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Attendance Planner is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you monitor your employees’ schedule. Intuitive interface You are welcomed by a clean feature lineup where most of the operations can be carried out with minimal effort. Compared to other similar scheduling utilities that sport a crowded interface, Attendance Planner provides some basic and useful data management options for helping you keep an eye on your employees’ schedule. You can check the list with your employees’ names, view the built-in calendar, as well as assign reasons for presence/absence by simply clicking on the corresponding square and selecting one of reasons. Basically, it proves to be extremely easy to keep an attendance list, as you can visually control and monitor the entire process. Main functions Attendance Planner offers support for a preset list with names, and you can edit it by providing details about the employees’ names, vacation entitlements, leave, and temporary period of employment. Additionally, you are allowed to group the entries into different categorizes, so you can quickly find a name in the list (e.g. Management, Administration, Storage, Production). There also several predefined reasons for presence/absence that you can choose from, such as vacation, overtime, business trip, sick leave, or others. Plus, you can add your own reasons and pick a color for each field. Other notable characteristics worth being mentioned are represented by the possibility to insert comments, specify the weekends and non-business days, pick the country for calculating the holidays, check an annual and vacation overview, which can be printed, as well as analyze an overall report for a certain period of time. Last but not least, you may export data to a file for uploading it in your future projects, print the generated attendance list, and use hokeys for a better control over the entire process. Bottom line All in all, Attendance Planner proves to be a handy piece of software worth having when you need to create attendance lists and keep track of any types of vacations and leaves of your employees. The easy-to-configure functions make it an ideal tool for rookies and professionals alike.







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Attendance Planner will aid you with the task of keeping track of and managing employee leaves. The program is very easy to use and is packed with features and tools that you can utilize. Tracking attendance, creating leaves, and managing a leave system can easily be done with just a few clicks of the mouse. To maintain an accurate schedule all you need to do is to enter a person’s name or employee ID number. The details of a person’s salary, vacation entitlement, seasonal period, business trip and holiday status can all be added directly to the list. You can later sort your list into any way you wish. The software makes it easy for you to keep track of your employees’ leaving times, whether sick, on vacation, or for a business trip. Additional information: A small utility designed to help you keep track of your employees’ attendance. Listbox is a list box. It is a listbox in Windows. It is an ordinary window with scrollbars. This window is used for editing lists of items or groups of items. The Listbox windows has many controls with properties to handle everything from simple changes of style to complex mouse over effect. The listbox has an extremely good set of support for animations, styling, custom formats and a large number of other properties. Listbox supports a lot of languages. Features: Readwrite Toggle Check Separator Padding Line-Spacing Character Alignment Character Default Alignment Arrow (down/up) Indicator No Indicator Select Text Very Easy to Customize Very Easy to Set Up Extremely Flexible Extremely Easy to Understand the Functions Extremely Easy to Choose the Style Extremely Easy to Control Every Property Very Easy to Edit or Add Items Very easy to generate Collections Extremely Easy to Select Items by Type Extremely Easy to Select Items by Number Very Easy to Copy Items Very Easy to Import Items Very Easy to Find Items Very Easy to Set Items to Font Extremely Easy to Add Items to Any Property Very Easy to Find Items Listbox is a list box. It is a listbox in Windows. It is an ordinary window with scrollbars. This window is used for editing lists of items or groups of items. The Listbox windows has many controls with properties to handle everything from simple changes of style to complex mouse over effect. The listbox

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This product is a scheduling solution that allows you to determine employees’ shifts and leave times. It also provides a complete schedule and handy features that include search, analysis, and export to Excel. attendance scheduling software attendance scheduling software attendance scheduling software filling out attendance Why Attendance Management Software Systems are Important Some of the keys functions of an attendance management software are: • Schedule maintenance • Assign employees shifts and leave times • Employs different attendance monitoring software solutions • Calculates discounts and taxes • Fills in automatic approvals • Continuously communicates with employees Some of the benefits of employing a scheduled attendance management software solution is that it helps in ensuring that employees do not exceed their vacation entitlement Can Attendance Management Software be Found in Libraries? The presence of attendance management software software in libraries is one of the strategies that most of the libraries have undertaken to ensure that the employees of their branches are aware of the benefits that a scheduled attendance software solution can bring. In fact, there are plenty of benefits that this attendance management software software bring to the employees of any organization, thus requiring this software to be a feasible solution for an organization. Are There Any Licenses That Need to Be Paid When a Scheduled Attendance Software Solution is Employed? Of course, the presence of any attendance management software in libraries are going to require some sort of licensing if one is being hired to implement this software on the automation of the employees’ time attendance. Most of the companies that have to manage their employees’ daily shifts have to pay an average of $250 each for a licensing fee of attendance management software that is considered to be the most reliable among all the attendance management software. How Do I Find the Best Attendance Management Software for Libraries and Employees? The best attendance management software solution for libraries is an organized framework that includes the features that are going to address the needs of an organization. Some of the features of a library attendance software solution are: • Employees’ time management and scheduling • Enabling an automated time attendance • Performing automatic approvals and notifications • Reporting features • Invoicing features What Are the Different Types of Attendance Management Software Solutions for Libraries? The overall attendance management software for libraries includes the following types of solutions: • Daytimer • Timeclock • Time and attendance software • Time attendance software for libraries • ۹۱bb86ccfa

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Check Date and Time is an international software for Windows that comes with a basic interface but is packed with extraordinary functions and offers a wide collection of online tools for users to manage dates, dates & times, vacation/holiday schedule and other related data. It provides various options for selecting time intervals, a calendar with detailed views and options, a calendar for vacations/holidays/free time & the ability to schedule events. Time zones, time offsets and time period adjustment are all available, along with the ability to zoom in, zoom out and make comments on selected dates. It is possible to view details on any date as well as scroll through the Calendar, one event at a time. The Calendar also includes a detailed Summary, an Agenda, detailed Reminders, a possibility to set reminders for a time span and more. The Events Calendar offers a wide range of options including the ability to select a different start time and end time for each event, ignore or keep the selected event, include or exclude the selected event, update the event details and schedule it, or remove it. Check Date and Time features a comprehensive manual, additional documentation, user guide and multiple comparison reports to help you make the most out of the application. Time Schedule is the ideal software solution for scheduling a company’s time for travel, meetings, overtime work and the rest. Flexible scheduling that’s built for collaboration. Use our team-based Scheduling tools to create professional looking scheduling schedules and control everything from the simple to the complex – with tasks, priority, action items and more. Never let your team run out of meetings again. Schedule meetings and events, block out time, collaborate on tasks and assign responsibilities. Stay on the same page and create workflows in seconds. Start with simple and grow with your team as you go. Use the Scheduling features available in our Business Edition to create schedules for the entire company. Add, change, or delete any schedule as the needs of your business change. Interoperate with the rest of your business systems. Gain better visibility into your business with Smart Data. Collaborate across departments and manage tasks, workflows, and responsibilities with data from anywhere. With Smart Data, you’ll always know what’s going on inside your organization. Does your business have a need for advanced scheduling capabilities? Our Platinum Business Edition incorporates a wide array of scheduling features, including advanced scheduling, existing calendars,

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Attendance Planner is a lightweight scheduling utility designed for enabling you to create, update, and manage attendance lists of your employees. The program comes with a few basic and functional features to help you create your attendance list. Organize the entries by adding or editing the employees’ names, as well as title, departments, or vacation entitlements. You may group the entries by any type of properties, such as country, company, company division, etc. You may also categorize the entries into different subsections for grouping similar entries. Additionally, you are able to view the attendance list with a calendar timeline in either a graphical or textual form. Once you have created your attendance list, you may simply track the employees’ absence and assign a reason for absence. The program allows you to pick a color for each property field, and you can add comments, for providing details regarding the entries. You may print the attendance list and analyze an overall report for a certain period of time. The program also provides you with the possibility to export the data to a CSV file, upload the report to a report server, and set up hokeys to quickly manage your attendance list. Key Features:  Support for up to 1000 employees with single log-in.  WYSIWYG interface for fast and easy data entry.  ۳ export modes: PDF, EXCEL, CSV.  Generate summary reports.  Add vacation, sick leave, leave, overtime, etc. reasons.  Add comments.  Customize colors for data fields.  View attendance records in both graphical and textual format.  Calendar view.  Filter by country.  Sort by name.  View both local and global employees.  Report an employee absence.  Supports an employee´s vacation entitlements (overview and details).  Group the entries into categories.  Optionally print the list.  Group data by different attributes.  View and export attendance lists.  Assign a reason for the absence.  Option to add employee´s photo.  Assign attendance status to an employee by filling in a certain field.  Option to create a calendar overview. �

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