bar, or it will automatically show when you type. Bookmarks: You can save a directory with bookmarks, and add bookmark to the Hain window. You can save a single bookmark. Add a directory with bookmarks to Hain, and then add bookmark to the Hain window. Optionally close the result window on clicking the back button in the browser: Optionally close the result window on clicking the back button in the browser (so you don’t always get two windows). Search results window keep open after you close Hain. Manage windows using Window List: You can put Hain window to the right of other windows, close Hain

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Hain – the only utility you will ever need. It is clean and simple, yet it is also one of the fastest file managers on the market. Plus, it includes an extensive feature set which will keep even the most demanding users happy. Key Features: – Find Files, Folders, Pictures, Videos, Music and Web Pages in any drive on your PC with just a few clicks – Set Hain as Default Application: look for Hain in Windows Explorer and start searching with a single click – Search in Drive Names, Files and Folders – Search Internet with one simple mouse click – Organize your files by date, type or name – Run from Windows Taskbar or start menu – Integrated with Windows clipboard – Widget Panel (Taskbar) – Receive Phone Calls – Show system tray icon – Supports all major operating systems – Built on pure JavaScript, HTML and CSS – Pure Electron – Only 13,7MB – Works with almost any Internet Browser – Built-in Text Editor and Snippets – Package Manager to add Plug-ins or change Hain’s appearance, functionality or look – Drag and Drop Files – Undo Files – Open With Default Application – Full read/write/delete/rename/move/copy/eject support – Search content on the fly – One hotkey away from the files you need – Allows you to instantly access the files you need – Put your clipboard content to work with Hain – Web browser integration – Restart, Quit, Restart the computer – Built-in Web Browser: Double-click on a link to open the website in your Internet Browser – Change default browser – Paste text snippets from Hain as a snippet – Paste multiple text snippets – Paste multiple snippets at once – Paste multiple snippets at once – Paste multiple snippets, change text length – Paste multiple snippets and change text length – Paste multiple snippets, change text length and move snippets – Paste multiple snippets, change text length and move snippets – Paste multiple snippets, change text length and delete snippets – Paste multiple snippets, change text length and delete snippets – Paste multiple snippets, change text length and create snippets – Paste multiple snippets, change text length and create snippets – Paste multiple snippets, change text length and rename snippets – Paste multiple snippets, change text length and rename snippets – Paste multiple snippets, change text length

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Supported video card and software: – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti or better – AMD Radeon HD 7870 or better – Windows 7 64bit, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 64bit, Windows 10 64bit – OpenGL 4.3, Shader Model 5.0 – Intel HD 4000 or better – ۱٫۵GB+ RAM – DirectX 11 – Intel Processor – ۶GB+ RAM – ۲GB+ Video RAM – Supported and tested on AMD

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